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Jace was walking, make that pacing around the hotel. He was told to stay in the hotel, & reread the ancient scrolls written in the old way, by the lord of the night world. He had mayjor news to tell everyone. Well not everyone, only circle daybreak. If news got out and the nigthworld found out, world's last hope will be gone. "Where are they" jace thought. They should have been here. Then the door opened. "Finally," shouted Jace, but then stopped.
"No it can't be!, You're dead, You have to be dead!!, shouted Jace as Hunter Redfern walked in...

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Navdeep Sidhu (naunu) | 1 comments (where is our roeplay)

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((i don't know i got here & it was gone))

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((Where do you make the Characters?))

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