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message 1: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) (Introduce yourself)

I'm Emily, and i created this group :)

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments Hi. I'm Tayla but you can call me Taya!! Can't wait to rp

message 3: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) Hi. Yay my first member >.< So happy :D

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments Lol! great to be a member, cant wait to rp!!!

message 5: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) Me neither!!!!!

message 6: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) I gtg sorry

message 7: by Icefire (new)

Icefire *Completely lost* | 21 comments HALLO! I'm Icefire, and I might have sudden, week long absents XD I'm a busy person with an unpredictable scheduled

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments hello!

message 9: by Icefire (new)

Icefire *Completely lost* | 21 comments Hai!

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments how are you?

message 11: by Icefire (new)

Icefire *Completely lost* | 21 comments Wait for it to snow, twn and a half inches. Come on sky, I'm even wearing my PJs inside out!

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments haha. i'm stuck inside. we are flooding really bad.

message 13: by Icefire (new)

Icefire *Completely lost* | 21 comments oh wow, are u in LA?

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments no. Australia.

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments is anyone on!?

message 16: by Icefire (new)

Icefire *Completely lost* | 21 comments i am XD Cool, Australia! I'm in US

message 17: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) Back i just got in a huge fight with my ex-bestie

message 18: by Icefire (new)

Icefire *Completely lost* | 21 comments ooh, u okay?

message 19: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) Ya its just her family thinks bad of me now since she said i said something i didnt. It wasnt a fist fight. I'd get killed by my parents and the thought of hurting my old bestie... I'm not mad enough to do that. Takes a lot to make me reallly realllllllly mad... Havent fist fought my entire life yet... But i am still young...

message 20: by Icefire (new)

Icefire *Completely lost* | 21 comments I havent had an ex besti yet, so Im lucky DX poor you

message 21: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) We were so good best friends that we even made everyone believe we were cousins. This sucks. I have another bestie. and another. and another. but one of my others moved away and another is way across town. This bestie is my neighbor :(

message 22: by Icefire (new)

Icefire *Completely lost* | 21 comments Oh gosh, that's horrible. MOst of my besties end up going to another school or moving out of state.

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments wow. i've had one bestie since grade 5 and she just moved in with me.

message 24: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) My second bestie, the one i said lived across town goes to a different school too. I used to go there but i switched to my neighbors school so i could see her more and she convinced me it was better.

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

Kon'nichiwa, watashi no namae wa han'napasukuaru wa,

Hello, my name is Hannah and I'm half-japanese.

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments hello Hannah! thats my sisters name.

message 27: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) Kewl hi Hannah! Yayz a new roleplayer!!!!!

message 28: by [deleted user] (last edited Jan 12, 2011 05:03PM) (new)

I'm new! Anyways, I don't like realistic roleplay sorry. I'll wait until you have fantasy or magic roleplays because I'm more of an anime,magic, medieval, anything fantasy type of roleplayer.

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments fair call! i cant wait to do a rp like that.

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm just going to wait, then.

message 31: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) I'll make it :P

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments not really an introduce yourself but i made a new website and anyone is welcome.

message 33: by Jaidyn (new)

Jaidyn | 1165 comments I am Jaidyn A.K.A Raven

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm Grey, Queen of the Knights who Say 'Ni.'

message 35: by Jaidyn (new)

Jaidyn | 1165 comments *Basks*

message 36: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) *Basks*

Welcome!!! New RPers Yayayayaayayayaay!!!
*Jumps in air happily*

message 37: by Jaidyn (new)

Jaidyn | 1165 comments Yeah well, I was bored and no one else was on...

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)


message 39: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) ?????

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)


message 41: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) Hai! :P

message 42: by Jaidyn (new)

Jaidyn | 1165 comments GREY!!! COMMENT IN DA TRIBE!!

message 43: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) ô.ô tribe? Huh?

message 44: by [deleted user] (new)

..I vill, Raven! I;m busssyy.
@Emily: A differnet RP that we are oth in :3

message 45: by Jaidyn (new)

Jaidyn | 1165 comments Yea...Grey 'tis gone now...

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

Hey! I'm Brianna but you can call me Bri!

message 47: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) Hi Bri :P

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 391 comments HI BRI!

message 49: by Jaidyn (new)

Jaidyn | 1165 comments HI Bri

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

Heyy! I'm Party Killer or you can call me Paiz... whatever you like

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