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message 1: by Will (new)

Will Errickson (wille) Mr. Smith is purportedly one of those "bad" writers that are fun to read, especially his "Crab" series of pulp horror novels (Night of the Crabs, Killer Crabs, The Origin of the Crabs, etc). Has anyone read these? I have not, and usually they go for collectors' prices online. As a lover of vintage pulpy horror, I'd like to check him out, but I was wondering what I'd be in for. Are his books "good-bad" or simply "bad-bad"? Worth the money?

message 2: by Carl (new)

Carl I. | 609 comments Night of the Crabs is available for $2.99 on Kindle, and is at the top of my wish list. I just need to pull the trigger and give it a go. I do have one of his, I just have yet to read it. With so much love for the Crab series, I have been waiting to dip into that one before going with a "lesser" title.

message 3: by Will (new)

Will Errickson (wille) Cool! Looks like the original '70s paperback edition of "Killer Crabs" is more cheaply and readily available than its later reprint, for some reason. I've seen "Saurian" by Schoell at a local used bookstore, didn't know about it, so thanks. Loved Herbert's "Rats" but though "Slugs" was just a little *too* ridiculous. As for "killer dogs" I found Dog Kill which has a totally tasteless cover!

message 4: by Carl (new)

Carl I. | 609 comments Oh good lord! Buy a copy of that, and the Scorpions "Virgin Killers" album, and spend 10 years in jail! LOL!

message 5: by Will (new)

Will Errickson (wille) Ha ha! It *does* make me feel a little uncomfortable...

message 6: by Carl (new)

Carl I. | 609 comments Hell, I expect even Ed Lee would look at that cover and say "dude...don't you think you're taking this a little far?" Hahahaha.

message 7: by Lee (new)

Lee | 2502 comments I have this Al Dempsey copy...


BTW...."Dog Kill" is a great '70's cover!

message 8: by Will (new)

Will Errickson (wille) Oh yeah, Green Horrors... I've been dying to find a copy of "The Blooding" after their review!

message 9: by Lee (new)

Lee | 2502 comments Yeah, I'm gonna take a look at my used book store here. He/the book is not listed in FF.

message 10: by Carl (new)

Carl I. | 609 comments I'm about half way through Night of the Crabs, and wow...this is some silly ass stuff indeed! You know how we keep seeing that this is a 50s b-movie? Uhhh...no...I would liken it more to a 50s grade z movie. We're NOT talking b-movie as in THE GIANT CLAW here, we are talking more in the lines of ROBOT MONSTER, but with some added production value. Actually, in the 70s there was a rash of giant monster flicks, and TV movies. This is more in line with those, than it is a 50s flick. Is it fun? Yes, no doubt about that. Is it silly and full of cheese and just all out terrible bits of dialogue? Oh good lord yes.
My favorite passage so far:

"Together they vomited in into the spiky grass of the sand-dunes, all the time fearful that the sound of their spewing would be heard by the nightmare army of horrors from the deep."

That had me laughing my butt off for a long time. I even read it to my wife and daughter a few times!

One odd thing about the book, for some reason Mr. Smith chooses to consistently refer to his characters by their first and last names. It's very weird. It's rarely ever "Pat", and almost always "Pat Benson." Lines such as "He looked into Pat Benson's eyes, and thought she was the most beautiful person ever. He and Pat Benson would soon be alone together." That is not an actual line, but it could very well be. I've never encountered anything quite like it.

Silly book, and very much of the era it came out. Don't be fooled by the people who claim it is a 50s b-flick. It is not, it is pure 70s TV movie of the week, with added gore and sex.

message 11: by Carl (new)

Carl I. | 609 comments Finished Night Of The Crabs. It was a fun read for sure. I'm definitely going to track down the rest. But I still stand by my 70s TV flick more than 50s b-flick. The two aren't too far apart, but there is something about the book that just screams 70s to me.

message 12: by Adam (new)

Adam Wilson | 236 comments I just got 16 Guy N. Smith ebooks without having ever read his stuff before. Most are pretty short. I might try his Crabs series since everyone talks about that. Bring on the B-movie dialog haha.

message 13: by Carl (new)

Carl I. | 609 comments ...16 books, and you have never read him before??? You're a risk taker, ain't ya?

message 14: by Kenneth (new)

Kenneth McKinley | 1552 comments Mod
Has anyone read Deathbell by Guy N. Smith Deathbell?

message 15: by David (last edited Mar 02, 2019 06:53AM) (new)

David Brian (davidbrian) | 1615 comments Will wrote: "Mr. Smith is purportedly one of those "bad" writers that are fun to read, especially his "Crab" series of pulp horror novels (Night of the Crabs, Killer Crabs, [book:Th..."

I read a lot of these when I was a kid, and I loved the cheesy plots and over the top action scenes. I've re-read a few over the years, and it's fair to say they didn't hold up well.

However, if you go into them with the right expectations: looking for a fast paced slice of pulp horror, then they're enjoyable enough.

message 16: by Kenneth (new)

Kenneth McKinley | 1552 comments Mod
So good old fashioned pulpy fun?

message 17: by Hatchett (new)

Hatchett | 5 comments Met him in around 1984, he lived in North Wales where at least one crab book was based. Read a few of his paperbacks, can’t remember much about them, might still have them somewhere, but I don’t think they’ll tax the grey matter.

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