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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments Well it's now 2011, and I'm ready to begin my second year of this reading book challenge. I reached my goal of reading 50 books in 2010 (reading 78 books total - yeah me! But, I would like to expand that a little...and read 100 books this year. Now that's a challenge for me! Luck to all fellow obsessive book readers who just love their books so much and don't leave the house without one and Happy New Year to all!!!! Now begin reading:D

City of Thieves by David Benioff
Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese
The Last Child by John Hart
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (YA)
Still Missing by Chevy Stevens
and my favorite historical romance...Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah

Mr. Shivers by Robert Jackson Bennett
The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
The Big 5-OH! by Sandra D. Bricker
Without Mercy by Lisa Jackson
The Distant Hours by Kate Morton

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments BOOKS READ SO FAR IN 2011! 1-25

1. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver (YA) (470 pgs) - finished 1/9/11 - 4 stars
2. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins (YA) (390 pgs) - finished 1/12/11 - 3 stars
3. The Seduction of the Crimson Rose (Pink Carnation #4) by Lauren Willig (429 pgs) - finished 1/17/11 - 4 stars
4. The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks (326 pgs) - finished 1/20/11 - 3 stars
5. Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman (306 pgs) - finished 1/28/11 - 3 stars
6. These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf (337 pgs) - finished 2/6/11 - 4 stars
7. The Count of Monte Cristo (Classics) by Alexandre Dumas (1243 pgs) - finished 2/12/11 - 4 stars
8. The Day the Falls Stood Still by Cathy Marie Buchanan (298 pgs) - finished 2/15/11 - 5+ stars
9. Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick (YA) (427 pgs) - finished 2/20/11 - 4 stars
10. The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley (527 pgs) - finished 2/25/11 - 4 stars
11. Unbroken - A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand (Non-Fiction) (398 pgs) - finished 2/27/11 - 5+ stars
12. Labor Day by Joyce Maynard (241 pgs) - finished 3/2/11 - 3 stars
13. The Dangerous Protector by Janet Chapman (261 pgs) - finished 3/7/11 - 3 stars
14. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss (662 pgs) - finished 3/15/11 - 5+ stars
15. Mistress of Rome by Kate Quinn (466 pgs) - finished 3/28/11 - 4 stars
16. Jane Eyre (Classics) by Charlotte Bronte (524 pgs) - finished 4/4/11 - 5+ stars
17. City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare (YA) (453 pgs) - finished 4/10/11 - 4 stars
18. City of Glass by Cassandra Clare (YA) (541 pgs) - finished 4/17/11 - 5 stars
19. Chasing Fire by Nora R0berts (472 pgs) - finished 4/23/11 - 3 stars
20. Lover Unleashed by J.R. Ward (489 pgs) - finished 4/30/11 - 4 stars
21. Night Road by Kristin Hannah (385 pgs) - finished 5/3/11 - 5 stars
22. Vows by LaVyrle Spencer (352 pgs) - finished 5/10/11 - 3 stars
23. When One Night Isn't Enough by Wendy S. Marcus (185 pgs) - finished 5/13/11 - 5 stars
24. The Winter Rose by Jennifer Donnelly (707 pgs) - finished 5/17/11 - 5+ stars
25. The Midwife's Confession by Diane Chamberlain (417 pgs) - finished 5/27/11 - 5 stars


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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 1. Before I Fall written by Lauren Oliver (YA) - finished 1/9/11 - 4/5 stars

A heartfelt young adult novel that stays true to the life of a soon-to-graduate senior dealing with alcoholism, sex, bullying, and peer pressure as she keeps reliving the last day of her life over and over seven times. Samantha Kinston is the popular girl, in with the popular group with the popular guy as her boyfriend. Her fate is sealed when it is revealed early on in the novel, that she is now living the last day of her life. She relives the last day, February 12th, multiple times with different incidents creating various scenarios. The book was full of beautiful prose that had me entranced from the very first page. A book that every teenager should read to remind them that it's the little things that matter...friends, family, and sharing your life together with happiness and, yes, even sadness with these people is what matters the most. A quotation from the book had me really reflecting on life, "But for some of us there's only today. And the truth is, you never really know." Just captivating and thought-provoked writing!

