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message 1: by StoryWeaver (new)

StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
Children of yesterday, today and tomorrow
None of you will ever know peace
Unless a brave one crosses the River of Sorrow
and brings down the Evil One to its knees

For sorrow in small dose may be right
to make a man's heart feel whole
But in full dose there will never be light
ever again in any mortal's soul

message 2: by Prerak (new)

Prerak | 76 comments If we sit down with our hands folded in,
Its lame to think of change then coming in
Stand Up and fight against the sorrow
Or Drown your soul in the pits of sorrow!

message 3: by StoryWeaver (new)

StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
Who amongst you is brave enough
With sharp mind and body tough
To make the journey most important
To save us from sorrow's torment?

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