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((use the characters from the book or make up some of ur own))
Family:was orpaned(spelling error)
Other:is a shape shifter-pather

Every one bites the dust! *music is my sole* l n l i /a g o s (katlan15) Name: Nawat crow
Personality: tanashious, tomboy, can be a bitch, does not take crap from amyone, can be clulise, smart, loves to read, antisoshial, when with friends wild crazy and boisterous, does not know her own strengths in anything(phisican and mentally), hard on the outside still a 5 year olds feelings on the inside
Family:ran away at the age of 7 only to return to her house 2 days later and find the house vacant
Other: obseses over crows, redheds, books, time of the nights, sowards, nives, cross bows... any wepen but guns (she hates guns)low self esteem, does not thinck of herself as pretty, (does not know at the begining)shapshift in to a crow
((that good?))

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Every one bites the dust! *music is my sole* l n l i /a g o s (katlan15) ((ok...so... do i start?... what time period is this and were it this?))

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((u just start the roleplay and people will join in:))

Every one bites the dust! *music is my sole* l n l i /a g o s (katlan15) (( ill start later... migranes mixed with miled depresion is not fun... and WERE AND WHEN? is the setting?))

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Name:Jace Harman
Personality:its okay,brave acts like a solder? i haven't really picked what yet
Family:was orpaned, lives with cirlce daybreak
Other:He can shapeshift into a moutain lion(couger)

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(( i don't know yet? Maybe u can pick, I'll meet u here tormrow, bye))

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Name: Rashel Jordan
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Appearance: [image error]
Personality: Brave, Headstrong, Strong Willed.
Other: She hunts hown Vampires and Slay's them or she did Until she fell in love with one.

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