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Chapter Eleven

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Johanna Do we ever find out why her brother is called Chapter Eleven? Where can I find that passage if it exists?

Susan I don't think it is ever spelled out. At one point Cal/liope states that her brother has run their father's business into the ground.

Alexandra i thought the same thing. i asked my aunt who had read the book previously and she said "how far into the book are you?" so i assumed it would become clear eventually, but it never did...i thought i was the only one who missed it :)

Lacey Did you finish the book? Near the end, Cal reveals that his brother ran the family business into the ground. We never learn the brother's "real" name, but I think that's the reason for Chapter Eleven.

Rona I always also wondered why the brother was called Chapter 11...I thought I missed something somewhere along the line..Glad to know it wasn't me.

Alice I believe the brother is introduced in the chapter "Ex Ovo Omnia", which is the eleventh chapter of the book.

Judy It was never actually covered. Funny, I was talking about this to someone the other day, because they just named a new baby and went through hundreds of names (but not "Chapter Eleven")

Lena I thought they'd talk about him in the eleventh chapter, but I think they talk about him before that, don't they? I remember him being mentioned in the first or second chapter.

Tiffmoney It is definitely a reference to bankruptcy. Eugenides does this several time throughout the book. The Object is another example.

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