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message 1: by Lianne (new)

Lianne (eclecticreading) Another series by Clamp. :) Between Tsubasa and xxxHolic, I like xxxHolic more; it's a lot darker in tone, I think, and it deals with a lot of philosophical/folklore stuff, which is cool. It also weaves in and out with the Tsubasa plotline, although the pace is a lot different (due to different worlds, that kind of thing). I'm glad I also checked out this manga with Tsubasa; doesn't hurt that Watanuki's flailing cracks me up.

So yeah, just wondering if there's any fans here of this manga? :) Anyone else here mourning at the fact that volume 13 is going to be released here in North America in March 2009? *tear*

message 2: by Windry (last edited Aug 04, 2008 07:29PM) (new)

Windry | 15 comments Mod
i love this manga. so much. especially watanuki. i think it's very rare for clamp to make this kind of character. they used to make cool guy, gloomy persons, or calm characters who always put a strange smile on their face. but watanuki is funny (LOL)

message 3: by Lianne (new)

Lianne (eclecticreading) Glad to see another fan of this manga here! :D Thinking about it, yeah, Clamp hardly ever makes a character like Watanuki. I like that he's also pretty well-rounded (he has funny moments, but he also has serious, thoughtful moments).

message 4: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly I've read up to the third volume and I'm trying to find time to start reading the fourth.
I love how Tsubasa and Xxxholic are intertwined. It's really cool!
And I love how there's the black "pork bun" involved in the plot instead of Mokona.

message 5: by Lianne (new)

Lianne (eclecticreading) I agree, half the fun has to be the way that Tsubasa and xxxHolic's storylines intertwine and are relevant to each other (i.e. the items that are used and are exchanged, relations of characters to each other, etc). The amount of time that's passed between the two stories is also quite interesting to see...

message 6: by No.i (new)

No.i (kairi) I think volume 10 was pretty sad with Watanuki got into an accident and his friends have to pay for his recovery. I'm on volume 11 now. XD

message 7: by Lianne (new)

Lianne (eclecticreading) Yeah, volume 10 for me seemed to mark a bit of a turn in the plot. The accident caught me by surprise, what his friends did was just aww...

Is anyone picking up the xxxHolic novel that's coming out at the end of the month? I'm pretty excited to check it out :)

message 8: by No.i (new)

No.i (kairi) I'm on volume 12, i no i have life :D

message 9: by anisandria (new)

anisandria Aira (Kirara) | 1 comments My Fav clamp's work after CCS. The newest chapter i read that princess Sakura appear in Watanuki dream. Sooo confusing, and soooo Clamp style

message 10: by Windry (new)

Windry | 15 comments Mod
yep sooo clamp ;)

message 11: by Priyam (new)

Priyam | 12 comments Watanuki's accident was explained later in Tsubasa (chapter 204 maybe?)

Watanuki's situation is so sad but I'm glad he is coping with it and changing himself.

message 12: by Katie (new)

Katie (shimmerpop) | 42 comments Li wrote: "doesn't hurt that Watanuki's flailing cracks me up.

I love this manga too! Yuko is my idol. Watanuki's flailing is what first made me want to watch the anime and after that I just HAD to read the manga. He's really funny, I love his interactions with the other characters. I actually read Tsubasa first but lost interest about 5 books in, it got way too drawn out and I had trouble remembering all that had happened/was going on, it eventually just gave me a headache and tired.

message 13: by Katie (new)

Katie (shimmerpop) | 42 comments Um, I'm not sure how that ended up in italics...

message 14: by Shion (new)

Shion | 11 comments im up 2 bk 14,&im stuk on it =(i have no time 2 read it online...

message 15: by DestinysMaster (new)

DestinysMaster i own the first 7 xxxholics but i have to read the rest online

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