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message 1: by Vic (last edited Feb 08, 2011 09:26AM) (new)

Vic (vicaet) | 494 comments Was just going through Tantor's list of coming soon and found Anne Stuart's Ruthless (rd by Susan Ericksen) coming 1/31. Not sure if audible is planning on picking this up but here's Tantor's link:

Further digging, Reckless is coming out in audio 3/7/11 also read by S. E.

I didn't see anything on the blog or list about this but if this is old news, I apologize! :)

message 2: by Kathy (new)

Kathy | 48 comments OMG!! That is sooo exciting!! I can hardly wait. I hope audible picks it up.

message 3: by Vic (new)

Vic (vicaet) | 494 comments As an audible member, you can go to the contact us page and there's an email link for content requests. Be sure to send them an email with the information and the request. The more of us who do it, the higher chance of them picking it up. If they don't you can always get the mp3 cd from tantor directly - just wait for a decent sale so you can get it for < $15. :)

message 4: by Krissie (new)

Krissie | 224 comments Yeah, I'm sitting here waiting, desperate to get RUTHLESS and FIRE AND ICE and so far nada on Audible. I don't know if Audible always takes Tantor's stuff -- I suppose they might produce them for libraries (well, they do) and not get on Audible, but it's making me craaazy! I love listening to most of my stuff in audio -- it's like someone else doing my favorite fantasies.
But so far only one of the Lisa Kleypas books for the month is up, and it took them awhile for the new Elizabeth Hoyt, so I'm trying to be patient. My contract didn't call for free copies (gotta fix that next time around) so maybe I'll just have to give in and buy them.
In the meantime I'm listening to the Derek Craven/Lisa Kleypas and liking it better in audio than print. Loving it, in fact. Which is why I love audio. I can immerse myself in the story without nitpicking, the way I did before I was writing for such a long time.

message 5: by MaryK (new)

MaryK | 168 comments Krissie wrote: "In the meantime I'm listening to the Derek Craven/Lisa Kleypas and liking it better in audio than print. Loving it, in fact."

That's good to hear. I put it on my list to buy with reservations. Audible's sample sounded good but as usual didn't give a good example of the main characters' voices.

message 6: by Krissie (new)

Krissie | 224 comments I happen to like Rosalind Landor (I know a lot of people don't). Her heroine has just the merest whisper of an Irish accent that's charming (goes with her country girl persona) and the cockney accent for Craven works well.

message 7: by MaryK (new)

MaryK | 168 comments Krissie wrote: "the cockney accent for Craven works well. "

I was worried about his accent - that it'd be more upper crust and completely wrong.

message 8: by Krissie (new)

Krissie | 224 comments Yes, but Lynleigh, downloading by torrent is illegal. I have no compunction about doing it for books that are not available legally (I get bootleg editions of Heyer from England all the time) and I used torrents for a research movie I couldn't find streaming, so I'm not passing moral judgments. But, 'frinstance, in my case if you use torrents I might lose, say, 25 cents, so no biggie. But that's a sale lost to Audible or iTunes and it looks as if people aren't buying my stuff which means they won't give me a new contract which means, horrors, my books won't be in audio. Anyway, do what you need to do (Audible can get very expensive).
But, if you are going to use torrents it's kind of like FIGHT CLUB. We don't talk about it.

message 9: by MaryK (new)

MaryK | 168 comments @Lynleigh

Just an FYI, I flagged your comment as inappropriate because you included a link to a torrent site. I'm letting you know I did it so you can blame a fellow reader and not Anne Stuart.

message 10: by Lea's Audiobooks (new)

Lea's Audiobooks Hensley (leahensleysaudiobooks) Lynleigh - not to discourage you from participating in the group, but I was going to remove your post. Since MaryK has reported it, I'm leaving it in place. I also believe this is probably an honest error on your part.

message 11: by Vic (new)

Vic (vicaet) | 494 comments I would suggest just removing the link within the post. :)

message 12: by MaryK (new)

MaryK | 168 comments Hmm. Probably I should've asked her to take the link out first.

I think we need to be careful about this kind of thing. Particularly as there may be many more readers who follow than comment and some may have a vested interest in the legalities.

message 13: by Vic (new)

Vic (vicaet) | 494 comments Well, I think it's also important to point out that it IS illegal and the possible ramifications on the author and then to the customer if that author is no longer able to write the books we enjoy reading / listening to. (wow, I think I need a copy-editor for that sentence!)

message 14: by MaryK (new)

MaryK | 168 comments I agree and thought Krissie did a good job of that. I guess I just felt like doing something more immediate about it since a lot of people don't care that it's illegal.

message 15: by Melinda (new)

Melinda (melindaparmer) | 123 comments I was kinda hoping the post would just be removed. Removing the link and the sentence before might be helpful. I don't want anyone to get the idea that this group promotes pirating audiobooks.

