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her demi gods

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Olivia (oerose) Here are my demigods...

Name: Natalie

Age: 15


Godly Parent: Irene

Appearance: Fair skin, blonde hair, brown eyes, 5' 7"

Personality: Funny, nice, but doesn't really stand up for herself

Weapon: Bow and arrow, and can fight VERY well, despite being the daughter of the personification of peace. =)

Other: Has a HUGE crush on Riley from the Zeus cabin.

Name: Riley

Age: 16

Gender: Boy

Appearance: Green eyes, brown curly hair, freckles

Godly Parent: Zeus

Weapon: οργισμένος (greek for storm), taken out of a DC skater hat.

Other: Has a HUGE crush on Natalie from the Irene cabin

Name: Olivia (that means olive tree and athena invented that)

Age: 10 (i'm older than that in real life but i thought it would b cool 2 b younger)

Gender: girl

Godly Parent: Athena (:

Years at camp: first year!

(That's all for now!)

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