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message 1: by Laura (last edited Jan 07, 2011 12:38PM) (new)

Laura | 30 comments Mod
My hometown is losing another bookstore this spring. Sigh.
And here's a link to a Star-Trib article about independent bookstore closings. http://www.startribune.com/lifestyle/...

In honor of the disappearing gem of local booksellers - describe your favorite bookstore. Do you still frequent it? Or have you switched to online/ebooks?

message 2: by Laura (last edited Jan 07, 2011 12:37PM) (new)

Laura | 30 comments Mod
My all-time favorite bookstore was the used bookstore within the Milwaukee Airport. What a brilliant concept: matching used books to captive-audience travelers! I treasured getting to the airport extra-early to browse the fantastic selection in a eclectic, smell-free, but no frills atmosphere (black marker on corrugated cardboard signage). Not sure whether it still exists, since I stopped flying through Milwaukee a few years ago.

message 3: by Jonya (new)

Jonya I don't really have a favorite - unless it happens to be the one closest to me! Most of the time, these days, that is google books. Or Abe.com. My browsing is mostly online and subject driven.

message 4: by Stacie (new)

Stacie Vetsch I have a couple of favorite bookstores. I particularly enjoy used bookstores because they are a great way to find books for less as well as turn in your own books for credit.

In Green Bay, WI I often visit "Book Stop" on Military Avenue/West Mason Street, which is a used bookstore. A new bookstore I like to go to in Green Bay is "The Reader's Loft." This particular store is on the East side by Target (Bellevue area).

In Manitowoc, WI I enjoy visiting "The Book Nook." This is a GREAT used bookstore with a ton of books. Another used/new bookstore in Manitowoc is "La De Da Books." They often have authors in the store to discuss new releases and have a back room with used books.

I admit that I frequent B&N and Amazon for those new books that I can't find locally, but I LOVE going to independent/locally owned bookstores.

message 5: by Marcia (new)

Marcia (matherton) | 1 comments I'm ashamed to admit it but, Amazon gets lots of my book business. I live in a small town and must travel quite a distance (GAS PRiCES don't help) to a decent book store, and then it's a chain!!! I love snooping out book stores when I'm on vacation. I can spend hours!!!

message 6: by Christy (new)

Christy (lucychristy) Half Priced Books! LOVE that store....any of them in the metro area. There is something about perusing the shelves and picking up a book that may have been passed around over and over. But, since stumbling on this site, I would have to say that the 'bookswap' is so incredibly cool to me, that it'll likely be where I get the bulk of my books going forward.

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