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message 1: by Max (last edited Jan 04, 2011 07:06PM) (new)

Max | 5 comments Beware, plot spoiler ahead!

After Napolean took Storm's twin from Jocelyn, did he
actually make the blood sacrifice? The book is kind of nebulous on this topic.

message 2: by Tessa (new)

Tessa Dawn (tessadawn) | 125 comments Mod
Beware: Plot spoiler ahead!

On page 374 of the paperback, it says...

Napolean turned to face Nathaniel. "This night, I will make the blood sacrifice on your behalf. Go to your destiny and see to her comfort. I will return later to..."

No worries: There is so much happening in many of these scenes that it's easy to miss something. :-)

message 3: by A (new)

A (goodreadscomasj_jones) | 10 comments **Another plot spoiler.
Napolean had to do it. I think the leader knew it was more than Nathaniel & Jocelyn were able to do at the time. That baby had some kind of spell over her, and I don't think she could have given him up. He saved them from having to go through that. I think he's a very wise leader.

Megan Riverina Romantics (meganriverinaromantics) | 44 comments Oh the baby was definitely doing so kind of mojo on Jocelyn. She knew what had to be done.

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A (goodreadscomasj_jones) | 10 comments Something definitely wrong with that baby!

Megan Riverina Romantics (meganriverinaromantics) | 44 comments I was reading someones review of BD on Barnes and Noble and the woman was going on and on about how nobody even questioned the idea of sacrificing a child and how now mother would do that. She even mentioned that after Jocelyn came back to her senses that she appeared nonchalant about having to give up the Dark baby. I'll that I could think about after reading it is that the woman really had no idea what the Curse was about. That she really never got what the book was about.

message 7: by Christy (new)

Christy | 13 comments Yea,as a mom it's hard to imagine sacrificing a child no matter what! But luckily when I read books, I almost feel like i'm a part of the story, so it's easy for me to seperate.

Megan Riverina Romantics (meganriverinaromantics) | 44 comments That is exactly what I mean. It is a book not real life and if your really trying to immerse yourself into a book your views can change. At least mine do. Like you said Christy, it's a separate world. In real life I wouldn't be able to accept it! My goodness I don't even believe in abortion but I perfectly understood what needed to be done as a sacrifice in the book. I guess I also think about it as religious tolerance too. It was their culture. Does what I'm saying make sense? I hope I'm not coming across as hurtful or mean because that is not what I intend. It's just...I read to escape into other worlds and like you said, become part of the story.

message 9: by Christy (new)

Christy | 13 comments Megan, I understand. My 17 year old was diagnosised with cancer when he was just 3 months old. My mom got me reading when he was about 18 months, I haven't stoped lol. It's my escapism. My God, when you read you can visit any time, any place..."meet" new people. It's such an amazing experience. When reading I don't have to worry about being the "hot wife" or what i'm wearing etc...I always say it's Voyeurism without the guilt or invasion of someone elses privacy lol

Megan Riverina Romantics (meganriverinaromantics) | 44 comments non-taboo voyeurism. I like that.

message 11: by andrea (new)

andrea Lopez | 5 comments Napolean did it because Jocelyn was freaking out about nathaniel taking the baby away.

message 12: by Anita (new)

Anita Berry | 5 comments I think that scene should show how evil the "Dark Ones" are even as an infant they hold such power. Of course, this is fictional and not real life! :)

Megan Riverina Romantics (meganriverinaromantics) | 44 comments I think that after Jocelyn was "snapped" out of the fog that was making her want to keep the dark baby it had become obvious that he was evil. It seemed as if it had become apparent to Jocelyn what was happening wasn't good. That's why she apologized.

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