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message 1: by Kitsune (last edited Jan 11, 2011 08:21PM) (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) ((start))

message 2: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Ichtaca stared at the ceiling, wrists and ankles bound to her bed.

message 3: by Kitsune (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) ((is it one person to a room?))

message 4: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth ((Doesn't have to be. It can be though))

message 5: by Kitsune (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) ((Well do you want it to be?))

message 6: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth ((Nah))

message 7: by Kitsune (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) ((ok))

Katsu wrote quickly in the journal he always kept with him, his pen running over the page as he wrote things down.

message 8: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Ichtaca grew quickly irritated with her restraints and pulled at them. "Let me go!" She yelled, learning at a young age to cover every emotion with anger.

message 9: by Kitsune (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) Katsu stopped at Ichtaca's doorway, tapping the page he was writing on with his pen as he leaned against her door frame and watched her.

message 10: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth She looked over at him, her eyes dark with comtempt. "What?" She snarled.

message 11: by Kitsune (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) "New, you're new."

message 12: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth "So? Bug off."

message 13: by Kitsune (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) ((is it rope or something that they tied her with?))

message 14: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth ((Secure leather cuffs. Rope would cause chafing.))

message 15: by Kitsune (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) Katsu walked over to the bed and inspected the leather cuffs.

message 16: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Ichtaca glared at him. "I said bug off."

message 17: by Kitsune (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) He didn't seem to hear her.

((How do you get the cuffs off?))

message 18: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth ((There's a clasp on the underside of each cuff)) Ichtaca snarled, pulling at the cuffs. Her eyes sparked fire.

message 19: by Kitsune (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) "Still," he muttered, reaching around to take the cuffs off.

message 20: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Her fury was soon replaced with surprise as she watched him.

message 21: by Kitsune (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) He moved down to her feet after uncuffing her wrists.

message 22: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth She sat up and stared at him with blatant surprise.

message 23: by Kitsune (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) "New person free now. Katsu freed new person." he mummbled almost to himself.

message 24: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Ichtaca swung her legs over the bed. Her face turned instantly guarded. "Why did you help me?"

message 25: by Kitsune (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) "Katsu helped new person. I wanted to help."

message 26: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth She was silent for a moment, before speaking. "Are you new? I don't get around much."

message 27: by Kitsune (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) "No, no, I have been here for a long time..."

message 28: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth "That must suck...if...if you don't mind me asking...why are you here?"

message 29: by Kitsune (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) "Lotta...lotta different reasons."

message 30: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth "Oh..." she fell silent.

message 31: by Kitsune (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) "I um...I have schizophrena and bipolar and depression and chronic acute stress disorder." he counted off on his fingers.

message 32: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth "Wow...I'm sorry."

message 33: by Kitsune (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) He shrugged.

message 34: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Ichtaca looked out the barred window. "You seem like a nice guy. Im sorry you're stuck here."

message 35: by Kitsune (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) "Not so nice when I'm not on meds."

message 36: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth She shrugged. "I'm not nice even when I'm on meds." She replied simply.

message 37: by Kitsune (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) "Why are you here?"

message 38: by Elizabeth (last edited Jan 14, 2011 09:45PM) (new)

Elizabeth "Murdered people." she replied emotionlessly, as if she were explaining what she had had for lunch.

message 39: by Kitsune (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) "Who?"

message 40: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth "Dad and Michael, my brother."

message 41: by Kitsune (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) "Why?"

message 42: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth "They killed Mom and my friend, Elise."

message 43: by Kitsune (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) "Oh. I'm sorry."

message 44: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth She shrugged. "It's life."

message 45: by Kitsune (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) "My parents were killed..." he said absent mindedly.

message 46: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth "I'm sorry."

message 47: by Kitsune (last edited Jan 18, 2011 03:25PM) (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) "Mein vater und mutter..." he mummbled under his breath.

message 48: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth "Pardon?"

message 49: by Kitsune (new)

Kitsune Rose (kitsunerose) "Oh, nothing..."

message 50: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth "O....K."

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