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Best book ever

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Cinquetta YES! YES! YES! I scream when I seem this book was release. It was worth the wait, it is best book I read in long time. I cannot wait to read it again. I giving myself few more days then i am reading the book. I love Suga. If I could be a character I would choose her. I love her strenght her tenicity her courage her sweetest and her iltelligent. Quinton is the man. He was patient kind and he have borderline rudness. Only thing I did not like about him he was 6'0 tall. If he was taller he would had been perfect, at least in my book. The book is well written. The plot is exciting and entertaining. BRAVO! Ms. Keys thank you for this wonderful amazing story thank you!!!!!!

Fashionista I love this book! ;-)

Chrisolu Yup, I loved this book too. Mercedes is a talented writter, I've got to her that.

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