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Cielo (cielo19) ((IDC. I can roleplay most things. What about you?))

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Cielo (cielo19) ((What if we just RP, and see what it becomes?))

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Cielo (cielo19) Name: Cecilia Gustav
Age: 17
Personality: not a people person at all

Name: Stark James
Age: 16
Personality: friendly, and a total people person

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Cielo (cielo19) ((Do we start now?))

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Cielo (cielo19) Stark was shooting hoops at the local park., wearing a shirt and some board shorts.

Cecilia was running, practicing for the local marathon that sponsored the daycare, wearing a red tank top and kakhi shorts.

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Cielo (cielo19) Stark's basketball rolled away, so he ran after it.

Cecilia hadn't even noticed. She looked up at the sound of someone's voice, and noticed what had almost happened. "Oh, it's ok." she said.

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Cielo (cielo19) "Hey, that's mine!" Stark called, jogging to a stop in front of her.

"Cecilia." Cecilia said.

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Cielo (cielo19) "Thanks." Stark said. "And I didn't think you would. I had to claim it before someone else did." he said, grinning.

"Thanks." Cecilia said, "Your name's not bad either."

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Cielo (cielo19) "I'm Stark." Stark said.

"No problem." Cecilia said.

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Cielo (cielo19) "You too." Stark said.

"So, why're you running? For fun? Training? What?" Cecilia asked.

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Cielo (cielo19) "Rep?" Stark asked.

"I'm practicing for that marathon that benefits the daycare center." Cecilia said.

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Cielo (cielo19) "Yeah...I don't know what you're talking about. But, I am on the high school basketball team." Stark said.

"It is! I volunteer there, and we host the marathon every year." Cecilia said.

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Cielo (cielo19) "Yeah, it's fun." Stark said.

"Cool. You should, it's always fun." Cecilia said, smiling.

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Cielo (cielo19) "Cool." Stark said.

"10:00 on friday." Cecilia answered.

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Cielo (cielo19) "Do you know how to play basketball?" Stark asked.

"Wanna run with me?" Cecilia asked.

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Cielo (cielo19) "Wanna play a little?" Stark asked, holding up the basketball.

"Come on, then." Cecilia said as she started running again.

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Cielo (cielo19) "Warning you," Stark said, smiling back, "I might beat you."

Cecilia ran next to him.

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Cielo (cielo19) "Alright, bring it then." Stark said, smiling as he went to the basketball court.

"I like to run." Cecilia said. "I also don't like many people."

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Cielo (cielo19) Stark got into position on the court. "Ready?" he asked.

"I like to read, and I like to work with the little kids at the daycare center. I think the human race is both the smartest, and stupidest race on the planet, and I love the color red. You?" Cecilia said.

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Cielo (cielo19) Stark passed her the ball.

"Interesting." Cecilia said.

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Cielo (cielo19) Stark tried to block her way and get the ball from her at the same time.

"What's your favorite book?" Cecilia asked.

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Cielo (cielo19) Stark quickly gained 2 points, but she was still ahead.

"Maximum Ride!" Cecilia said, smiling. "Favorite character?"

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Cielo (cielo19) Stark then gained 3 points, leaving them tied.

"Fang." Cecilia answered.

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Cielo (cielo19) Stark got 3 points.

"Me too! It was horrible. What do you think about the fact that there are only going to be two more books?" Cecilia asked.

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Cielo (cielo19) Stark got two.

"Same. It sucks." Cecilia said. "Which high school do you go to?" she asked.

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Cielo (cielo19) "What score are we trying to get?" Stark asked as they played.

"Same." Cecilia said.

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Cielo (cielo19) "How much do we have right now?" he asked.

"Grade?" Cecilia asked.

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Cielo (cielo19) "Ok, seven more points then." he said as he played.

"11." Cecilia said.

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Cielo (cielo19) Stark took it, and then started to try to make a basket on her side.

"So, how long do you plan to run?" Cecilia asked.

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Cielo (cielo19) Stark made 2 points.

"I was going to continue for about another half hour." Cecilia said.

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Cielo (cielo19) Stark made 3 points.

"So, what types of friends do you have?" Cecilia asked.

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Cielo (cielo19) Stark made 2 points.

"James Greenland. That's all. He's on the track team. I don't like their practice hours, so i've never joined, but we hang out." Cecilia said.

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Cielo (cielo19) Stark made 1.

"Which subject is your favorite?" Cecilia asked.

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Cielo (cielo19) Stark threw the ball down on the ground. "Well...that sucks." he sighed.

"Math." Cecilia said.

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Cielo (cielo19) Stark smiled at her. "That was just luck." he said.

