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Query abandoned by poster > ABANDONED. SciFi about a women who kills a friends abusive husband (best I can do, look inside for better..)

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Unidragonfrag This is copied from another group in which I asked the same question and was told to try here.

I read this book several years back (probably 2002 or earlier) and for the life of me I cannot remember the title or the author. I remember that I liked it and would like to read it again to see if that opinion still stands, but I've had no luck finding it.

It was set in the future, I guess or maybe it was a different planet or parallel universe.. I found it in the scifi section, and women were sort of property of the men. I don't think all of them were, because the main women was a doctor or something akin and she uses her skills to poison and kill one of her friend's husbands, who was abusing her. In the end, since she's just a women and not responsible for her own actions (according to the government type people) they were going to punish her husband in her stead, but she went. And dies. I don't remember any other details, but I think that's the general plot pretty verbatim, but again... I read it so long ago, I could be remembering somethings wrong.

If any of that sounds familiar and you could possibly lead me in the right direction of maybe the possible author at least, please do not hesitate. This has been an obsession of mine on and off for like five years. It's frustrating, lol

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Madilyn, are you still looking for this book?

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Madilyn has left the group, moving to Abandoned.

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