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Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 139 comments im here

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Ok. May I roleplay the girl plz?

And how far do u go in romance?

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Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 139 comments oh sorry i was away for A BIT i go all the was in romance
and you can play the girl what if it was like a demon world king were my guy is like king

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Ok thanks.

Sure. What should the girl be? An angel?

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Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 139 comments yeah and then like his people catch her and he keeps her as like a slave or like a pet

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Um. Ok.brb in around half an hour. Sorry!!

May u make ur charrie first plz...?

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Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 139 comments Name: Yamoto milton

Age: Unknown (appear 17)

Gender: Male

Species: Pure Demon

Appearance: consider handsome by his allies and friends, he has black hair that hangs on both sides of his face and bangs that cover that top of his eyes along with spiked back hair; red-eyes that tend to glow in the dark; as an assassin he wears a large, dark fireproof cloak that cover half up to his nose and down to his knees; black pants with part of it tuck inside his boots that has a platinum sole; a white sash that holds his daisho (katana and wakizashi); gray gloves with platinum plating on the wrist with a red ring on the right ring finger which is the Philosopher's Stone; underneath the cloak he wear a normal gray t-shirt with a bulletproof flak jacket; pitch black sunglasses and an anbu mask; normal appearance is a t-shirt, a watch on his left wrist, dark jeans with sneakers, earphones connected to his ipod located in his back pocket, and doesn't were his sunglasses and mask

Personality: very benevolent and wise towards everyone; always there for his friends showing great loyalty to them and at the same time can be dark, cold, and ruthless easily installing fear unto his enemies that threaten his allies; although fear among many, he is a pacifist, wanting to end his battles quickly or simply scare his opponent rather than fight; his calm and extraordinary high intellect allows him to easily cope with any situation without losing his composer

History: At a young age he was without any family as they were all killed and was the symbol of hatred in his village because of his heritage as a demon; feared and abuse by everyone in the village as being the only demon alive for without him they have nothing to express their anger out on but he does nothing about it. As the times passes by, at the age of 7 he witness his village destruction by other demons; many dies before his eyes and he was frozen in terror as the people who hated him became corpses of the ground; he was later saved by a powerful demon named Pandemonium who single-handedly defeated ever demons in the area and this demon became both his sensei and his only father-figure. A gifted prodigy, he easily learn everything from Pandemonium ranging from education to advance military tactics to advance martial arts where he learn nearly all kinds in history and finally to complete understanding of his power easily surpassing Pandemonium at the age of 10. Pandemonium soon died afterward due to an unknown disease that can only affect demon. Grief by sadness, Yamoto left his home and became a wander until he was founded by an organization named Inferno where he stay for awhile before learning the truth. While in the organization, he easily became their top assassin and most powerful and feared demon at his time. He killed many in those years and at first hated it and himself for murdering the lives of many but later became emotionless and doesn't hesitate to kill until he met Yukina. On a mission to destroy a village believe to hold secret of Inferno and it was there he met Yukina who approach him kindly and at first was trouble by her kindness as he was never shown any except by Pandemonium but later he gradually came to enjoy his stay at the village and thought to live there forever for when he later show to everyone that he was a demon everyone accepted him. tears of joys overcame him and he decided to stay with everyone and his beloved Yukina but it was short last. Members of Inferno came and devastated the area killing countless of the villagers. Yamoto, distraught by the destruction try to protect everyone and in the end a tragedy befell unto him. when defeating the members of Inferno, a final member still standing came at him and Yamoto swung his blade, but he accidentally not only killed that member but also Yukina who stop the member from a surprise attack that could have fatally injure Yamoto. Crying over what he has done, Yukina last smile for him and her final words forever change Yamoto's life. Soon afterward he learn the truth of Inferno and that they were never a peace organization as they told Yamoto and that they used him to father their plans and to have him as there ultimate weapon. Angered by this revelation and for himself, he destroy the organization and left his mark in history. Centuries to millenniums passed by and he continue to move forward hoping to atone foe his sins and a walk toward his dream which is the co-existent of men and demons. In his walk he remembers Yukina's words which was "Hope shines in life such as light shines in darkness. So let your hope and the light that you show shine bright in our lives and the darkness in our world" which became his reason for living as Yukina became his hope and light, he wishes to be the hope and light to this world.

Weapons: a black katana (Yin; located on his left waist) that is 3.5 shaku in length with a black scabbard showing a white dragon symbol around the scabbard that is embedded with demonic energies that allow it to push/separate atoms and molecule allowing it to cut any substance no matter how strong and cover with an instant poison that rapidly takes effect
a white wakizashi (Yang; located same as the katana) is similar to the katana only the color is reverse and its ability correspond to the user emotions (ex: anger=increase cutting power and flame cover the blade; calm=hypersonic extension and contraction with multiplying ability; sadness=weaken cutting power; etc. I'll think about the rest later)
twin desert eagles: (Redemption and Requiem; located behind me near my butt) bullets are .50 caliber that allows rapid fire and shoot with deadly accuracy as the bullets comes from the user energy; each can fatally harm and even kill the immortal and they each have their own abilities such as different elemental bullets that can explode on contact or on command and bullets that can grow stronger and faster as the time pass
shield: an one diameter shield (Fortress: located on my back)that blocks most attacks and can be toss with spikes around it circumference and it can transform into a scythe (Akuma Gai) that destroys the soul when it makes contact
hidden knives: (no names: location is hidden) 100 in total; each is 1-foot long and is connected to a small but powerful chain and they all sent out electricity