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 2. Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3) written by Suzanne Collins - finished 1/12/11 - 3/5 stars

The finale to the "Hunger Games" series concludes with Katniss and her friends embroiled in the revolution fighting against the Capitol. Katniss takes on her responsibility as the "Mockingjay" which will enable change to occur to Panem's future posterity. What can I say about the final novel in the Hunger Games series? Well, I thought that it was a little boring to get into. Both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, in the first 50 pages, were thrilling and adventurous books that had me rooting for Katniss and her cast of characters to defeat President Snow...but when trying to read Mockingjay, I found myself bored and disillusioned with Katniss and other characters. I just felt that Katniss, as a main character, was not as strong as the first two books and a bit whiny and annoying. I was not very satisfied with the ending's resolution of Katniss' love-triangle with Peeta and Gale. It just felt so rushed and she really didn't have a choice. Too many background characters that I loved were killed off, which I was not expecting, and I felt it was uncalled for because they were part of Katniss' fight for freedom from the Capitol, and for them not to enjoy a little bit of that freedom, was sad and unfair. Not a great ending to a series that started off with so much promise. In my opinion, it was just an "okay" read.

Would anyone care to share their opinion? I'm just curious as to what other people thought of the finale.

Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3) by Suzanne Collins

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 3. The Seduction of the Crimson Rose (Pink Carnation #4) written by Lauren Willig - finished 1/17/11 - 4/5 stars

Author Lauren Willig's exciting series of the notorious Pink Carnation continues with the young Mary Alsworthy accepting a dangerous assignment from the dastardly Lord Sebastian Vaughn. The assignment is to apprehend the dangerous French spy, the Black Tulip. Who this spy is, is still a mystery. While working together, Mary and Sebastian develop feelings towards each, which Sebastian tries to put aside because of the extenuating circumstances his personal life has taken. While trying to put those circumstances aside, Mary decides that "she wants" Sebastian no matter what the price. Along with that storyline, there is also a modern-day heroine, Eloise, researching the events concerning the French and English during the time of Napoleonic espionage for a dissertion that she is writing. A fun-filled novel filled with adventure and romance that is overflowing with a little humor and an intensity of strong and courageous characters both male and female. Can't wait to read the next installment of the series, The Temptation of the Night Jasmine!

The Seduction of the Crimson Rose (Pink Carnation, #4) by Lauren Willig

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Heather Nance wrote: "2. Mockingjay written by Suzanne Collins - finished 1/12/11

The finale to the "Hunger Games" series concludes with Katniss and her friends embroiled in the revolution fighting against the Capito..."

I agree that the wrapping up of the love story was both rushed and unsatisfactory. If it had been given the weight it deserved, especially since it had been given so much focus in the previous books and throughout this book, I don't think people would have had such a problem with the choice itself. As it was, it seemed like a bit of a cop-out, as though she wasn't really sure how to end it and just decided to throw that last chapter in.

I thought the story itself creative and really enjoyed both the pacing and action in this book. If it wasn't for the shitty ending, it would definitely have been my favorite of the series.

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 4. The Lucky One written by Nicholas Sparks - finished 1/20/11 - 3/5 stars

Logan Thibault has served three tours in Iraq as a marine. He finds a picture of a young woman photographed at a fair buried in the dirt while serving his third tour. No one claims the he carries it along with him in his pocket for the remainder of the time that he is stationed in Iraq. The picture begins to bring him luck by saving his life and aides with other incidents that occur...and so, one of his friends brands him "the lucky one". Once back in the states while on a fishing trip, Victor, his friend, expresses his opinion that it is Logan's destiny to find this unknown woman and thank her for protecting him while in Iraq. Logan sets out on a walk cross-country from Colorado, his home, to North Carolina in search of this woman in the photograph whereby there is only an "E" etched on the back of the photograph. He does eventually find her and their relationship is born from there. Logan is who she's been searching for her whole life, and Elizabeth "Beth" is the one true person who loves him for who really is. There is only one thing that stands in their way, and that is the truth for which Logan initally sought her out. How these two people get over their obstacles towards a love so deep, will keep you reading til the final pages. I did enjoy reading this book, however, it was kind of like the same old Nicholas Sparks-type book. Finding your true love and then it being ripped from you by some underlying circumstances that eventually works out in the end along with someone dying and the characters being the handsome good-looking guy attracted to the beautiful smart woman. I didn't think that there was enough time spent on character development...especially with Logan. There just seemed to be more to him that was just not expressed, especially since he had served in Iraq as a marine. Just your typical Nicholas Sparks read, but an enjoyable one at that. I heard that there is a movie coming out either this year or next year with Zac Efron playing the lead role...curious to see how he portrays Logan's character...should be interesting!

