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Jan 2011-Italo Calvino > Chapter 1: Initial Thoughts

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message 1: by Rick (new)

Rick (rhammer640) | 3 comments Mod
Initial comments on chapter one. Its a different enough style that I thought it deserved its own topic thread

message 2: by Reid (new)

Reid | 2 comments Judging from the first chapter I thought the book would continue to be a little more tongue in cheek, but I actually found the next chapter somewhat slow and difficult. Also, I first thought Calvino was addressing myself as the reader, but I guess hes actually addressing his character "Reader" who he is writing about reading. Not too complicated, haha!

message 3: by Rick (new)

Rick (rhammer640) | 3 comments Mod
The first chapter of the book really shocked me, ive never read a book that was so self aware. Im not sure how i feel about it yet though. Im usually not a huge fan of post-modern books where they are aware of themselves within the story, i can take it to a certain degree but its been really hard to get into this book because of that. There are other reasons as well bet ill save those for future topics after we are done reading the book. Its definately an interesting read though

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