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Jdcorayer corayer I enjoyed this book but obviously the premise that the book is based on is totally unrealistic

Liza I LOVED this book. Imagine being able to change one thing about your life to make it better. A change that would not ruin who/what is in your life now, but would just make your life a little better.

I liked it so much, I picked up the sequel [Return to Summerhouse]. Different set of characters but same premise. Change the past to fix your present/future.

Iunisi i loved this book,i loved the return to the summer house book even better!!! i hope she will actually write a third book!!! would love to read it :)

Janani a beautiful book, a reflection of everybody's yearning... a chance to redo the past

Sahara Roberts Beautiful book. Makes you think about the decisions you've made.

Juliet Loved it!

This was the first book that I had picked up by Jude Deveraux. It was on the Featured New Release section in the library and I was captivated by the description at the back of the book.

Some might say that the story is unrealistic but it is the moral of the story, teaching us to reflect on my life and the beautiful friendship of 3 strangers that made the book a good read.

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