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OOOOH.. a new group!

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message 1: by Traci (new)

Traci | 12 comments Mod
Is there going to be challenges?? I love challenges!

message 2: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (shannibal)'s my idea for a group:

I was doing some thinking...and it seems to me that those of use who enjoy reading books that are part of a series would really benefit from a Series for series bookswap.

For exaple: I'm reading Yasmine Galenorn's Otherworld Series. I have novels 1-8 & An Anthology. When I finish these, and it shouldn't take me very long. I would love to really "swap" my series for series owned by someone else.

I think for this to work, everyone would have to post the series they are going to read & the number of books in that series. And, if possible post the date you think you'll finish your series.

Now, I now not everyone may be currently reading a series. However, if you own a series or two that you wouldn't mind parting with, you can list that information here for for sawp as well.

There will be more than one way to have a successful book series swap.

If there are people willing to try this out I think it could be great. If anyone would like to know more just post your question or questions. If you have concerns please voice those as well.

If there is enough interest I'll post a more detials about how and who you would swap your series with.

*For me, this would be great alternative to selling my series on ebay in order to buy another series. This way all parties involved get a fresh new series to read, save on the cost of buying "new", make new friends along they way, & possibly insire topics for future challanges! :)

message 3: by Traci (new)

Traci | 12 comments Mod
That is a really awesome idea! I have about a hundred series in mind that I would like to try out, unfortunately trying to find them all on here at one time or even the first of the series.. ya, its a little difficult.

message 4: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (shannibal) haha thats way I often buy on ebay as well...I can never say no to a complete series that is in "like new" condition. I save a lot of money that way. IF I were to aquire a series I wanted by swapping in this group I could save even more and buy on ebay even less lol. I just got Jenna Black's The Others Series for just a bid of $6.00.

on a separate note...send me a message and let me know some of the series or authors your looking for. I go to this great used book store a few times a month and can get books for an awesome deal because I've donated a ton of books there. and they have an awesome selection!

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