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>.< I'll make my charrie... It may take a while though

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WAIT!! guy or girl???

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Um, both if u want?!

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Sure!!! lol mkay..Ill get started :)

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Name: Jace
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Grade: Senior
Personality: Jace is sarcastic, cynical, and witty but also vain, arrogant, and full of angst. He gives the impression of holding most people in disdain but is quite chivalrous toward women. His charisma, good looks and charm have made him quite the ladies' man and he is somewhat promiscuous. He never forms emotional attachments for more than a short period of time, if at all. Beneath Jace's flippant exterior lies a soul in constant torment. Jace is filled with a deep-seated rage that he keeps in check most of the time and which he channels into fighting and cutting his wrists. Jace has a strong moral core but also exhibits sadistic tendencies and at times he can be extremely vindictive though often he is being cruel to protect those he loves.
Looks: Jace has fine, light blond hair and gold eyes. He has a slim, muscular build. His face is pretty and angular. He also has a fine tan that makes his skin a light gold color. He bears a lot of scars from cutting himself in his wrists, and he also has a tatto on his chest (see picture.)
Family: Very rich parents.
Crush/GF/BF: None
Cause of being in NYRCTT (New York Rehabitation Center for Troubled Teenagers): He tried to suicide by shooting himself in the heart, but he missed it and been transported into a hospital. After a medical surgery to save his life, he has been placed in NYRCTT.

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Name: mark
Personality: mean Hates the world doenst care about anyone

Why in Rehab: he fights a lot and has been in juvey a couple times. Has stolen thing and he drinks. 
History: he's parents got a divorce when he was 14 and that when everything got bad, he went back and forth between thier houses once a month. His dad was a drunk and used to beat him and his mom just had a new boyfriend evertime he was over. 
Other: has a lot of scars and a couple tattoos.


Personality: quiet and acts invisible. She doesn't talk much but can fight and be a bitch at times. 
In rehab because: she cuts herself and is anorexic. Doenst care about herself has tried to kill herself. 
History: her mother died givent birth to her her Father beat and raped her all through childhood when money was short he sold her as prostotuition. She still has terribly dreams and hates to be touched.
Other: nope     

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I'm making the female character right now... Just a sec

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Okay..sorry I would write more but I am on my its kinda hard...

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Name: Spencer
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: She's sweet, funny but moody and naive.
Looks: She is short, just over five feet, has red hair and green eyes. (I'm going to add the picture later.)
Family: Adopted.
Crush/GF/BF: None
Cause of being in NYRCTT (New York Rehabitation Center for Troubled Teenagers): She was put in there because of her addiction to drugs.

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~Shattered Hearts, Lost Souls~ wrote: "Okay..sorry I would write more but I am on my its kinda hard..."

Oh, it's nothing. Sorry about my female character, I didn't write much either. It just that I have to go but when I get back I'll edit.

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OKay..ill edit later on too :)

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So should we start??

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Yea sure. You start.

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Gahh fine :)

Mark sat in the back of the car his headphones in and turned as loud as they would go, he hated his mom for this he didn't need to go to rehab. He would have rather done jail time.

Ari sighed looking up at the big building in front of here "here goes the next three years of my life. " she mumbled folowing her parents into the building.

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Spencer was in her room, drawing when she heard a car's noise. New people, interesting, she thought, smiling. She got out of her room and went to the lobby to see who was coming. She saw a girl coming in with her parents.

Jace was in the lobby already, and he watched the Ari intently, making out every detail.

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[[I need to go :( ]]

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Ari sighed her Stepmom turned to her and smiled like they where dropping her off at a friends house.After that her stepmom reached over to hug and Ari quickly stepped back " sweetie please. " her dad asked softly looking over at her Ari ignored him grabbing her bag and and walking down the hall way. Not even sure what she should be doing.

Mark sighed as they pulled up he got out slamming the door and grabbing his bags, not waiting for his Mom.

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Jace stood up and followed Ari. "You should get to the main office," he said.

Spencer heard the car noise stop, and she saw Mark coming inside. She watched him while biting her lip. He's cute, she thought.

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Ari turned around and looked at him, she nodded stopping wondering where it was.

Mark sighed walking to the front desk his mom scurying to keep up

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He pointed toward the office behind him, smiling.

