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Jamie (Jamie1Elizabeth) | 2389 comments Mod
You were once a criminal...on death row, but the spark in the eyes of the judge just wasn't right when he decided that he would wouldn't let you die. Blind folded and stray jacketed (if that's a word) are shipped somewhere...when you wake up from the long find a mark on your arm...wasn't there before. A man with a long barbed whip comes walking along your cell....he smiles cruelly and let's you know that the government is going to help you become a better person. Only what's with the needles along his coat...and why is blood splatters everywhere....and what happened to the person beside you? The government has plans for you, but can you find out what the mark is for and escape? Or will you end up in the change room...a place no one has ever made it out alive from? Or at least without some major alterations.

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Ky (poeticshark) | 2312 comments ((Yuzzah!))

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•EM• | 884 comments ((This sounds so good...))

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Ky (poeticshark) | 2312 comments ((I actually think this one would be fun.))

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Jamie (Jamie1Elizabeth) | 2389 comments Mod
((I think so one has yet dared to start it...))

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Ky (poeticshark) | 2312 comments ((I know! lol))

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Jamie (Jamie1Elizabeth) | 2389 comments Mod
Hero sat quietly in his cage. His eyes dark scanning the large room for any means of escape. At the same time, he searched the other cages for any signs of his younger sister: Alice.

Alice studied the codes and locks on the doors around them. Her mind quickly calculated and recalculated series of combinations. She pursed her lips and leaned back against the cold, bloody metallic cage. Her eyes closed and her mouth muttered words that held no meaning to anyone that was nearby.

Lear leaned against the cage and reached through. "Hero," she muttered quietly, "I know where Alice is." Her eyes like a cat glowing in the darkness.

Hero flicked his gaze towards Lear. His face unemotional. His cocked his head and stared her in the eyes.

Lear pointed in the distance. Her body leaned forwards the cage door. "Alice is thinking," she muttered again. Her eyes watchful.

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