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message 1: by JennyGrace (new)

JennyGrace  M. ((do we have houses like in harry potter, and is this school or real world?))

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JennyGrace  M. ((ok so how are we supposed to start this?))

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JennyGrace  M. ((well, cause I'm a simple soul, so I'm not understanding this concept, please explain post #3, I'm a retard))

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JennyGrace  M. Jaxie walked through Chicago, her hands shoved on the pockets of her coat, with nothing better to do, she didn't have enough money to go do tourist-y things but, then again, she did have enough money for food, she spied a cheap-looking restaurant, hoping it served corn dogs, she stepped inside and took off her gray pea coat, her cheeks flushed and her high-top skate shoes covered in snow.

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JennyGrace  M. ((cool))
Jaxie had only been out for a couple of days and didn't feel like going back to the other world yet
((Wait, can they use magic in the real world?))

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JennyGrace  M. Jaxie sat, eating a corn dog and drinking a Dr. Pepper. She really wanted to have a duel right now, but seeing as she was in front of a bunch of humans, that would be really stupid and there was nobody to have a duel with anyway.

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JennyGrace  M. Jaxie jumped a little, surprised "hi!" she said ((I'm assuming they are already friends?))

message 8: by JennyGrace (new)

JennyGrace  M. "Jeez don't do that!" Jaxie said "give me a little warning. but then again, there's not much you can do to warn me." she laughed a little

message 9: by JennyGrace (new)

JennyGrace  M. "So, I've discovered that when you're in Chicago by yourself and freezing your butt off in the snow and there are too many people, so you can't use magic and you don't have money to buy anything but corndogs,things can get really boring" Jaxie said

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Tatum Sparkles Tatum Closed the door silently and peered around.She quickly walked across her frostbitten lawn.Tatum took out her wand and muttered a spell,unlocking the locked gat.Tatum then checked to make sure her black chuck taylor's where tied then she ran.Her black skinny jeans with gray tank top under a black midway jacket making her either extremely or un-noticed.

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JennyGrace  M. Jaxie stood up. "Ugh. I'm tired of not being able to use magic because of all the retarded humans" she said quietly so nobody but Lyli could hear her, "I'm gonna go back to Eden for a day or so"

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Tatum Sparkles Tatum walked along a busy street in Chicago.She breathed out focusing on the cold air.Tatum turned and walked into a cafe.

message 13: by JennyGrace (new)

JennyGrace  M. "oh, really? that would be great" ((Jaxie was evicted from her apartment in Eden)) Jaxie said, relieved "Wandering around Chicago after being evicted was fun at first, but now it's just plain boring"

message 14: by Tatum Sparkles (new)

Tatum Sparkles Tatum saw two people,one eating a corn dog and Dr.Pepper. She walked and sat down at a table near them.

message 15: by hapˈhazərd (new)

hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) Alvira was sitting on a table and listening to "Cassie" on her iPod. Her ripped up school uniform was smudged a and dirty.

message 16: by Sevania (new)

Sevania (sevthedev) At that moment, Lela was walking down a shadowed, deserted alley in the human world. Her once perfect designer blouse and miniskirt outfit was grimy and ragged, and her curly blond hair was a greasy rat's nest, but Lela strutted down the hard-packed dirt as if she owned the world. Her posture was no less than perfect, her chin was lifted regally to the sky, and the look in her eyes was distant and aloof. For a year now she had been searching for the entrance to Eden, forced to beg for something as simple as a meal. Sometimes a human-a lowly human!-would take pity on the poor, homeless teenager and give her a dollar or a piece of bread. How her parents would roll in their graves if they knew their daughter, their purebred only child, was so grateful for such a scarce amount of wealth! But one day, one day soon, Lela would encounter the door to Eden. Eden, the world of witches of wizards. Eden, where she belonged, with the pure ones, her friends from her childhood, the childhood that seemed so far away, so long ago that it was from a separate lifetime. That joyous one day was the only thing that kept her proud spirit from breaking, that one day when Lela would finally get what she deserved.

message 17: by hapˈhazərd (new)

hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) Alvie took her gold staff in hand and began to walk down the alleys, accidentally bumping into a blonde girl. "Oops! Sorry."

message 18: by Tatum Sparkles (new)

Tatum Sparkles Tatum playedwith a studded emerald ring on her pinkie.

message 19: by hapˈhazərd (new)

hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) Alvie Sighed and lowered her staff. "Alvira.... Alvie." She said quietly, playing with the folds of her tattered uniform skirt.

Amy: PROUD DIRECTIONER (ravinxx) Amy walked up silently behind them.
"Hello!" She said. "I'm Amy." She smiled at them

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JennyGrace  M. Simon sat on the sidewalk against a building, playing a harmonica

Jaxie stood up, ready to go

message 22: by Tatum Sparkles (new)

Tatum Sparkles Tatum sighed.She got up and went outside.She liked the cold weather. She walked down the street and bought a hot cocoa at a coffee stand. Tatum heard sound. She walked along and saw someone playing the harmonica.

message 23: by JennyGrace (new)

JennyGrace  M. Simon set down his harmonica, he was so bored, being suspended from Eden was so boring, he checked his watch, he still had 2 days, 5 hours, and 27 minutes until he was allowed back in, he sighed and started to play again

message 24: by Tatum Sparkles (new)

