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I doubt this book will ever see daylight

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message 1: by Gordon (new)

Gordon Mackenzie As far as anyone knows, this book was cancelled late last year/early this year.

Carolyn This was very strange, because Barnes and Noble had it listed and so did Amazon, it was supposed to be out in Jan 2008, I think, and then it disappeared. I went to the publisher's website in February looking to see if maybe the book had been delayed and suddenly they didn't even admit that Freeman was part of their stable. Did she die? Did she take a big shadubie on her editor's desk and so earn the undying hatred of her publisher? If we wait long enough, the rights will revert back to her and she could self publish or e-book it. Grrrr.

message 3: by Tim the Wiz (new) - added it

Tim the Wiz A periodic internet search turned up a claim via supposed correspondence with a senior editor at Roc that Shadow's Past will be published February 2010. Who knows? I certainly hope it's true.

The uncertain good news in question.

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