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Hi! I'm delighted to find this group on Goodreads although I shouldn't really be surprised. I've read and re-read John Connolly's books for the past few years and loved them all. Sadly - my collection is now in England where I used to live and I'm now back in the US. Nevermind - I'm sure my in-laws will guard them well.

I thought by way of introduction I'd share the following link from Connolly's blog. Looks like an ideal to-be-read list in the making!

POSTED Sunday, January 09, 2011
Twenty Mysteries You Must Read Before You Die

Look forward to any responses! Cheers!

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Safa (sepiatonz) | 16 comments Mod
Oooh, thanks so much Sarah! I am currently reading The Whisperers and so far the build-up is great.


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You're most welcome! :-) I just loved that Connolly shared his fave reads list...and I haven't read any of them except Silence of the Lambs. Seemed like it would make for great reading for his fans in between when his next books come out. I haven't gotten to The Whisperers yet but I will VERY soon. Would love to hear your feedback once you finish it! ~S~

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I wish I still had all of my copies of Connolly's books with me...I'm suddenly n the mood to re-read all of them in advance of reading the Whisperers!!! I just might have to start buying up second-hand copies to have over here!

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