Tatum Sparkles Tatum walked over by the guy playing the harmonica.She took her cocoa and sat down beside him and said"Youre really good-"

message 25: by JennyGrace (new)

JennyGrace  M. Simon looked up and smiled "thanks" he said, subtly placing his hand over his pocket so she wouldn't see the wand that was sticking out of it. You could never tell whether someone was a normal human or another resident of Eden

message 26: by Tatum Sparkles (new)

Tatum Sparkles Tatum smiled and saw his hand cover his poacket.She laughed lightly and said"My names Tatum by the by-"

message 27: by JennyGrace (last edited Jan 17, 2011 10:32AM) (new)

JennyGrace  M. Simon smiled again "nice to meet you Tatum. Name's Simon" he held the edge of the brim of his fedora and plucked it off his head, resting it on his knee

message 28: by Tatum Sparkles (new)

Tatum Sparkles tatum smiled and replied"Nice to meet you Simon.What makes you out here on this cold Chicago day?Eden not good enough for you anymore?"

message 29: by JennyGrace (new)

JennyGrace  M. Simon's mouth opened "well, actually, I'm suspended for a bit, but how'd you know?"

message 30: by hapˈhazərd (new)

hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) Alvi heard a barking noise and looked at Amy. "Oops! Gotta run!" She started to run and heard a policeman shout "Oi! THERE SHE IS!" She grabbed her staff and jumped over a wall.

message 31: by Tatum Sparkles (new)

Tatum Sparkles Tatum raised hereyebrows then plainly said"It's obvious. Also i read alot of books and found a spell so until i go back to Ednen everyone from there has a bright glow about them,and I saw your wand before you covered it."

message 32: by JennyGrace (new)

JennyGrace  M. Simon sighed. "okay, but anyway, I'm just here because I got suspended from Eden, which sucks." he said, putting his hat back on "It's really boring"

message 33: by Tatum Sparkles (new)

Tatum Sparkles Tatummnodded looking down.She said"What's Eden like?"

message 34: by hapˈhazərd (new)

hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) Alvie ran past Tatum and Simon. "If the police come by, you never saw me!" She said as she ducked into an alley.

message 35: by JennyGrace (new)

JennyGrace  M. Simon was confused "huh?" he said "I thought you were from Eden?"

message 36: by JennyGrace (new)

JennyGrace  M. Simon looked at the girl who just ran past "oh....kay..." he said

message 37: by Tatum Sparkles (new)

Tatum Sparkles Tatum laughed.She said"Well-I was born there and all but when my parents split my mom took me here and we live here,she taught me all I know and I get books on magic 12 times a year,1 every month"

message 38: by JennyGrace (new)

JennyGrace  M. "oh. well, Eden is really....pretty. And I think, whether you've lived there your whole life, or whether you've never been there, and if you have you don't remember it, it still feels like home. I was born out here, on accident, but I never went to Eden until I was 8. but when I first went there, I still felt like I knew the place my whole life. Eden is a place where if you're gone for too long, your heart starts to hurt after a while" Simon said, looking solemn, but thoughtful. ((see? still waters run deep))

message 39: by Tatum Sparkles (new)

Tatum Sparkles Tatum nods"How'd you get kicked out?"

message 40: by JennyGrace (new)

JennyGrace  M. Simon gave a short laugh. "I sat on my wand in a chicago restaurant and it somehow shot out some fire and made the restaurant burn down, then I tried to wipe the cook's memory and make him think it was his fault, EdenRecon came in and fixed the mess and suspended me for two weeks" he said, grinning "I'm a trouble-maker occasionally, but I prefer to call myself a trouble-magnet"

message 41: by Tatum Sparkles (new)

Tatum Sparkles Tatum laughed"Now I think I understanmd why my mom homeschooled me about normal stuff too."

message 42: by JennyGrace (new)

JennyGrace  M. Simon laughed, then stood up, wrapping his London Fog jacket around himself and pulling his hat tighter on his head, he held his hand out to her to help her up "Let's go somewhere indoors, it's cold out here" he said

message 43: by Tatum Sparkles (new)

Tatum Sparkles Tatum shrugged.She reached up and grabbed his hand standing up."Where too?"

message 44: by JennyGrace (new)

JennyGrace  M. "hmm. I don't know, anywhere warm" he said, then he smiled slyly "Like the Ice Rink" he joked

message 45: by Tatum Sparkles (new)

Tatum Sparkles Tatum laughed"Doesn't matter to me.I can warm myself up with magic."tatum looked down at her unusual outfit.I already am-""

message 46: by JennyGrace (new)

JennyGrace  M. "well, it may be chilly, but you know, the ice rink does actually sound like fun. Wanna go?" Simon asked, sounding very laidback

message 47: by Tatum Sparkles (new)

Tatum Sparkles tatum bit her lip and shrugged"But-I don't know how to ice skate-"

message 48: by JennyGrace (new)

JennyGrace  M. Simon waved this off "meh. I'm pretty good at it, my mom taught me to figure skate when I was little-" he rolled his eyes "-and my dad taught me how to play ice hockey. I can help you" he said, shrugging back

message 49: by Tatum Sparkles (new)

Tatum Sparkles Tatum looked at him closely."Okay-"She said warily.

message 50: by JennyGrace (new)

JennyGrace  M. Simon grinned "seriously, I could. It would be fun. but if you don't want to go, I totally understand" he said, shrugging again

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