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message 1: by Mande--, Emotionless..forever it seems. (new)

Mande-- | 599 comments Mod
((You can be any age 1-18))

message 2: by Alaina (last edited Jan 04, 2011 04:18PM) (new)

Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) Name: Ava
Age: 16
History: Her parents died in a car wreak and left her with nothing
Crush: open :)
Personality: outgoing, sweet, cocky
Other: she cuts herself.

message 3: by Mande--, Emotionless..forever it seems. (new)

Mande-- | 599 comments Mod
Accepted. I'll make my charrie in a sec.

message 4: by Alaina (new)

Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) kk :D

message 5: by Mande--, Emotionless..forever it seems. (new)

Mande-- | 599 comments Mod
Name: Matt
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Crush: Kiana
Personality: Nice, sweet, calm.

XxxHidanxxDannaxxX | 119 comments Name: Callum
Age: 17
Gender: Male
History: His parents died in a plane crash and he was sent to live with his aunty who tried to kill him.
Crush: Open
Appearence: Same pic
Personality: TBA
Other: Still a stunter!

How*Do*I*Fly*With*Broken*Wings?* Name: Eden
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Type: foster kid
Personality: shy, quite, has trust issues, nice, and caring to the other Foster Kids
History: her father abuses her, physical and sexually since she was little, Eden ran away when she was 5, a older women who lived a few houses down found Eden and call the CP, they came to get Eden then took her back to her home but when they was the horrible living space, then deemed Devon a unfit full-time father and took Eden away but she still have to go visit him for the weekends
Parents: Devon and Ivy
Looks: will get pic later
Crush: Open
Other: is terrified of bath tubs and hates Lighting, has to see her real father Devon every weekend and had horrible nightmares
Foster Parents: None

Name: Zac
Age: 16
Gender: male
History: ((will fill in later when i have an Idea Lol))
Crush: Open
Appearence: Later
Personality: shy, quite, has trust issues,stay by his Sister's side
Other: Has the fear of bath tubs like Edan

message 8: by Mande--, Emotionless..forever it seems. (new)

Mande-- | 599 comments Mod

message 9: by Mande--, Emotionless..forever it seems. (new)

Mande-- | 599 comments Mod

A fox in a snowstorm Name: Samantha/Sam/Sami
Age: 15 another month 16
Gender: Female
History: Her father and mother hted her, they were soon killed by a masked person. She HATES being in foster care.
Crush: Zac?
Appearence: Curvy and beutiful. She has pale skin and REALLY blond hair. She has dark blue eyes. Usually wears all black and a studded choker.
Personality: Flirty, funny, outgoing.
Other: Liked Zac since she came here.

message 11: by hapˈhazərd (new)

hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) | 65 comments Name: Regina ((You can call her Regi))
Age: 17
Gender: F
History: Can't remember
Crush: Anyone open?
Personality: Very quiet and softspoken

message 12: by Kaleigh (last edited Jan 20, 2011 10:16AM) (new)

Kaleigh Sabatino (KaleS) Name: Alissa (Ali)
Age: 14
Gender: female
History: Parents were never married, daddy was a pothead mommy was a prostitute.
Crush: Ic
Appearence: Light brown hair, Dark brown eyes, Pretty smile
Personality: Outgoing and happy.
Other: She hate stuck up people, cheesey romance, and bullying.

message 13: by hapˈhazərd (new)

hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) | 65 comments YAYZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

message 14: by Kaleigh (new)

Kaleigh Sabatino (KaleS) Where can i jump in on the rp?

message 15: by Alaina (new)

Alaina  (PeaceLoveWriting) Anywhere you want :)

message 16: by hapˈhazərd (new)

hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) | 65 comments Name: Icarus ((Ic))
Age: 15
Gender: M
History: Can remember his past, unlike his sister.
Crush: Ali????
Personality: Is very different. He likes the things that everyone thinks are weird.

message 17: by Kaleigh (new)

Kaleigh Sabatino (KaleS) Yeahh :)

message 18: by hapˈhazərd (new)

hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) | 65 comments Icarus: "YAY!!!!!!!!! You just made my whole life better because me and Regi's pare-"

Regina: *Slaps Ic* "Shut the **** up Ic! They don't know that yet!"

Me: *Shakes head* "I think I might be insane"

message 19: by Kaleigh (new)

Kaleigh Sabatino (KaleS) lol. just RP him tehehehehe

message 20: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) Name: Alissin(Alie)
Age: 14
History:Dad ran out when she was born Mom became a crack head and beats her
Crush: open
Appearence:Coco brown hair, dark brown eyes, tan skin, wheres a tanktop and short shorts and her old DC shoes
Personality:nice friends with every one likes to beat up preppy chick who get on her nervs
Other: she whant's to have friends

message 21: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) Alie walks to the couch and sit's down *sigh*

message 22: by hapˈhazərd (new)

hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) | 65 comments *Regi jumps on Alie* "HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI!!!!!!!!!

Ic: *FACEPALM* "I'm already in the RP."

message 23: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) "AHHHHHHHH get off me plzz" she said covering her face

message 24: by hapˈhazərd (new)

hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) | 65 comments REGI: "NOPE!!!!!!!!" *LICKS CHEEK*

message 25: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) "what are you doing you freek" Alie said as she shoved her to the floor and walket in the kichen and pored a class of water

message 26: by Kaleigh (new)

Kaleigh Sabatino (KaleS) Wings*and*Words wrote: "REGI: "NOPE!!!!!!!!" *LICKS CHEEK*"

You are supposed to use the RolePlay.

message 27: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) ok sorry im new at this kaleigh

message 28: by hapˈhazərd (new)

hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) | 65 comments I know! I'm just playing around. I talk to my charries sometimes.


message 29: by Kaleigh (new)

Kaleigh Sabatino (KaleS) ohhh.

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