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Max | 5 comments Beware, plot spoiler ahead!

Tristan apparently set up Jocelyn's trip to the canyon, where she observed Valentine killing Dalia.
What intent did he pursue by directing her to such dangerous place?
Did he want her to get killed?
Or was it just part of his plan to set up a trap for Silivasi's family?

message 2: by Tessa (new)

Tessa Dawn (tessadawn) | 125 comments Mod
Beware: Plot spoiler ahead!

Although each female destiny to a male vampire appears to be 100% human (and certainly believes she is), they contain a very small amount of celestial DNA at birth - a sort of mark by the gods. Tristan, being a Lycan, was able to scent this mark on Jocelyn; consequently, he knew that if he simply waited long enough, she would eventually lead him to a male vampire (her intended mate).

While he did not actually set up her trip to the canyon, he did invest several years waiting to see where she might lead him. As for wanting (or not wanting) her to be killed: The danger to her was secondary. His first priority was to hunt the Vampyr, and if Jocelyn got injured or killed as a result, so be it. In other words, yes, Jocelyn was bait in Tristan's trap to catch a vampire.

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