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Wynter Skittles  (shawties-skittles) | 40 comments Mod

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I am NOT obsessed with twilight

message 3: by Minh (new)

Minh (cassandrale179) yep! I hate Twilight

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Sunny | 5 comments I liked only first book Twilight-saga.
Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead is better than Twilight.

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Minh (cassandrale179) Jennifer wrote: "anything like twilight sucks"

agree :)

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4468563 You say Twilight I say Harry Potter
You say vampires I say Wizards
You say Jacob Black I say Sirius Black
You say Sam Uley I say Remus Lupin
You say Team Edward I say Team Potter
You say Robert Pattison I'll say 'is Cedric Diggory'
You think Bella and Edward is the Perfect dream couple? I think thats Lily and James
You say Edward I'll say Harry, now STUPEFY! Copy/Paste this if you agree that Harry Rules!

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I agree but I think Harry and Ginny are a perfect dream couple

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Wynter Skittles  (shawties-skittles) | 40 comments Mod
1. You are banned from saying the names of the characters in Twilight in your own house

2. Your mom/dad bought you Twilight, New Moon, or Eclipse just so you would shut up about it while you read

3. Your friend is born on AUGUST 2ND! And you are not-so-secretly envious of her because that is the day Seth Meyer was born, and Breaking Dawn comes out that day I hate you Jessie. you have a great birthday

4. You know about the cars owned by the Cullens, and when you mention them your dad or any car lover asks you where you learned all this, and you say Twilight, and they give you a dirty look

5. You don't care that James Bond had an Aston Martin before Edward did and fight with your dad that Edward is always going to be cooler than some secret spy guy

6. You watch Harry Potter 4&5 just to see Robert Pattinson and envision him as Edward

7. You squeal when you see or hear the name/actor (!) of Cedric Digory

8. You hate spell check for saying Pattinson and Digory aren't real words

9. You "add to dictionary" Pattinson and Digory

10. You really don't like the actors in the Twilight movie; but yell at people when they say they are ugly

11. You know what a golden onion is! If you don't-it's going to be in the movie

12. You really really really want to be at Kalama high school so you could be an extra

13. You are very offended if anyone makes fun of the movie Shark Boy and Lava Girl even though it is pretty bad

14. You cried during New Moon

15. You memorized pg 195 of Twilight and is very mad that they changed it from 'potent' to 'dominant' on the back cover

16. You read out takes on

17. You got mad while reading anything about Stephenie Meyer and you realized someone spelt it with an A, not an E

18. You added the Name Stephanie to the dictionary on Microsoft word

19. People ask you why you know that Forks is the rainiest town in the US

20. People ask you why you know that Forks is the worlds largest wood lodging place

21. You want to move to Forks

22. You only read Twilight Fan fictions

23. You have a countdown on AIM to when Breaking Dawn will be released

24. You have Twilight fights on AIM with other obsessed friends

25. More than once you called someone you know Alice Edward Rosalie Bella etc. Because they remind you of them

26. You called someone you didn't like a leech or a pup depending which side you are on

27. Are planning on breaking your leg for your Junior Prom

28. Have fight with your sister about how great Twilight is, and she bans you from her computer until you shut up about it

29. You shut up about Twilight, and start saying "CEDRIC DIGORY LIVES!" only to find she has no clue that Cedric Digory actually is from Harry Potter, and she thinks he's from Twilight, and you get in even more trouble

30. You think Kristen Stewart is awesome

31. You think Robert Pattison is awesome

31. You think Ashley Green is awesome

32. You think Nicki Reed is awesome

33. You get tiered of writing everyone's name so you write "I think Twilight is AWSOME!" Huzzah!

34. You have pictures and quotes of Twilight everywhere

35. You want to start a petition that the definition of Twilight is actually "the best book ever made" instead of time after sunset: the time of day just after sunset or before dawn, when the Sun is below the horizon

36. You are planning to get into a fight with the publisher of the book for genre-ing it FICTION when we all know Edward is real

37. You start fights with people that Vampires do not have fangs

38. Your fan fiction name has some meaning or word that has to do with Twilight

39. Blue is your new favorite color

40. Topaz is your favorite stone

42. You know that Vampires are real

43. You don't have a crush anymore because you know no one compares to Edward

44. You met a drunken guy and nicknamed him Carlisle because he was awesome ha-ha. Valerie I and are awesome

45. If you had a dog/wolf you would name him JACOB

46. You hate anyone with the name Victoria or James

47. Quotes from Twilight are used in everyday conversations

48. You are afraid of Italy

49. You know the real reason why Vampires don't go out in the sun

50. You laugh when someone talks about Irritable Grizzlies

51. If you ever met a wolf, you would be nice to them, you never know if one will be apart of Jacob's pack

52. You read extra blogs to find out about the Movie

53. You catch yourself saying "I need a human minute" when you have to go to the bathroom

54. Debussy and Lincoln Park are counted on your favorite bands

55. Listened to the Twilight play list

56. If you haven't, you are now going to listen to the Twilight play list

57. Listened to the band The Bella Cullen Project they're quite good

58. You now want to hear the band the Bella Cullen Project

59. Stephenie Meyer is one of you heroes

60. You hate when people say you would like other vampire books, because Twilight owns, and it not really about Vampires but more of a romance novel

61. You scream every time you see a shiny silver Volvo

62. You read cast interviews for the Twilight Movie

63. Have conversations where you decipher what the name of the books mean with non-Twilight fans

64. You have had multiple Edward dreams I had one, we were both in Tyra Banks house, and Rosalie and Alice were there too

65. You watch fan-made videos on youtube

66. You make fan art in your spare time

67. You have at least 3 friends who are just as obsessed as you Jessie, Jackie, Megan, and Valerie for moi

68. You really want to know what kind of cereal Bella eats so you can buy it

69. You check daily

70. You check a fan site everyday

71. You relate well with one or more of the characters

72. You wish Breaking Dawn would come out already!

73. If you have a myspace your friends with someone who role-plays a character as a friend

74. If you don't have one on your friends, you probably know of thinking of doing it

75. You are secretly in love with a character from Twilight

76. You aren't ashamed you are in love with a character from Twilight

77. You watch a romance movie & you are reminded of Bella & Edward

78. You hear a love song and you are reminded of Bella and Edward

79. You made a story about Twilight fanfic. Or not

80. You were once tempted to make a story about Twilight

81. You can open up to a random page of Twilight & know the whole entire other pages you missed word for word

82. You know the day all the people from twilight were born I saw a syrup bottle with the expiration date of Bella's b-day and I screamed!

83. You read Twilight frequently, even though you read it like 974903 times

84. You imagine Bella & Edward's wedding in your head

85. You looked up everyone in the movie on IMDb

86. You have written stuff about Twilight on your hands lol

87. You made a soundtrack in your head for the Twilight Movie what? That's not normal

88. You accuse the hottest guy in your school of being a vampire

89. You made a Twilight play list on your iPod so you can read7listenat the same time

90. You think Mike and Eric are stupid for letting Bella get away but you know she is meant for Edward

91. You can't wait for Bella to be changed

92. Your favorite brand of heroin is Edward Cullen!

93. You accuse the girl you know who has red hair and is pretty of being Victoria

94. You enjoyed this list

95. You read this list entirely

96. You read other list like this list

97. You laughed at at least one thing on this list, because you know how pathetic it is, but you are obsessed

98. You agree with everything on this list well maybe not #44

99. You decide to make your own "You know your obsessed with Twilight when" list

100. You are going to review me & tell me more ideas! Please?

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