"Yup. So, you like to draw? or paint? Or...basically what I'm trying to ask is what is it you like about art." Cecilia asked.

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Cielo (cielo19) "You're the one who said you couldn't play. I think you just tricked me." Stark said.

"I like the numbers. Sometimes life can get to hectic and chaotic. But in math, it's always organized, there's always one right answer. Then there's the fact that when I do it, it's like the numbers just flow out of my pencil because I feel so comfortable with it that it seems natural." Cecilia said.

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Cielo (cielo19) "Better?" Stark said, shocked. "Why don't you just take my spot on the basketball team!"

"Then what makes it worse than art?" Cecilia asked curiously.

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Cielo (cielo19) "Well you're good. But why do you do so many things at once? How do you even have time to speak to me if you're doing that many things?" Stark asked.

Cecilia nodded. "Art is fun. But sometimes I just don't know what to draw. That's my main problem with art. I can never figure out how to express myself with anything other than words. Which might explain my English is my second favorite subject."

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Cielo (cielo19) "Wow you're busy. I don't think I could do all that stuff. My mom wanted me to be on the debate team. Ew. I told her I wouldn't do it. I mean, what does the debate team do for you anyway? Practice your lawyer skills? If I want to be a lawyer, then I can learn about it in college. I hate being really busy. Doesn't your life ever get...I don't know...hectic?" Stark asked.

"Yeah. English rocks." Cecilia said. She looked at her watch. "Well, it's been half an hour. I have to go, sorry." she said.

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Cielo (cielo19) "Yeah you do." Stark protested. "Just tell your parents you don't want to do whatever it is you don't want to do. Sorry, but you listed so many things I forgot which one you didn't like, but anyway, the words are still true" Stark said.

"See ya!" Cecilia said with a smile. " well do you handle little kids?" she asked, pausing.

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Cielo (cielo19) "Why not?" Stark asked gently.

"Well, if you have nothing to do, and don't mind not getting paid, I volunteer at the local daycare. That's where I'm going right now. You can come if you've got the time." Cecilia offered.

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Cielo (cielo19) "Then why do you still do things you dislike?" Stark asked.

Cecilia smiled. "Come on then. It's not far. You wanna run, or walk there?" she asked.

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Cielo (cielo19) Stark didn't think this made any sense at all, but didn't say so. Instead he said, "Ok...if that makes sense to you."

Cecilia smiled. "I like you already." she said, then turned and started running towards the daycare.

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Cielo (cielo19) "You could always do something you like in her memory. I mean, I didn't know your mom, but would she want you to do what she wants you to do and hate it, or do something you like to do?" Stark asked.

Cecilia stopped at the daycare center, and walked in. "Hey, Stacia." she said to the lady at the desk.
"Brought James?" Stacia said, then she looked closer at Shane. "Cecilia, you might not know this, but the guy behind you is not James."
"Yes, Stacia, I know. It's Shane." Cecilia said.
Stacia looked at Shane. "Dude, what did you do to get her to bring you here? I was convinced she lived under a rock and only James knew the secret password."

((K, bye))

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Cielo (cielo19) Stark glanced at his watch. "I gotta get going." he said. "See you later."

Stacia smiled. "I like him. He's welcome."
Cecilia laughed as she signed her name on the volunteer form. "You're crazy." she said.
"That's why you love me." Stacia said. "I need you working with the fours. The people who are supopsed to be watching the three's are watching them too, and they just don't have the eyes, ears, or hands."

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Cielo (cielo19) Stark took the number and looked at it. "All right. I'll call you." he said, then with a last smile, he turned and left.

"Come on, Shane. We get to work with four year olds today." Cecilia said, smiling as she started to walk towards the room where the four year olds were put.

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Cielo (cielo19) Stark walked back to his house.

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Cielo (cielo19) Stark did homework.

"Ok." Cecilia said, coming into the room. "Over there is where most of the troublemakers like to hang out." she said, pointing. "The girls over there generally keep to themselves, playing with their dolls. They'll come to you if they need something though. And over there are the really shy kids that you have to ask direct questions, otherwise, they don't say or do much. Ok?" Cecilia said once she'd finished explaining it to Shane.

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Cielo (cielo19) Once he finished with homework, Stark looked at the number Clare had given him. Why not? he thought, and picked up his phone, and dialed her number. Then he just waited for her to pick up.

"So...just go where you think the kids need help." Cecilia said, before she went to talk to some of the shyer kids.

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Cielo (cielo19) "Clare? Hey, its me Stark." Stark said, smiling even if she couldn't see it.

Cecilia spoke with the shy ones, even managing to get a few of them to laugh, which didnt happen often.

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