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A large marble building, rather like an old Grecian bath. Except, you know, with showers. ;) Boys only! RP Here.

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Cameron walked in, sweaty from his long archery practice.

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Usako (bbmeltdown) | 1898 comments ((Oh gods. Initially I thought Cameron was a girl and misread this whole scene. LOL!))

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((XD lol Tanja))

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Why would anyone keep a map of their candy stash?
Myra slipped inside the marble building of the boys' baths, peering at the map that Lily had provided, her smooth brow creased with nervous excitement. She was fully prepared to bolt out from there should anyone see her, but the building seemed empty. Just as well.
She crossed over to the far end, keeping away from the hall of shower stalls and the bathrooms, straight to the corner where Lily kept her candy.

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The serene quiet was broken by a whistle, and one of the shower-heads came on with a creak. Warm water doused Lucas' curls, slicking them down on his head. After working out in the battle arena, he decided to get some alone time and relax for a bit. The boy was hidden by a curtain(?), and seemed like he wouldn't be coming out soon.

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Cameron walked towards the shower and turned on the water. Though he was sweating, he warmed up the shower to the perfect temperature.

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"Keep calm, keep calm," Myra muttered to herself, fingers scrabbling at the end of the loose tile. It wasn't opening. Was it the wrong one? Myra checked the map again; the directions specifically said the third tile from the western end of the wall.
Swearing softly in her native tongue she tried again.

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His shower was faster than someone would have guessed, and Lucas was out in his towel-wrapped self in a few minutes. Any boy would have been dumbstruck by a girl in the showers, and seeing as it was Myra there, it was double for him.
"What in Hades are you doing here?" He sounded more embarrassed and shocked than angry, a faint blush reddening the cheeks on his wet head.

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Cameron heard all the commotion and stopped the water to peer out from his shower curtain. "Fudge."

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. (onawhim) | 17465 comments Mod
Myra shrieked and whirled around, hands flying to her mouth as she primly averted her eyes, going tomato red in an instant.
"Ohmygods-- so sorry-- pop rocks-- argh!" She stood up, hands over her face, eyes squeezed tight. Never before had she been more humiliated than now. And never again, she hoped.
"I'm so sorry," she managed before leaving at a sprint.

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Bewildered, Lucas stared after her with wide eyes. He mouthed an unfinished question to himself, wondering what on earth just happened and what 'pop rocks' could possibly mean.

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"What the fudge was Myra doing here?" Cameron asked Lucas, adjusting his towel on his waist.

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Jo (Penname8) | 4150 comments A cat gave a horrible caterwaul as he suddenly peeked in a shower and drenched in water, which sent him sprawling.

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"I have no clue," Lucas said.
The bewildered expression on his face grew as spotted a wet cat. "I really hope I'm not going insane," he muttered under his breath before walking away to dry off.

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Cameron waited for Lucas to answer. That just seemed wrong. A girl in the guys' showers? No way. Not Myra. Why her? He wondered why he was asking two word questions. He procceded to say, "Goddamn that girl, why the fudge was she here?"

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Vanster wrote: ""I have no clue," Lucas said.
The bewildered expression on his face grew as spotted a wet cat. "I really hope I'm not going insane," he muttered under his breath before walking away to dry off."

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"You aren't insane, otherwise I am going insane too. I AM NOT INSANE! That sounded insane, fudgesiciles." Cameron said.

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Cloudy Storms (cloudstrife) | 938 comments Blake walked in, sweaty from going toe to toe with a dummy, no, not an idiot, I mean get what mean...anyway, he then stared at Cameron for making such an insane comment. "Yeah...I'm pretty sure that sounded insane..."With that comment, he simply drenched his hair in cold water, and decided to take a full shower later. Or, maybe I might be yelling I AM NOT INSANE too...

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Danile coming in after a long day riding a horse he started smelling like a horse he started his shower

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