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•EM• Pepper slowly made her way from the forest to city. She tried picking up different smells but it was hard

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•EM• As Pepper gradually became closer to the city she started to pick up the sent of humans, it got to her she moved faster now

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Nico sat under the bridge where she stayed at night.

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•EM• Pepper reached the town and smelt blood, she ran faster then the humans could see. When she got to the blood nothing was there

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Nico peered out at Pepper

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•EM• Pepper looked around, she tried smelling the area for others

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•EM• Pepper smelt human, she looked around trying to find the sent

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•EM• Pepper found her sent, she looked up to the roof of a house and found the boy. ((Vic is a guy right?))

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•EM• ((ok good))

Pepper stood silently behind Vic

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•EM• Pepper looked at his neck, her eyes turning red with thirst and her fangs starting to become exposed. She didn't want to kill the boy but she need blood.

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•EM• Pepper standing right behind Vic got ready to attack, she crouched down about to grab his neck and feed

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•EM• Pepper looked him in the eyes. Now was the time for her to attack. She grabbed his neck and pulled him in so she could stick her fangs in him

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Dezkov woke from his sleep and looked around.

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•EM• Pepper managed to keep a hold of him, She pinned him down to the roof

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Dezkov walked walked around town.

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•EM• Pepper looked Vic in the eyes, she saw him trying to fight her back but couldn't. Pepper showed him her fangs and stuck them into his neck

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Dezkov stopped in his tracks when he caught the scent of blood.

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•EM• Pepper stopped sucking his blood, she wanted him to survive. hopefully he wasnt dead

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Dezkov sighed slightly "......." and leaned against a tree.
(g2g byes)

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•EM• ((naww ok bye bye Haze))

pepper looked down at the boy, she saw that he was still breathing just a bit

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•EM• Vic had became a vampire quiet quickly, it didn't usually happen that fast. She pushed him back and looked at him.

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•EM• He was fast, she knew he would be fast but within the amount of time he had been bitten and turned he was rather very fast. She looked up to him as he held her down

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•EM• Pepper didn't stop him this time, she let him bite her but soon enough she hit him in the groin making him stop and stand up

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•EM• Pepper stood up. "What is it with you?!"

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•EM• Pepper looked at him. "Cool.." She joked

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•EM• Pepper looked at him, she felt her cheek

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•EM• "Do you want to live?"

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•EM• "What's that meant to mean?" She asked him calming down just a bit

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•EM• "Do you talk?" She asked him

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•EM• Pepper rolled her eyes. "Great."

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Dezkov had decided to watch them "well well......hahaha"

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•EM• Pepper heard a voice but wasnt sure where it was coming from

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) Shawn and Neana walked side by side in an open field , they where both silent and they both felt the need to say something but both couldn't come with the words to say

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•EM• Pepper looked down at Vic then she looked out toward the town

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((where can i jump in?))

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•EM• ((Well im gonna go down to the town soon so anywhere there if you want))

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) (I don't got anybody to RP with , you can join me if you'd like)

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Nico went into the town park and sat in the grass.

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•EM• pepper jumped down from the roof top leaving Vic, she headed into town

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Dallas * Just in case* wrote: "(I don't got anybody to RP with , you can join me if you'd like)"

((Mkay....go to the town park...))

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((Oh, and bring the slayer...for "fun" =) ))

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) (Okay)

Shawn walked into the town with Neana close by him

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Nico put her head back and watched the clouds pass by...

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) "Where are we going to get some food ?" Neana asked as her belly growled

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Nico closed her eyes and inhaled. Smelling the blood made her hungry. She sat up and looked around.

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Lyla Neko (scourgelyla) | 227 comments Jeffree walked down the street with his little striped arm warmers, head low.

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•EM• Pepper walked down the middle of road heading into town, she walked down the main street

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Nico watched Jeffree, her hunger all but forgotten...he looked so sad..

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) "Food?.. well there is food every where, whats not to find?" Shawn said looking around "Shawn we can't just take we have to pay, and if you hadn't noticed we got no money" she explained

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