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Navdeep Sidhu (naunu) | 7 comments Mod

message 2: by __blank (new)

__blank  | 26 comments (( do we have to start the kidnapped story all over again or its it new?))

message 3: by chailatte (new)

chailatte (smhjoonie) (( if we do start i like to be iin it my name be Violet))

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

((We don't get to make characters?))

message 5: by __blank (new)

__blank  | 26 comments ((u do get to make ur own characters))

message 6: by Navdeep (new)

Navdeep Sidhu (naunu) | 7 comments Mod
"i don't like this plan!"arriane whispered.
"i don't care if you don't. that stupid child has the jewel"jess did a huffy breath."i'm tired of playing. arri you lead the girl"
"why me"arriane whined.
"'cause you're a girl and you know what girls like"

message 7: by Navdeep (new)

Navdeep Sidhu (naunu) | 7 comments Mod
((the little girls name can be violet))

message 8: by __blank (new)

__blank  | 26 comments ((what this story about?))

message 9: by __blank (new)

__blank  | 26 comments Violet was in bed trying to fall asleep, when she thought to her self, what am i doing. I should be exploring.(she lived in a masion & her parents weren't home. The masion has hidden doors and all that stuff) Violet got out of bed, she was going to open the door when she hear this loud bang...

message 10: by Daii (new)

Daii  (daii3starkforlife) | 24 comments She awake, a sharp pain sticking into her dirt stained knee. After a struggle she pulled the stick from her her flesh, a quick gasp and she slumps hard on the ground.
"Where am I?" She asks herself allowed. She closed her eyes tightly, flicking through her memory, trying to remember how she ended up here. A man stares down at her, she remembers a scream and feels herself being dragged, like she walked back in time.
"No" She whispers, her voice shaky and weak. Who could have done this? why her?
She rose slowly to her feet, limping to the stained, scratched door that stares back at her.Her hand reaches for the door knob, she takes a deep breath and twists.
She didn't want to face the reality, couldnt bare it, but she had to come to terms with what happened.
"I've been kidnapped." She tells herself, a tear trickles down her cheek...

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__blank  | 26 comments Somebody whisper in her ear, & Violet quikely fell asleep.

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