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message 1: by Shatara (new)

Shatara (lovepinkish) I read off my Nook a lot! I don't buy paperback/hardcover books very often. I'm wondering how I'd fit into this group if I don't have anything to share? :(

I joined b/c my newest friend Traci invited me!

Of course I'd live to make he beat from joining this group! Any suggestions?

message 2: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (shannibal) Well since we are a very new group. When we pick our first book to read for a challenge, we'll make sure you can get it on your Nook as well. The structure of our group is not clearly defined yet, as you can see. So, if there something you want to post for discussion go right ahead. Member imput is what's going to help us develop this group. Thanks for joining :)

Traci   ~Vohrtex~ | 12 comments Mod
Thanks for joining Shatara! I still have to add you to my nook so we can share the lendables.

Traci   ~Vohrtex~ | 12 comments Mod
Oh and to all our group Nook/eReader users... I have only been on this site a month, and I have only had my Nook since Christmas day but I have found it difficult to completely replace my "Old school regular paper" books. There are too many I havent read that are still unavailable on the Nook. Also, this site offers better discounts on books than the Nookbook prices in some cases, AND... i keep killing my nook. :( So its nice to have a backup-non-battery-operated book to save my day when I still have a half hour to wait for the kids to be done with karate.

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