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Jen Donnelly I'm actually in two book clubs. I love them both, but it can be a bit stressful. LOL. Every 5-6 weeks, two books are decided for me...I have to make my own choices inbetween these.

But I would recommend being in ONE. :)

I have read so many books that I otherwise would not have necessarily chosen, but my friends introduced them to me through book club. And, on top of reading great books, it's just fun getting together for dinner and laughter with friends. We typically talk about the other books we've read since our last book club so we get even more great suggestions!

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Jen Donnelly There are two men in one of my book clubs.

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Meghan I'm in a real person book club, an online book club, and a split book club (you can go to the meeting or post online).

The thing I've found with book clubs is that you shouldn't be in one where you're not happy with the book selections. There are so many out there that if you feel you are not enjoying your time, just change your club! You shouldn't have to suffer just because you feel you "should" read something.

I've found the ones I've joined meet different needs (and read different types of books) so I get a good variety. Ocassionally we'll read a book that I absolutely hate, but overall I really enjoy the whole experience. For me, I can read a book any time. But to be in a book club, it's about the discussion and being with the people.

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Jeannie | 13 comments I belong to three face2face groups. My favorite is a group I started when I was working at a small bookstore. We have been meeting for about nine years. I LOVE this group. We have become very good friends and we are all so very different one from the other. The group meets once a month on the first Tues. evening of the month.
I joined a day time group. I like this one as well but I am not as close to the members as I am to the evening group. I have belonged to this one for about five years.
I also belong to our local "Historical Society" reading group................a group of ladies who thought that it may be fun to actually READ a book. YIKES !!! I run the group and I swear that trying to keep this group on track is like herding cats. Only one other real reader, the rest kind of show up and say they didn't actually read the book. NOT fun !

No men in any of the groups. The Tuesday evening group used to have a couple of them but they fell away. One moved and the other just kind of disappeared. We didn't do anything to him ! Honest !

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Elizabeth (candlestick) | 8 comments I love the idea of a book club. I go to Zo's Bookclub on myspace. But, This isn't really a bookclub. It's just a place for people to recommend books to each other and discuss different books, but we don't read anything as a group. I would love to have a group that I could read a novel with and discuss certain topics about the book.

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LJ (ljroberts) I coordinate the East Bay Mystery Readers' Group, about to begin our 15th year. We have ~30 members around the US and Canada and 8 active, come-to-the-meeting members. Our remote and non-active members do send comments occasionally. About once a year, I check to ensure they still want to receive the group's emails (one listing the books selected to read over the next couple months and one recapping the meeting and giving people's reviews of the books read) and they all still do.

As it seems most groups do, we meet the first Tuesday of each month. Our meeting are at a local, independent mystery/SciFi book store. As a group, we select three books to read for each meeting so there is at least one book which will appeal to each member. We don't get into a heavy "what was the author's motivation" discussion but more of a liked it, hated it and here's why, and then talk about the other books each member has read during the month. It's a great way to learn about authors we've not yet read.

We've had men join, from time-to-time, but they don't stay.

I also belong to some on-line book groups but don't enjoy those as much.

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The men don't stay?
==or over attentive==

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Beth (lillybeth) I'm in a book club that is exclusively made up of social workers..we try not to read anything that is too much like work, but that gets hard. Our main purpose so far seems to be getting together to eat, drink and talk about work...but hopefully that will subside..we are a young group, less than six months old. We all graduated grad school together and we were all excited to read something other than research and text books...our biggest problem so far is that members aren't reading the perhaps we are choosing the wrong way. We at first pitched a few books and then voted, but apathy took over, so we then decided that the hostess (we are all women) would choose...

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Jo | 3 comments There are lots of book clubs here in Seattle. All the libraries and some of the bookstore have notices. There are men's groups here. A lot of them are retired age, but sometime a bookloving younger man leads a teen or preteen boys group.

I have read the recommended books for library groups a few differnt times, and then been derailed when I needed to attend. The way groups work on here is much more enjoyable for me.

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Heather | 26 comments I've loved the book clubs I have been in. The first one was in the Bay Area, and it was a bunch of teachers who met once a month to eat, gossip, gripe about their classes, and oh yeah, discuss books. It was great to read books that I wouldn't have picked out myself.

I was also in one when I lived in Colombia, although it was of a different style. Since we didn't have access to many books in English without paying huge overseas shipping costs, we pooled all of our books and chose from the pile. That meant we all read different books instead of the same one, but we still met and talked about the books to get people excited about reading them. The hostess always got first pick.

I tried to start one down here in SoCal, but I couldn't get it off the ground. Is there anyone who lives in this god-forsaken place with me who'd like to start a club?

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LJ (ljroberts) Neither one. I think they feel a bit overwhelmed. A couple have come thinking we're a writers group, which we are not. Some, I think, didn't care for our choice of book even through we really don't read cozies. But then, we seldom read noir either.

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From (_fromana) | 11 comments My husband and I are part of a bookclub. We meet once a month have a little dinner at Panera Bread and chat about the book. My husband is the only guy, there are on average 5 of us at the meetings. We very much look forward to it every month. We all keep in touch through facebook.

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Jim | 112 comments I started a local book club a year ago here in Columbus -

there's almost an equal mix with people going in and out for some reason

we have the new members pick one book and there has been great selections (MNAHUNT, THE 12 DAY CHASE FOR LINCOLN'S KILLER - WHEN YOU ARE ENGULPHED BY FLAMES - THE OMNIVORE'S DILEMMA -THE WOMAN IN WHITE) but sometimes the new members don't show

we meet at a tea salon which is a great place to meet

next month we're going to meet at a place called Northstar Cafe which is a health food restaurant and has an outdoor patio

I think Goodreads is just great - I get a lot of great book recommendations and have expanded the number of authors exposed to exponentially but in person even just 1x/month is well --a little more personal

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