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you wanna choose or i???

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You. :)

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Ummm.................. fantisy romance????? and you can decide how far it goes.

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Sure. And thanks lol.

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make your charrie.

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:p fine. One sec

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Name: Alexandria ( Alex)

Personality: quiet and shy. Doenst talk much and hates most people. 
Family: dad. Very protective. 
Other. Nope.   

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ill make mine soon but cant now cause in class.

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Okay. :)

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Name: Zachery (Zack)
Age: 17
Personality: tba
Family: none
Other: someting not quite right about him.

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Mkay :) you wanna start?

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sure. after you.

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:p then you wouldn't be starting. Lol so is this like highschool?? Or what.

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fantisy romance and you can decide how far it goes

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Yes fantasy romance. In like highschool? Or the
middle of the jungle.

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idc. highscool i guess.

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okay dokey

Alex sighed rolling out of bed she looked at herself in the mirror and stuck out her tongue " blllehh." she grumbled searching her room for her hair brush.

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Zack sighed on his way to school. He was new and he was going to have to try and blend in.

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Alex found it brushing her hair and throwing on some clothes she grabbed a pop tart as she walked out the door, hoping today would be atleast a little better.

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Zack arrived at Brock High School. he looked around.

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Alex walked up the sidewalk of the highschool she sighed dodging a football bieng thrown across the grass and head to her locker.

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Zack walked around a coner and accadetaly ran into Alex.

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" owww" she said looking up at Zack

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((whats your old e-mail??? i want a new account and i want to verify again.))

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(( the one I gave you before??

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((please very!))

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(( sec..))

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((alright. Did it. Not sure if it worked. ))

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((it did. thx.))

"Oh sorry" Zack said rubbng his head.

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Alex shrugged " it's okay. "

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"Yeah well......" he started walking off when a football hit him in the head.

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Alex giggled quickly covering her mouth with her hand, trying to stifle the laugh.She slightly turned away from him regaining control " ooooo, are you okay?" she asked with a straight face, her eyes shining with laughter

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Zack looked up. HIs eyes where crimson red before he blinked. then they were back to normal. "Yeah im fine."

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Alex nodded looking at his eyes curiously.

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"What why are you staring at me?" he asks getting agery.

((my cosin took over my old account now. her name is amber.))

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(( ohhh haha okay that makes sense now :))

Alex raised an eyebrow " Is it ilegal to stare now?" she asked

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((???????? what do you mean?))

"No. i just dont like eing stared at." he walked away agerily.(sp?)

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(( older posts say Amber Valentine.))

Alex sighed closing her eys "fine.better??"

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"Yes. i suppose." he sighed.

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She smiled "I'm alex by the way. " keeping her eyes closed

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