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George Sidney vs Richard Lester on Three Musketeers

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message 1: by Pandora (new)

Pandora  | 73 comments I thought this might make a good discussion. I have now see Richard Lester's (Micahel York) and George Sidney's version of The Three Musketeers. Of course the Lester version is superior but, I thought there elements that George Sidney got better. So my choice in the cast war is:

Gene Kelly I think edges out Micahel York as D'Agrten. Though both were excellent. Just Kelly has an athelthic edge plus a more youthful exictement.

Raquel Welche is a no contest for Constance over June Allyson.

Faye Dunaway and Lana Turner are dead even for Milady.

Frank Morgan wins for the king over Jean Pierre Cassel. At least with Morgan I could see him ruling a country.

Charleton Heston and Vincent Price again a dead even tie.

I am not sure about Van Hanflin vs Oliver Reed but, I think I might give it to Oliver Reed.

Of course the other two musketeers were better in the Lester version. They didn't really exist in the Sidney movie.

I don't remember the other characters as well. I would have to watch and compare them again.

Oh, and the horse in the Gene Kelly version was perfect. I still wonder where on Earth they found a horse that so perfectly matched Dumas' description.

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Cynthia | 77 comments Mod
Mmmmm. Michael York is fine but Gene Kelly will always win over him (or anyone) in my book. Faye Dunaway should be a GREAT milady, she can look so evil when she wants to ...

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