message 16: by Lea's Audiobooks (new)

Lea's Audiobooks Hensley (leahensleysaudiobooks) Melinda - I'm going with your advice and just removing the entire post as was my gut feel in the beginning.

message 17: by Diane (new)

Diane Mason | 129 comments Ok, I'm not losing my mind then. I was wondering that I was when I didn't see the original post but that's ok cause I don't use those sites anyways. One of my favorite authors got dropped by her publisher because of low sales. From what she would say on her yahoo group her books were muchly pirated, she knew about it but there wasn't a whole heck of a lot she could do to stop it. I really hope she can find a new publisher so she can write the last book to her series.

message 18: by Diana (new)

Diana (dianadcmd) I've emailed audible a request for the entire Rohan series as well as Fire and Ice. Susan Erickson is so Eve Dallas in my head! She's an excellent actress with distinct voices for each character so fingers are crossed. I'm itching to complete the Ice series and since Takashi in Ice Blue is my favorite I'm looking forward to his part in FaI. Cold as Ice is one that I appreciated even more in audio than print.

Has anyone who's not a Landor fan tried Dreaming of You? I'm so tempted because it's my favorite Kleypas historical, but ah Landor just slays me.

message 19: by Lea's Audiobooks (last edited Feb 04, 2011 07:39PM) (new)

Lea's Audiobooks Hensley (leahensleysaudiobooks) Diana - It is out for review for a future Speaking of Audiobooks column. After my Devil in Winter experience, I've been afraid to try again. But I have my fingers crossed that it might work.

message 20: by Vic (new)

Vic (vicaet) | 494 comments I haven't done any Anne Stuart (I know, I know...) but am really interested in audible getting these because I do so love S.E. reading. I have heard her do other things (one of the C. Coulter FBI books - the Maze and Nora's High Noon which I loved). Not sure how she'll handle the historical but would be happy to give her a shot at it. I'm sure this would cover at least 1 of my challenge categories!

message 21: by Diana (new)

Diana (dianadcmd) Erikson did Linda Howard's Dying to Please and Crusie's Anyone But You. DtP I loved but I thought she was a little shout-y on the Crusie--just a hair overwrought. Wonder if she'll try a British accent. Her Roarke has a lovely Irish lilt.

I'm holding out on DOY because I just couldn't bear to have it tainted. Don't have no credits now anyhow. :(

message 22: by Lynleigh (new)

Lynleigh (lynleighlove) I apologize for the mistake. Considering I'm new to the community, lets pretend it didn't happen. I had an Audible account for a short time but they didn't have any of the books I wanted that were available in audio format. I'm glad they are acquiring more titles *coughdevilinwintercough*. I'll likely renew my membership when they have a wider selection by my favorite authors.

message 23: by Vic (new)

Vic (vicaet) | 494 comments @Lyn - you should definitely check back over the selection. They really are getting a lot more titles in sci-fi/fantasy and romance. Although, as you can see by this thread they are still slow on some books.

message 24: by Lynleigh (new)

Lynleigh (lynleighlove) @Vic - Trust me, my wish list is growing.

message 25: by Vic (new)

Vic (vicaet) | 494 comments Lea reported and I've confirmed, Ruthless is now available on audible (US). I even added new book edition for it here on good reads. :-D

message 26: by Krissie (new)

Krissie | 224 comments Yes!!! Of course I ran out of patience and bought a hard copy yesterday, but I can use it as a giveaway.
Happy dance as I immediately download it! Yippee!!!!

message 27: by Lea's Audiobooks (new)

Lea's Audiobooks Hensley (leahensleysaudiobooks) Krissie - I finally gave up and purchased a hard copy yesterday as well! It's supposed to arrive today so I'll just send it back. I'm now listening.

message 28: by Kaetrin (last edited Feb 13, 2011 10:46PM) (new)

Kaetrin | 93 comments I adored this one in print. I do so hope that Susan Ericksen gets Rohan right - I can't wait to hear his words aloud!!

(I'd better go and check if it's geo restricted before I get too excited though...)

message 29: by Kaetrin (new)

Kaetrin | 93 comments No :(

Geo restricted. *sigh*

message 30: by Lea's Audiobooks (new)

Lea's Audiobooks Hensley (leahensleysaudiobooks) Does Geo restricted mean you can't purchase in CD format as well?

message 31: by Vic (new)

Vic (vicaet) | 494 comments @Lea - Yes the audio rights are restricted. For example I think Nalini Singh's Psy/Changling series is in audio in German but we couldn't purchase it here in the US. At least, that's my understanding.