Abilities: high-speed cellular regeneration; immense strength, speed, endurance, reflexes, flexibility, senses, intelligent and analytical skills; pcyhokinetic, pryokinetic, thermokinetic, cryokinetic and gryokinetic; sound manipulation; darkness manipulation; alchemy (control carbons, oxygen, and many different metals to create anything made from those element or control them from someone or my own body); true demon form where all his abilities is increase to near unimaginable level and become a berserker who feels no pain

Weakness: despite being extremely calm; he can be arrogant when provoke; major weakness: extremely shy and uncomfortable around nude or immodestly dressed women (either faint or try to leave the vicinity as soon as possible); true demon form makes him loss his ability to reason or think and fight like a savage beast

Talents: exceptional skills in all forms of martial arts with his favorite being Japanese swordsmanship

Other Facts: king of the demon world and lives in the demon world
really looks http://www.myotaku.com/users/yuripriss its the one at the end of the page

i made it a lot shorter))

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((oh wow geesh))

((ok brb. Making character.....))

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 139 comments ((Lol ok))

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Name: Aria
Age: 17
gender: Female
species: pure angel.
Appearance: long white blonde/ platinum hair in perfect locks down to her thin waist, average height (around 5'8"), pale flawless clear skin, natural slightly blushed cheeks, bright piercing emerald green eyes, that turn a gray-ish blue when she's sad, very petite and fragile looking, exotic beauty, makes everything,( even just a simple dress) look pretty on her

personality: very quiet, never gets angry mad or anything. Only sad or happy, or expressionless,very loving and caring, not very social, she'll sometimes ignore some people

history: her whole village, including her angel
parents, were burned down by demons, but her mom, and managed to lower her down into a well above the water when she was just 3, in a bucket, and was found by some Angels. She was raised by the angels, an learned how to control and use powers.

Weapon: she is very good with archery, so she has a beautifully carved golden bow, and arrows that refill when she is out of arrows, and if she loses her bow and arrows, or gets stolen, it will eventually come backto her in a few minutes.

Abilities:telepathic, control light, read emotions

Weakness: if someone begs her, she gives in very easily. Even if the person is implying. Or if someone is in need of help.

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Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 139 comments ((can you start please))

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(( ok. Should we start with her as a free angel, and was walking through the forest when they catch her, or should she be in a dungeon, already captured?))

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Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 139 comments dungeon and ill start))
yamoto got news of the angel he rushed down to the dungeon he looked aroued and then looked at her he walked over to her and said "well, well look what we got here" he said as he looked her up and down

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Aria was sitting in a corner of the small dungeon cell, her knees pulled up close to her chest, and looked up from her Knees when sh heard footstep.

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((I gtg. Sorry))

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Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 139 comments ok bye))

he said in his most kind talk he said "lets get you out of her he yelled for someone to open the door they opened the door he walked in and took her hand and said "come miss" he said with a smile

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Aria looked up at him with wide green eyes "where are you taking me?" she asked, trying to pull away

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 139 comments yamoto growled under his breath kept walking he tightened his grip arouned her arm do he said "do you know who i am"

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"n-no...!" she said, still trying to break away from his grasp

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Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 139 comments "i'm the demon king" he said with a grin and he picked her up and put her over his shoulder and open a door to a room and went in locking it behind him.

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Aria stopped fidgeting. "but what do you from me....?" she asked, fear in her voice

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 139 comments "i want you to stay in this room he said and set her down on the bed and sat by her.

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Aria scooted away from him "wh-why?"

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 139 comments " becuse i order you too" he said as he got on top of her and held down her hands he had a evil grin on his face

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Aria was fidgeting again, whimpering slightly, trying to squirm free

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 139 comments "do you know what i want" he said in to her ear.

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Aria stopped, her eyes wide in horror "but why me?!" she said

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Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 139 comments "i let you live becuse angel's blood is sweet and i love to drink it" he said as his teeth grazed passed her sink of her neck.

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Aria shuddered "no, no please don't!" she said jerking her sideways to move her neck slightly away from him

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 139 comments he bit in to her neck and started sucking on her neck.

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Aria screamed, squirming uncontrollably

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 139 comments he finshed and got up he said "did you have to squirm that much it was was hard for me to drink" he growled at her.

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Aria moved away from him,

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Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 139 comments "i'm sorry" he said then left the room he left it unlocked and went to his room to go to sleep.

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Aria watched him until he left the ro, then slid off the bed slowly, and opened the door

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Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 139 comments yamoto fell asleep in his bed and snored

the two guards wer next to the door they stared at her and blocked the door way and said "don't even try it miss" the guard said.

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Aria frowned, and closed the door again

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 139 comments yamoto woke up screaming he had a nightmare about his mom he started crying in to the blanket he was sobbing.

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Aria curled up on the bed

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 139 comments yamoto went to her room and asked her "can i please sleep by you i wont touch" he beged

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Aria stared at you "I-I guess...."

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 139 comments thank you" he said and got in the bed he stayed as far as he could from her he slowly fell asleep.

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Aria watched him

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 139 comments yamoto said "mommy" in his sleep

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Aria sighed, still watching him

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 139 comments woke up screaming he started shaking he cried so no one would hear him.

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Aria jumped. "you alright?" she asked, sitting up

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 139 comments gasped he din't know that she was awake he wiped away his tears and said "yeah i'm fine" he said and looked at her then sighed.

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"you sure....?" she asked watching him

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