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message 1: by Rob (new)

Rob Tobin (robtobin) | 5 comments Hi, I'm new here. I'm a father, husband, novelist, screenwriter, non-fiction book author, skier, zipliner, dog owner (actually he owns me), USC grad, Canadian (though living and writing full-time in Southern California), and luckiest guy in the world (or at least in the top ten). I have a new fantasy e-novel, "God Wars: Living with Angels" coming out on March 1st, available on Amazon.com, BarnesandNobel.com, more details later. I look forward to participating on this board.

message 2: by Creature (new)

Creature | 137 comments Mod
Hey Rob:
Fancy meeting you here. Really, I'm not following you. We just happen to be in some of the same groups here on Goodreads.
Long live the Dragons.
Have a Great Sunday!!!
The "Creature"

message 3: by Aviva (new)

Aviva (newtimelord) | 434 comments Mod
Hi! Feel free to open book discussions or really any discussion!

message 4: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca (alwaysrebecca) Welcome!

message 5: by Eloradenin (new)

Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) Hehe yeah I'm here too but I'm also not stalking you don't worry

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi everyone! I'm a YA fantasy author with my novel, Zirconya: The Sage of Aluh'Nehn, debuting in June :) I'm kind of a spaz. I can't swear (trust me, I've tried). I ADORE Spaghettios and I may or may not frighten you.

Of course, I love dragons! I'm currently seeking representation for my novel, The Dragon Cager. It's a romantic fantasy and it's good, I pinky promise ;) So if/when I get an interested agent, I'll be sure to pop in with some news on that!

Nice to meet you all!

message 7: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca (alwaysrebecca) nice to meet ya too! :) and welcome!

message 8: by Eloradenin (new)

Eloradenin (animalsaremyeverything) Yes it's very nice to meet you
Fantasy is my favorite genre so I'll be sure to check out your book when it comes out and I wish you luck on getting the other one published!

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

thank you both! ^_^ I'm excited to be here!

message 10: by Aviva (new)

Aviva (newtimelord) | 434 comments Mod
Fantasy is obviously the best, along with dragons and magic, or we wouldn't be in a group for it!
Welcome both of you!

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Creature | 137 comments Mod
Yes, welcome. Good luck with your YA novel in June. I've been tossing around the idea of a YA novel. Every day I lean more toward the possibility.
Like everyone here, I love dragons and have actually created one of my own. I have (lurking around inside my brain) the material for a Dragon novel. I did kind of a test story as an intro to it a couple years back and have plenty of notes.
A pinky promise is good enough for me. I hope you find someone to "take on the dragon" as it were. With Fantasy continually climbing in popularity you shaould have no problem.
And, finally...I will only be scared...if you eat all the Spaghettios and don't leave any for the rest of us. I love 'em to!
Welcome to the group and...Have a Great Day!!!
The "Creature"

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

Creature, all right! Another spaghettios fan! I think we'll get along just fine :) and I say go for it with the dragon novel!! I want more dragons!
M.R. Mathias, hey you ^_^ thanks! I can't wait to go all out around here. Jibber jabber, ya know? It's hard to get to the comp right now because I'm pretty sick, blegh. But, when I'm back to normal...party over here :)

message 13: by Creature (new)

Creature | 137 comments Mod
OW!!! Okay, okay, You've twisted my arm enough. I need that to write with (well, type anyway). Okay, Dragon novel on the way. It will be a trilogy titled "Heart of the Dragon" trilogy. Has no similarity to the movie "Dragonheart." Not even in the same ball park. It is a totally original idea I came up with about twelve years ago that I never did anything with other than flesh it out by taking several pages of notes which I still have.
In July of 2008 I wrote a 2100 word story based on one of the encounters between the kingdoms of men and a Mighty Red Wyrm. And by mighty I mean mighty. It was called "Without Warning" and was a confrontation between the goodly King Thornbeard, His trusted Mage and Grand Vizier, Malenkai, and the Mighty Red Wyrm, Fantagross. In true fashion the King stands his ground in the presence of the gigantic Dragon. No spoiler warnings here. I'll just have to put up the story if you guys want. Let me know.
Have a Great Day!!!
The "Creature"

message 14: by Aviva (new)

Aviva (newtimelord) | 434 comments Mod
I'd like to read that, Creature.

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