Breathless is also being released by Tantor on 3/7.

message 32: by Kathy (new)

Kathy | 48 comments I'm listening to "Ruthless" the audio and it's terrible! The male and female voices sound alike. I thought his voice should be deep and menacing. This was a hero I was dying to hear. I will finish listening but what a waste!!

message 33: by Diana (new)

Diana (dianadcmd) Halfway through Ruthless and not loving Erickson's reading. She's much better suited for Contemporary according to my ears. Her British accent is not convincing, and she isn't consistent with it as if she forgot for a chapter and then starts up with it again.

Have firmly decided I'm not going near Dreaming of You. There aren't enough ten foot poles.

message 34: by Lea's Audiobooks (new)

Lea's Audiobooks Hensley (leahensleysaudiobooks) I just finished listening to Ruthless this past weekend and I actually liked the narration - a lot. I agree with Kathy that the leads' voices don't have a great deal of variation but I thought Ericksen did a terrific job of delivering the lines, the timing, and Rohan's attitudes towards life. He seemed more real to me in audio than print. And Elinor sounded like she had more gumption in audio. It's just one of those funny things we talk about all the time around here. What works for one listener doesn't mean it will work for another.

message 35: by Krissie (new)

Krissie | 224 comments I think it gets stronger as it goes on. I just listened to the scene where he sneaks into her room and it was quite riveting, whereas some of the other stuff had me impatient.

message 36: by Diana (new)

Diana (dianadcmd) Waaaay better second half! I got sprinkly-eyed in the scene where Rohan caught her escaping. What a great book!

message 37: by Vic (new)

Vic (vicaet) | 494 comments Audio release date for Breathless is 3/21 from Tantor.

message 38: by Krissie (new)

Krissie | 224 comments Oooh, cool!

message 39: by Diana (new)

Diana (dianadcmd) Got it!

message 40: by Diana (new)

Diana (dianadcmd) Susan Erikson has nailed it with Reckless. I just listened to the delightfully long, drawn out scene where Adrian oh-so-carefully seduces the skittish spinster Charlotte. I'm sweating. :) I think I need to hear it again.

I'd like to nominate Erikson for an SOA award for Making It Real. And Anne Stuart for writing a world class hero who got it exactly right.

message 41: by Lea's Audiobooks (new)

Lea's Audiobooks Hensley (leahensleysaudiobooks) I'm listening to Reckless now and have to agree with Diana. Wow, Erikson is doing a fantastic job and I'm enjoying to storyline of Reckless even more than Ruthless. I can hardly take myself away.

message 42: by Kaetrin (new)

Kaetrin | 93 comments I finished Ruthless yesterday. I liked it but Susan Ericksen didn't work so well for me as narrator. For a start, I think I identify too strongly with her in the In Death books (- the audiobook version of typecasting!) but also, the English accent wasn't super great for me - real English people don't say "garther" when they mean "gather" or "faht" for "fat" for example. It sounds picky when I write it but it happened often enough that it grated. I loved the book for the audio wasn't a rolicking success. Book = A- and C+ for narration.

message 43: by Leslie (new)

Leslie (lgillian) | 12 comments I have a quick question. I just finished Ruthless and I was wondering if Reckless picks up where Ruthless left off?

message 44: by Diana (new)

Diana (dianadcmd) Leslie, the hero in Reckless is Adrian, Francis' son.

Kaetrin, I'm sure you're right about Ericksen's English accent but I forgave her because I was so impressed with how beautifully she conveyed the emotional intensity. Even I cringed though every time she said Graz-ven-or. This kind of thing begs the question why don't production companies hire dialect coaches for actors when an unfamiliar accent is required?

message 45: by Kaetrin (new)

Kaetrin | 93 comments To be honest, the accent thing was the smaller part of it. I agree she certainly "got" Rohan's languor and general attitude. The bigger problem for me is that I identify her so strongly with the in Death books that I find it hard to make the jump into a different book, let alone time period and country!!

Should I try and stick with for Reckless?

message 46: by Krissie (new)

Krissie | 224 comments I haven't listened to RECKLESS yet but I found Ericksen really improved by the second half of RUTHLESS, so I'm expecting her to be even better by RECKLESS.

message 47: by Lea's Audiobooks (new)

Lea's Audiobooks Hensley (leahensleysaudiobooks) My brief review for my shelf:

"I enjoyed even more than Ruthless. This love story worked perfectly for me plus I had grown accustomed to the narrator's performance in the previous book and listened with great ease. Reckless doesn't have quite the edge that Ruthless does and that worked in its favor as well. A definite relisten in my future."

It is one of those stories I really missed once it it was over.

message 48: by Vic (last edited Mar 24, 2011 06:14AM) (new)

Vic (vicaet) | 494 comments Breathless is now available on audible (US).

message 49: by MaryK (new)

MaryK | 168 comments I can't wait to listen to these! Ya'll have made them sound so good. I need to read them first though and I'm sooo behind on my reading you wouldn't believe.

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