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malt walked in,"this place is big. but do you have maps?"

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"Yes over here!"Liz called pulling down thousandas of maps

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"is there one to hades?"he asked.

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"Wait you mean the Underworld?"Liz asked

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"yhae. i'm looking for someone there."he said.

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"Who?"Liz asked

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"my....a freind,"he said looking away.

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"Ok well you can't go though. Your a new half blood aren't you?"Liz asked

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"yes. but this is more importint then trainig for things that won't happen.isn't

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"What's more importaning than trainging?"Liz asked

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"finding my mother is!' he said

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"Ok now we are getting some where. I wint say anything under two things. One tell me your name and two I'm coming!"Liz snapped

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"my name is malt walter .whats yours?hell no,i will not risk anyone els's life but mine."he said.

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"Liz daughter of Apollo huntress of Apollo.and yes I'm going how old do you think I am!?"

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"like 53,maby the hell should i know?what ever."he said.

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(Sorr ment huntress of artemis)

"I'm 335 years old. I have bee to every contry know almost every lqngauge. You are how old 14? Never fought a monster no trainging. Your going to die the second you leave!"Liz shouted

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"i'm like 326,thank you. this is my 5th time on earth.i died last time at 12."he said putin on his iron armore.

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"What?!Liz asked shocked

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"I tell you the,are you coming with me or no?' he asked

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"Hell ya!"Liz said smiling

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"then lets go!also, i have the tendace to lose control of some things,i got it from my mom,"he said as he walked out the door to the stables

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"Ok its ok"Liz said grabbing some maps

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Mika (mikatiu) uhh can i get a job of a librairian here thiz place is huge

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