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message 1: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (mvpstrawberries) | 7 comments i see my friends on goodreads constantly updating theyre status and i have no idea how...can some one please show me???

Jean Valjean (OG 2010) (courfeyrack) Go to home, on the upper right hand corner where you update your book status, you hit 'add a general update'.

message 3: by jD (new)

jD (jd_4everbooked) | 152 comments Thanks. I only update where I am in a book. I did not know about the general update. So since dumb questions are allowed here. How do you link the book cover in a thread without leaving the thread?

Jean Valjean (OG 2010) (courfeyrack) Above the comment box, it says 'add book/author'. click that, hit 'cover' in where it gives you the choice between 'link' and 'cover'. When you find your book, hit 'add'.

message 5: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (lisathisissilly) | 10 comments @jD no such thing as a dumb question! the only dumb question is the one that you don't ask!

message 6: by jD (new)

jD (jd_4everbooked) | 152 comments So I want to recommend the book "The Hobbit"The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. I did not know that was there. I am a marketing consultant and I always tell my clients to pay attention to details. It's what separates good from great. Goodreads continues to impress me.

message 7: by Doe965 (new)

Doe965 @JD I love love love that Hobbit. I agree you need to pay attention to the details. I am going to read it to my son and daughter this year.

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