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"Centuries ago, a mage named Imogene cursed the inhabitants of Minhorne. As a result, society was split in half, resulting in the Darkborn and the Lightborn. The Darkborn cannot go into light or they will burn to ash. The Lightborn cannot go into darkness or they will find their life force draining away.

Other differences separate them. For example, the Darkborn was born blind. After all, what good is sight if you live in a world of darkness? Instead they have another sense called sonn, similar to how sonar works for bats. And unlike the Lightborn, the Darkborn revile magic and practitioners find themselves on society’s fringes or cast out entirely. So while they co-exist in the same city, their societies have evolved in completely different ways, transforming the city depending on the time of day."

Taken from:

Also, in every city there is a large bell tower. The bells chime twice everyday: Once at dawn and again at sundown. They let the people know when it's safe/deadly for them to go outside.

Darkborn vs Lightborn
-Even a pinprick of light can cause incredible pain. If one comes in contact with too much light, they burn (without fire) to ash, their clothes and anything else on their person often do not remain either.
-Ruled by an Archduke.
-Strong emphasis on morals
-Reject use of magic; claim it to be vulgar, immoral, selfish
-Social class and reputation is incredibly important
-Women follow strict social rules to appear proper. (Including staying at height of fashion, speaking only of simple minded, decent things, etc)
-Technologically advanced; invented guns, trains, machines, automobiles, etc.

-Even small shadows can drain strength. When deprived of enough light, Lightborn melt into a puddle of... remains. Their clothes and anything on their body are usually destroyed or are highly damaged
-Ruled by a Prince/Princess.
-People address those of class/power as "brightness" (instead of highness)
-Lightborn wear mesh/transparent clothing where ever possible while still being decent.
-Red is the color worn for mourning because black drains strength.
-Magic is accepted
-The Temple is the name of the vigilance that acts like the "magic police."
-Men and women both work to be strong, refining and exercising their bodies.
-Sitting during public occasions (with some exceptions, like eating) is a sign of weakness; Asking someone if they'd like to sit is an insult.
-Less morally concerned than Darkborn.
-Less technologically advanced than Darkborn because they rely on magic instead. Often purchase Darkborn inventions.

Shadowborn: Not a whole lot is known about these creatures. They're monster like and primitive, both in behavior and appearance. They have their own form of magic that feels foul to mages. They live beyond the Borders, and not many Lightborns still live in the Borderlands because they cannot stand the feel of Shadowborn magic. Darkborn don't notice it, as there are few mages among their kind, so they inhabit the area and defend it from Shadowborn attacks. Can shapeshift and take memories and personalities of Darkborn/Lightborn they've 'gotten a hold of.'

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Question: Is there a time when the lightborn and the darkborn can come together? like dawn and dusk, when it is neither light nor dark, but a joining of the two? I think that would be cool....

βεℓℓα のαωη  | 1566 comments Ya!!! But it could be like no one has discovered it yet!!!!!!!

Hiya btw :D My NaMe Is DaWn!!!!! :D

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Please read my edit of the first post!!

Hylian Princess  (hylianprincess) | 4213 comments Mod
Another edit~!

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Rinofthemill | 467 comments awesome.

†Devil's Archangel§ (Mephiles) | 15 comments Can you make a character that is a Shadow born???

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Rinofthemill | 467 comments i think we have one bad guy who's a shadowborn, and he kind of offers people shadowborn powers (in return for their soul/eternal services/ tha' sorta thing) but i'm not sure if you can make another shadowborn? hm... Hylian's much better equipped to answer than i am :)

†Devil's Archangel§ (Mephiles) | 15 comments thanks...I would love to be a shadow born!!!!

Hylian Princess  (hylianprincess) | 4213 comments Mod
Oh! I finished the end of Shadownborn! It was kinda confusing... but sure you can make a shadowborn. They're a lot like normal people, but they're demented looking -like a mix between human and monster- and they can go in light and dark and they're typically stronger, physically and magically.

†Devil's Archangel§ (Mephiles) | 15 comments Cool yeah I will make one right now.

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