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this roleplay is for people who have read the Hush Hush books or the actual Fallen Angels books or books that have had anything big to do on Fallen Angels.

guardian angel/human:
person your watching over:
appearance(description and link,NO ANIME):
relationship status:
social status:

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) (Can we make up people from the book like Nora or Vee's best friend or do we stick with the book?)

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(we can make people up , it doesn't have to followthe book at all either)

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) (kewl)

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yeep c:

lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) name: Teena
gender: Female
age: 17
grade: 11
guardian angel/human: Angel
person your watching over: randommz
appearance(description and link,NO ANIME):
personality: Fun, Smart, Never minds her own business , Friendly, Kind, Trusting,.
relationship status: Single
social status: Outstanding
crush: Opeennz
history: Made a few mistakes in life but never regrets , Has been a guardian many times before , Used to be good friends with patch but things got complicated.
other: Drives a BMW , Works at a car repair shop shop, Hates reading, Is a major taker , Can be rude and not notice it but she means no harm, Likes things to be simple and short like conversations and photos.

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