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message 1: by ♥-ℜachel -♥, noww a mod!! XO whoop! (new)

♥-ℜachel -♥ (-lotsoflove-) | 462 comments Mod
Did you know....that this is an awesome game??

loll soo wht happens is I will state a fact and the person below has to say weather theyy knew tht fact before, and then post a new one

did you know there is only one job where women earn almost twice as much as men do?

- yes.
did you know....

lol okay? i'll start

did you knoww there are more Barbie dolls in Italy than there are Canadians in Canada?

message 2: by Cassidy709 (new)

Cassidy709 no

dyk pigs cantlook up

message 3: by Sara706 (new)

Sara706 | 151 comments no
did you know that the placement of a donkeys eyes enable it to look at all of its feet at the same time

message 4: by ♥-ℜachel -♥, noww a mod!! XO whoop! (new)

♥-ℜachel -♥ (-lotsoflove-) | 462 comments Mod
no!thts really wierd thoo!

dyk.. that if you keep a goldfish in the light for soo long they will turn white?

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