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Dameon (emberrassed) ((RP Elemental characters here))

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments Samuel looked at the sky and growled. he hated his life, he hated being about to control an element.

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Sayuri was next to the river because it was her job to keep the water clean for the animals to drink. "It stinks being having water as your element. I always end up close to water." Sayuri read a book next to a tree and in front of river.

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Dameon (emberrassed) Magenta ripped lightning through the sky, loving to see and hear it crackle in the sky. she jumped into a river, running a bolt across her skin, and giggling as it went through the whole river, all the way to end of it.

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Sayuri looked at Magenta and smiled, "So you really want to waste water don't you, Magenta?" Sayuri made the water cold until it freezing cold.

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments Samuel could feel too spirits close, one water one lightning. he perched higher in the tree to look down at them

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Dameon (emberrassed) Magenta rippled the water with her lightning until it bubbled hot as a hot tub, easing farther into the water. It was soothing and she said "Sayuri, calm down and join me, its nice and warm" she smiled and waved her hand for Sayuri to join her.

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Sayuri went back to the tree and sat down next to it while she read again but didn't notice a person above her. "No! I rather go into an ocean instead of this river."

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Dameon (emberrassed) Magenta gasped, and shot lightning into the tree above Sayuri. There sat a man and Magenta sensed danger in him. The tree burst into flames around him.

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments he bounded down from the trees and landed on the ground, his hands in the air, "what did i do wrong?"

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Sayuri escaped from the fire tree and saw the man, "Who are you? Magenta, you almost killed me!"

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments "i'm Samuel. i'm a spirit user. i have no real powers so i dont see why you attack me," he said gently.

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Dameon (emberrassed) Magenta looked at the man and her insides shrieked DANGER! She calmed down and looked at the fire. It ceised as she thought it to and she spoke. "Sayuri, i wasnt going to kill you, i can control that lightning, even after it turned to fire on the tree, it was still half-lightning! And as for you" she said to the man "You are a stranger, and for all i knew, you were going to drop down and slit her throut or something!"

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"Spirit users are rare but they can not be trusted," said Sayuri as she looked at the poor tree.

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments "Spirit users are indeed rare and i have no idea where you got that we cant be trusted," he smiled.

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Dameon (emberrassed) Magenta saw Sayuri's eyes stray to the tree. "Sorry about that, i cant let anyone hurt you" she looked at the man and felt hate. She barely remembered the time she trusted a Spirit user, and that spirit user had tried to kill her. "You are not welcome here" she spat at him.

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"Your smile is an example of being untrustworthy and that's why you are staying there," smiled Sayuri.

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments he sighed, "Fine by me.' he turned and walked away from them slowly.

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Sayuri looked at the tree and she made water splash the tree and it went to Samuel.
"Oops, I forgot to mention I am a bit of klutz when it comes to controlling water where it's suppose to go," smiled Sayuri.

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments He ignored the water and her, he just wanted him to lose his temper. unlike most Spirit Users, Samuel was different.

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"Funny, aren't all Spirit Users suppose to come after me now after I just did that?" asked Sayuri thinking out loud.

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Dameon (emberrassed) Magenta sent a shock at Samuel, the one you get when you get off a trampoline and touch the metal, but worse, one that would put attackers on their backs in a second.

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"Magenta, I think we should leave now before he shoots arrows at us," said Sayuri as she walked toward the river.

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Dameon (emberrassed) ((Does he have arrows O.o?))

Magenta still went on, sending the zap at the man.

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"Megenta! Stop! You went too far, torturing him is not good even if he is a Spirit User," said Sayuri not watching Magenta zapping him.

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments He spun around and looked at them, "Spirit users cant be trusted. now would you both just leave me alone. i can hold my temper for a bit."

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"You were the one who found us so you should be the one to leave," smiled Sayuri because she doesn't like to be seen mad and angry.

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments He laughed, "i didnt say 'leave' i just said 'leave me alone." the cross on his wrist began to glow a faint white.

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"Funny because that cross doesn't scare me," smiled Sayuri as she was about to ready her bow.

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments "it has a mind of it's own. it's not ment to scare anyone. Right we Spirit users have a problem with our temper. i'm not like that thought," he said softly.

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"I don't trust you and neither does Megenta. I don't believe you either," said Sayuri as she hid her bow again.

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments he rolled his eyes, "want me to tell you a story? it will make you believe me. i hope."

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"Fine but the story won't give you my trust," smiled Sayuri.

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments "i dont need trust. just know i wont hurt you," he said gently. he looked down, "Nevermind. i dont need you to care." he didnt want to tell his story before he walked away.

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"That's fine I knew you wouldn't tell," said Sayuri, "and you may leave this part of the forrest and go back to where your kind is."

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments "My kind are mostly all dead," he growled but stood straight, not letting her get to him.

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"I know but you can leave," said Sayuri as she saw him mad. She had her bow read but didn't take it out.

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments he shook his head and walked away, "dam this stupid power."

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"What ever you say!" yelled Sayuri as he left.

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments he walked far enough away to count and leaned against a tree and a tear streaked his cheek. he was sick of being alone. no friends.

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Sayuri looked at where he went, "I think I went to far this time with this Spirit User but I just had too because one of them almost tried killing me and Magenta."

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments he sighed gently and leaned against the tree. he wanted something to do with his life instead of running from people.

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Sayuri felt bad so she looked for Samule and screamed when she got caught surrounded with Sprit Users. "Leave me alone!" as she was thrown to the ground.

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments Samuel felt it and stood up, he could see the Water user and he shot an arrow straight through a Spirit user, killing him.

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Dameon (emberrassed) Magenta looked as Samuel almost hit Sayuri with a bow, hitting something else. Another spirit user. She flung herself at the spirit user and ran a current through his body. He went limp, petrified in her arms and then she shocked Samuel, a shock that would petrify him momentarily. "You brought him here! YOUR kind!!! Go away! Leave us be! You lured them here to kill us! Go!" she screamed

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments he gasped as she did and he shot an arrow again nearly hitting her but aiming for the spirit user about to hit her from behind. He Turned and bounded off. they were after him and they were going to hurt the girls to get to him and he dashed threw the trees.

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Dameon (emberrassed) Magenta dashed after Samuel and shocked the other spirit users she could see. They followed him and she instantly bit her tongue hard, tasting blood. He was LEADING them! LIAR! He said he was different from the other spirit users. She and Sayuri were right not to trust him.

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments he spun and shot an arrow threw one of them, "LEAVE ME ALONE!"

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Dameon (emberrassed) Magenta shocked the rest of the spirit users she could see and leaped on Samuel, shocking him again, this time making sure he was petrified for a couple of minutes.

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Dameon (emberrassed) ((sryy it took me so long to post, was doing HW and am still doing HW))

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