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Long time ago far far away
Lived in Armenia a princess kind
Time went along till one fateful day
Princess Cynthia almost lost her mind

three ugly holes in her best dress
It was by far her favorite
her anger she couldn't repress
so she screamed at her maid "Who did it?"

her maid didn't know and was asked to leave
still angry Cynthia sat on her bed
a big sigh she started to heave
and almost jumped back instead

For there right at her feet
Stood a mouse , white as snow
black eyes and tiny teeth
"Hello your Majesty" it said and took a bow

"You can talk?" asked Cynthia a little tense
Replied the mouse , voice tiny and high in pitch
"Dear Majesty I humbly request your assistance
A prince am I under the spell of a Witch"

Curiosity and pity in her mind
Cynthia consoles the poor little thing
Anger forgotten the princess as always kind
says "Little Mouse tell me everything"

The Lost Dynasty Our kingdom is now called
And she has trapped my father the king
Cursed were we and equally appalled
as mice we could now do nothing

The witch of Mudra Looya is now Queen
Of our great and secret land
Our kingdom was hidden and couldn't be seen
by mortals who couldn't understand

If the mortals could actually see
the power of the Kingdom's throne
In peace they would never let it be
until they had conquered it as their own

Witch Mudra understood the secret of the day dream
and plotted to snatch all this raw power
In such a dream all that is hidden is seen
revealing the secrets of the Silver Tower

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The Kingdom of Mist Aree
had always protected its Tower
against many a quest and query
threatening to endanger the throne's power

Invisible and shrouded by mystery
was guarded the kingdom's secret
Now finally stolen by Mudra's witchery
I must confess with deep regret

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