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message 1: by Kevis (last edited Jan 12, 2011 06:51PM) (new)

Kevis Hendrickson (kevishendrickson) Hello, fellow GoodReaders. I am gifting copies of my science fiction novel Rogue Hunter: Quest of the Hunter to the first fifteen people who request a copy. Just send me your request including the email address assocated with your Kindle account and I will send you a complimentary copy of my novel. Since this is for promotional purposes only, I will delete your email address after I gift your book. As I am seeking reviews, feel free to post a review on Amazon so you can share your thoughts (good or bad) on my book with other readers. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Link to sales page:

message 2: by Kevis (new)

Kevis Hendrickson (kevishendrickson) There are still 10 free books left for those who want it. Just send me a PM and I'll gift you your copy of Rogue Hunter. Looking forward to hearing from you!


message 3: by Kevis (new)

Kevis Hendrickson (kevishendrickson) 9 more... :)

message 4: by Kevis (new)

Kevis Hendrickson (kevishendrickson) It's on the way, Shirley!

message 5: by Shirley (new)

Shirley (dwyatt1) | 84 comments Thanks you so much for the copy of Rogue-Hunter Quest, I will start reading it tonight. Thanks again, Shirley

message 6: by Kevis (last edited Jan 13, 2011 05:15PM) (new)

Kevis Hendrickson (kevishendrickson) My pleasure, Shirley! BTW, since you received your book. You may want to edit your post so that you can remove your email address. In the meantime, please enjoy Rogue Hunter!

message 7: by Kevis (new)

Kevis Hendrickson (kevishendrickson) There are still 8 books left. Just send me a PM if you'd like one.

message 8: by Kevis (new)

Kevis Hendrickson (kevishendrickson) 7 copies left for anyone who wants to read Rogue Hunter.

message 9: by Kevis (new)

Kevis Hendrickson (kevishendrickson) There are now 6 gift copies of Rogue Hunter remaining. If you'd like me to send a free copy to your Kindle, just send me a PM.

message 10: by Kevis (new)

Kevis Hendrickson (kevishendrickson) Down to 4 copies. Please send me a PM if you'd like to get your free copy of Rogue Hunter.

message 11: by Carlos (new)

Carlos (cancruz) Thanks Kevis!

message 12: by Kevis (new)

Kevis Hendrickson (kevishendrickson) Carlos Andres wrote: "Thanks Kevis!"

You're very welcome, Carlos. I really appreciate the interest. Hope you enjoy reading Rogue Hunter! :)

message 13: by Kevis (last edited Jan 14, 2011 04:19PM) (new)

Kevis Hendrickson (kevishendrickson) Down to the last couple of books. Let me know if you're interested in getting a copy.

message 14: by Kevis (new)

Kevis Hendrickson (kevishendrickson) Thanks to everyone who requested a copy of Rogue Hunter: Quest of the Hunter. The final free book has been given out. So if you're still interested in reading Rogue Hunter, it's available for purchase at Amazon. Looking forward to hearing what you guys think of the book. Happy reading everyone!

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