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message 1: by Amy (new)

Amy Originally chosen for it's pretty cover, Need is a story of pixies. I didn't realize that is what it was about when I started reading it. Usually I avoid fairy type stories because they just aren't that interesting. But I really did like this one. I think it was an easy read and well written. I also like the introduction of "weres" into the story, especially the idea of a weretiger.

message 2: by Tarryn (new)

Tarryn (the_opal_bibliophile) I'm reading the third book in the Need series right now, Entice. So far, it's good! I really liked Need. When I first started it I didn't know it was about pixies either. I saw it on my friend's bookshelf and borrowed it just because the cover was cool and the excerpt from the back sounded interesting.

message 3: by Amy (new)

Amy Yes, I'm in love with the cover! How was the second book?

message 4: by Tarryn (new)

Tarryn (the_opal_bibliophile) Some people didn't like it (but of course, there were plenty who didn't even like Need) but I kind of adored Captivate. It definitely pulled me in deeper to the storyline and I fell in love with some of the characters more, including some new characters.

message 5: by Aurora (new)

Aurora Celeste | 10 comments I really liked Need, and liked Captivate even more. Entice was good, but I'm still not sure how I feel about it overall as to where it fits in the series.

message 6: by Tarryn (new)

Tarryn (the_opal_bibliophile) I'm only at the beginning of Entice. Will there be more books in the series? I don't think it's a trilogy, is it?

message 7: by Aurora (new)

Aurora Celeste | 10 comments No, from the ending there will definitely be more.

message 8: by Tarryn (new)

Tarryn (the_opal_bibliophile) Awesome. I'm glad it's not totally following the paranormal romance normal standards like it being a trilogy.

Angela Sunshine (angelasunshine) I'm both happy and sad that there will be more books. Happy because there is more story to read, but sad because MAN! now I have to wait for another stinkin' book!

message 10: by Tarryn (new)

Tarryn (the_opal_bibliophile) Fill up your time with other books!!!
I love reading book series, but I have this time consuming habit of rereading all the books whenever a new one comes out.

message 11: by Amy (new)

Amy Guess I'm gonna go request Captivate at the library this week. I'm excited about it. I always like finding new series that are fun to read. Plus, if all the covers are similar in look to Need, I'll be spending some money.

message 12: by Tarryn (new)

Tarryn (the_opal_bibliophile) Yeah, those covers are great.

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