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Tortall and Other Lands A Collection of Tales by Tamora Pierce

Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales will be released on February 22. I dont know much about it but from the title im assuming their short stories based on the Tortall Universe.

I know i intend on buying and reading it as soon as it comes out, Hopefully some others in this group reads it too i look forward to having someone to talk to about it XD

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Amanda | 18 comments I'm ordering it on amazon. That's the cheapest place to get it. I heard a sort of guide to tortall is in the process of being made too. Not by Tammy though, her editors are compiling it or something.

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Hmm sounds interisting :) do you have any idea when that would be realesed?

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Want what?

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Ive started reading Tortall and other lands. So far i love it im currently on Nawats story.

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Yea its pretty good :) theres about 11 short stories in it

Every one bites the dust! *music is my sole* l n l i /a g o s (katlan15) NAWAT!... i hope tamora does notmind... but that is going to be my first boys name!...

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Huh? Rlly?? why?

Every one bites the dust! *music is my sole* l n l i /a g o s (katlan15) I like... DIferent names... my first girl might be Kell... but it is undicided...

Every one bites the dust! *music is my sole* l n l i /a g o s (katlan15) my friends name is Shooler...

Every one bites the dust! *music is my sole* l n l i /a g o s (katlan15) i do not like 2 ppl with the same name... 6 people i know (an am forsed to asociat with) have the same name!

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My names the same way, in on of my classes there was two other Christinas, a Krystal, a Tina, and a Cristine. LMAO it got confusing, our teacher started calling us by our last names/ nick names (I was Vegas lol)

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Amelia (ameliarobinson) | 49 comments Mod
Rachel is a really popular name in my History class--three Rachels. It's crazy. XD

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Amanda | 18 comments I had a bad experience with a girl with the same name as me in 4th grade. (I was 9 and entirely gullible) she told me her sister was a witch (her sister was part of some wiccan group..didn't know what that was at the time. But I saw disney movies of witches, so I assumed magical powers and all that) so this girl talked me into joining her to try to join her sister, but I had to "become" a witch first. She gave me a book and wrote a set of directions. Basically to slice my wrists and drink the blood. Thank goodness my parents always checked my backpack, they saw that and flipped. But damn them, they still didn't tell me that slicing your wrists is how you could kill yourself. Didn't find that out for another year or two. But I'm certain that girl who wanted me to do that knew what would happen. She ended up being a druggie and hoping couches at various mens residences though.

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..Um creepy

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Amanda | 18 comments ANYWAY...the library finally got the book in (i was unable to buy it at this time..though I will..eventually) First, I LOVED the story with Nawat and Ali. Second, I LOVED the ending to Kitten's story. I really can't wait for some new stories from them, and I hope that Maura's story will involve Kitten in it simply because of the outcome of the short story. <3333 lmao

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Amanda | 18 comments She is going to. She's said so on the message boards.

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I cant wait for more books from her! :)

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