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If memory serves me right, the cover of the book was yellow. The story was about a young girl in Russia who suffered through a famine. She had to care for some younger siblings and I remember that she was always searching for food. I think it was a true story, but of that I am not postive. I also think the time period may have been WWII, but again, I am not postive. I believe her mother was very ill and her father was not there for some reason. My daughter bought this book at a school scholastic book fair perhaps 6-9 yrs ago. We have since given the book to someone else, but we would now like to read it again, if we can find the title and order it! Thanks for your help.

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Oh, thank you, Monica. I have that book, and it is not the one I am looking for. I do appreciate your help though!

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LauraW (lauralynnwalsh) | 373 comments Perhaps one of the books by Esther Hautzig, like The Endless Steppe???

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I checked out the Endless Steppe yesterday, and that doesn't seem to be it, although it sounds like a book to put on a 'to read' list! I looked at the reviews of Hautzig's other books too, and I do not believe any of them are the one I am looking for. Thanks for the suggestions though, Laura!

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LauraW (lauralynnwalsh) | 373 comments The odd thing is, I seem to remember a book like you are describing, but I can't seem to find it based on my recollections either. And looking through my thousand some kids' books seems rather daunting... lol.

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Laura, I have gone mad looking through all of our old kid's books!! I assume the one I am looking for made it's way to one friend or another who were interested in the topic, or maybe even went into a box we gave to some charity or something! Thanks so much for trying to help! If I solve the mystery, I will let you know!

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Erin | 192 comments Possibly way off, but perhaps One-way to Ansonia by Judie Angell?

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LauraW (lauralynnwalsh) | 373 comments Looked through books. Found Angel on the Square by Gloria Whelan. Maybe???

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LauraW (lauralynnwalsh) | 373 comments Or other books by Gloria Whelan - The Impossible Journey and Burying the Sun.

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Erin and Laura--Thanks! None of these seem like the book I am remembering though! It is very kind of you to be searching your books for me, Laura!

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