Spencer watched his every move.

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Ari smiled "thanks " she said wAlking into the dierection he had poined.

Mark looked up and spotted Spencer staring he chuckled smiling a little

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Spencer blushed but didn't looked away.

Jace smiled. "It's nothing," he said as he watched her go.

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Mark met her gaze and winked.

Ari sighed walking into the main office

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Spencer smiled and stood up, leaving to her room.

Jace went to sit back on the couch, watching a couple of boys playing videos games, killing zombies.

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Ari walked in and did her best to smile at the lady behing the desk "name Dear?"

"Ari Black." she said quietly

"ahh yes, Well dear I am afraid we are all full." the lady said

Ari raised an eyebrow" so Ill just..leave?":

"Oh no, you'll just be bunking with a boy until we can find you somwhere else."

Ari nodded " umm okay??"

Mark chuckled finally waiting for his mom

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The lady behind the desk stood up and went outside, bringing Jace with her when she came back.
"This will be the boy you will be roomed with... temporarely," the woman said.
Jace lifted his hand in a wave awkwardly. "Hi," he said.

Spencer went to her room, immediatly pulling out a sketch book where she started drawing the new boy.

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Ari blushed "hey." she said softly not meeting his gaze

Mark got his room number and walked up the stairs saying goodbye to his mom and the bottom

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Jace smiled.

Spencer walked out of her room in time to collide with him.

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Ari picked up her bag " So is this legal??" she asked looking at the short poudgy lady nicely

"oof." Mark said taking her arms to make sure she didn't fall " you okay?"

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"Unless you are planning on spending the night in HIS (she pointed to Jace) bed, then no," the old lady said calmly.

"Um, yea," Spencer said. "Sorry."

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Ari rolled her eyes " You mean there is more then one bed!" she said in her happy little girl voice before walking out the door.

Mark smiled reckognizing her " so your stalking me huh?" he teased

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Spencer pointed to the door she got out from. "This is my room. It's you who seems to be stalking me," she teased back.

Jace watched Ari, thinking she's completely crazy.

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Ari sighed laying down on the ground outside the office her face in the carpet.

Mark smiled " couldn't resist a cute girl when I see one."

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Jace stood next to her, trying to hide his smile. "Are you okay down there?" he asked.

Spencer blushed.

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Ari wiggled her butt rolling over and looking up at him " Im in a crazy house, gonna have to say no."

Mark chuckled letting go of her arms "Im Mark by the way."

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Jace laughed and offered her his hand.

"I'm Spencer," she said.

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Ari suprised herself by taking it. She usually avoided human contact

Mark smiled "nice to meet you"

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"Suck it up, you'll be staying around for a looooong time," Jace said, not really make things any better.

"You too." She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and smiled sweetly.

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"gee aren't you a Ray of sunshine on a cloudy day " Ari said staing up and grabbing her bag

mark nodded "well it looks like we well be nieghbors. " he said pointing to the room next to hers

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"Thanks," Jace said sarcasticly, still holding her hand.

"Great," Spencer said, smiling.

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Ari stood there looking up at him her hand in his.

Mark smiled " should be fun."

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Spencer smiled wickedly and pushed past him, still smiling.

Jace realized he was still holding her hand and he awkwardly let it go. "Sorry," he told Ari. "What's your name, by the way?"

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Ari blushed letting her hand fall to her side " Ari Black." she said softly looking up at him.

Mark raised an eyebrow leaning against the wall he watched her a smile on his face.

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"I'm Jace, Jace Hale," he replied, smiling.

Spencer looked back.

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She nodded " It's nice to meet you." she said looking up at him

Mark looked at her "going somewhere??" he asked with a smile

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"Not really," Spencer admited, walking back to him.

"Nice to meet you too. You should get your stuff in the room. They cut the light at nine," Jace said.

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Ari nodded "okay. " she said with a sigh.

Mark smiled thinking maybe his life woudlnt tottaly suck

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Spencer smiled too.

Jace went into the room. His side, unlike all the other boys', was neat and perfect.

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Ari looked around setting her stuff on the other bed, giving up on seeing anything interesting she sat down beside her stuff on the bed, crossing her legs.

Mark chuckled " would you mind showing me around?" he asked her

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