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Dls | 2101 comments Mod
A little background makes the whole scene more enjoyable. The hero and heroine have just entered a marriage of convenience—and their first night in the house he has just bought he’s wakened by her scream in the room across the hall.

“I think I killed him! And he’s so old!”
He blinked. He couldn’t have heard her right.
“Heroine?” He asked. “What did you say?”
With an exasperated exclamation, she left his embrace, took his hand and tugged him into her chamber. “Hero, he was just…there! His head on the other pillow! I thumped him with my candlestick, but when I took a closer look….I’ve murdered an old man!”
“Good god,” was all he could think to say.
She climbed on her bed, affording him a marvelous glimpse of her legs, then flattened out on her stomach and peered over the edge on to the side closest to the wall. She looked back and gestured to him impatiently, so he joined her, lying there with his feet dangling over one side, looking where she pointed. A true antique lay on the floor, tangled in the bedclothes. His eyes were closed and a bruise rose on his forehead.
“Do you think he’s dead?” heroine whispered.
Maybe the old man on the floor heard her, because he groaned and opened his eyes. “Was it something I said?” he managed to croak. “You never did anything like that before.”
Hero glanced at Heroine, who stared at the old fellow. “Who…who…on earth are you, and what were you doing in my bed?”
The man held up his arm and hero helped him into a sitting position. “Listen here, this is my wife’s bedroom,” hero said. “I think I’ve a right to know what is going on.”
The man gently touched the knot on his forehead, winced and looked at the two of them, watching him from the bed. “This is the right house, and I know this is June 10th. What, pray tell, are you two doing here?”
Hero looked at heroine, who had gathered herself together into a tight ball on her pillow. “My dear, maybe you were right about this being a lunatic asylum.”
The old man began to wave his arms about. “For god’s sake, help me to a chair,’ he insisted. “Do I have to remind you it is June 10th?”
Heroine took one arm and hero took the other, and walked him to a chair by the fireplace, where he sat down gratefully. “I could use some water” he said.
Hero had to smile when heroine picked up the carafe at her bedside and started to sprinkle the old gentleman with it.
“No! No! You silly piece! I want to drink it!” he declared, his voice still weak, but testy. “It’s June 10th!”
“June 10th?” Hero echoed. “Is June 10th the night when lunatics and drooling idiots in Devon come out of the moor? This is a private dwelling and you have accosted my wife.”
The man looked at them, looking from one to the other and back again, like a tennis match in the court of France. “This is the manor of Lord Hudley, is it not?
“No, it is not. I bought it two months ago from his estate.”
The little man seemed to deflate further before their eyes. “His estate? He is dead?” He choked out the last word in a way that sounded almost theatrical.
“These six months or more,” Hero said. He pulled up the other chair and gestured for heroine to sit in it. After a long look at the old man, she did. “I believe he died in Venice after tOo much vino, which landed him in the Grand Canal, with nary a gondola in sight.”
“That would be totally in character” the old gentleman said. “I wonder why I was never informed?”
“Are you a relative?” heroine asked.
Even in the dim light, hero could see that her hands were shaking. He put his hand over hers and she clutched him.
Hero wasn’t sure the old boy heard her. He sat back and closed his eyes again. “Hudley’s gone?”
“I fear so,” hero said gently. “Now, if you wouldn’t mind telling us the significance of June 10th?”
The little man seemed to gather his tattered dignity around him like a dressing gown. “You can’t imagine how I used to look forwards to June 10th.”
“Perhaps I could, if I had any idea what June 10th was.”
“Hudley held the most amazing debauches here,” the old man said, his voices almost dreamy. He glanced at heroine, who glared back. “This is my bedroom, missy! Hudley always had my favorite Cyprian tucked right in here.”
Heroine gasped. Hero glanced at her, amused, as her mouth opened and closed several times. He looked back at the old fellow, new respect in his eyes.
“I know this is rude, but how old are you?’
“Eighty” he said with some dignity and not a little pride. “I have been attending Hudley’s debauches for forty years, every June 10th.” His eyes got more dreamy, obviously remembering some of the more memorable ones. “Do you know—are you aware—that a Cyprian can hange from the chandelier in the library?” He held up a cautionary finger. “But only one unencumbered with clothing. Small feet, too.”

message 2: by Melany (new)

Melany (azingirlygirl) | 49 comments ahaha how funnyyyyy
never read it though

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Okie (okieb) | 2113 comments Mod
I'm almost positive I've read this one, it's on the tip of my tongue.

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Monica | 548 comments Mod
I know i haven't read this one!

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Manda Collins (manda_collins) | 1923 comments Mod
I haven't a clue. It does sound familiar, but then lots of them do. Even when I haven't read them!

Aly is so frigging bored | 857 comments Mod
What a absurd conversation! :))

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Susan (susaninaz) | 1037 comments I would summarize as "there's no pervert like an old pervert"

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Dls | 2101 comments Mod
This is from Carla Kelly's new book The Admiral's Penniless Bride

message 9: by Manda (new)

Manda Collins (manda_collins) | 1923 comments Mod
Oh, cool! I need to catch up on my reading. This one is on the list:)

message 10: by Melany (new)

Melany (azingirlygirl) | 49 comments Manda wrote: "Oh, cool! I need to catch up on my reading. This one is on the list:)"

same here

message 11: by Okie (new)

Okie (okieb) | 2113 comments Mod
lol!! Like Manda said, most sound familiar even when not read. I've added this one to my tbr list :))

message 12: by Kasey (new)

Kasey | 560 comments Mod
It sounds good, I will have to check it out!

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