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 5. Saving CeeCee Honeycutt written by Beth Hoffman - finished 1/28/11 - 3/5 stars

First time author Beth Hoffman produces a novel rich in humor and down-home southern hospitality. Cecelia Rose Honeycutt, CeeCee, is a 12-year-old girl that lives in Ohio with her eccentric and mentally unstable mother, Camille, and mostly absent father, Carl. Camille was once Savannah's 1951 Vidalia Onion Queen and after moving to the north with Carl, has never been able to move on from her old days of being a beauty queen. CeeCee looks out for her mom, and in a freak accident when Camille is hit and killed by a ice cream truck, meets her mother's Aunt Tootie. CeeCee is now on her way moving to Savannah to live with Aunt Tootie because her father feels that this is the best thing for her given the circumstances that he is a travelling salesman. CeeCee meets some comical and loving characters while dealing with the abandonment of her father and her mother's unfortunate death. Some of the characters were outlandishly hilarious and welcomingly loving ...Aunt Tootie, who comes to the rescue and offers CeeCee the gift of living in her home, Ms Goodpepper and her constantly feuding neighbor Violene Hobbs, Oletta, the cook who embraces CeeCee physically as well as emotionally as she deals with the move to Savannah and dealing with her mother's death and mental unbalance, and Ceecee's elderly neighbor, Mrs. Odell, the only friend that she has in Ohio. I just loved how Ms. Hoffman allowed CeeCee to be a survivor and not just a victim of mental unstability in her home...she was a smart student who cared about people while wishing that she had friends and a normal childhood. What is normal about a 12-year-old taking care of a mother who is mentally unbalanced and a constant embarrassment to her family? Exquisite southern descriptions of Savannah's landscapes and beauty along with a bit of racial tension are expressed in this dynamic yet charming southern read. One that I would highly recommend if you like that loving southern flare for solid family connections and a humorous heart-touching novel!

Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 6. These Things Hidden written by Heather Gudenkauf - finished 2/6/11 - 4/5 stars

A thrilling mystery written by Heather Gudenkauf surrounding the heinous crime committed by golden-girl Allison Glenn, a high-school senior who has everything going for her...beautiful looks, excellent grades, and is an awesome sports icon. The story opens when Allison serves her time in prison and is trying to get in touch with her sister, Brynn. Brynn wants nothing to do with Allison, and, therefore, refuses to see her until a family crisis with their father brings the sisters face to face. The mystery surrounding the sisters involves another student that went to the same high school five years ago, an adoptive mother and father who is utterly protective of the joy that would eventually enter their lives, and the little boy that was the ultimate gift of circumstance. There were a few twists and turns to this novel that I really did not see coming. I was very surprised when reading page after page that certain storylines revealed unsuspecting pieces to the puzzle as to how each character was related. A dynamic fast-paced story filled with interesting and emotionally charged characters that left me reeling with an overwhelming sense of sadness and heartfelt intensity to the results of secrets and lies told. A novel not to be missed! I didn't read her first novel, but I look forward to giving it a whirl now!

These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 7. The Count of Monte Cristo (Classics) written by Alexandre Dumas - finished 2/12/11 - 4/5 stars

I'm finally done with this huge masterpiece of a book! Accused of a crime of treason that he did not commit by four men that are jealous of him, Edmond Dantes (a sailor), is thrown into prison for 14 years. He meets Abbe Faria, an Italian priest, that tells Edmond about the island of Monte Cristo where a treasure is buried which will make him rich. Upon Abbe Faria's death, Edmond escapes the prison by taking on Abbe Faria's identity and swears his revenge to the men that have sent him there. Through most of the book we see just how far Edmond, now The Count of Monte Cristo, will go to exact his revenge on the four men. Fernand Montego, the jealous rival, that loves the Count's fiancee, Mercedes. Baron Danglars the supercargo of a ship where Edmond served as first mate who is jealous of the relationship between Edmond and the good and honest ship's owner, Monsieur Morrel. Gerard de Villefort, the ambitious public prosecutor who is responsible for sentencing Edmond to prison even though he was aware of the fact that he was innocent. And, Caderousse, the lazy greedy neighbor who is envious of Edmond that unlike the others, never finds his fortune and dies a petty criminal and somewhat occasional murderer. Throughout the book, The Count, plots his revenge to the unsuspecting men while getting to know their families and loved ones intimately for the sole purpose of retaliation. As I am reading along, though, I realize that The Count is starting to really feel for some of these innocent family members and cannot bear to hurt them just because of the company that they keep. So, in the long run, The Count tries to right the wrong of revenge by awarding the honest victims of each family with their true heart's desire. There are many subplots underlying within the novel's main plot of revenge that bring to light several secrets kept hidden and lies told years ago. While reading the novel, I didn't understand some of the details until the last few chapters of the book which brought all the ideas together to form a vivid conclusion. Even though there were so many pages, I would sit down and devour 100 pages at a time. So, don't let the amount of pages scare you off. A book that I thoroughly got engrossed in, but with the thought of revenge playing heavily on my mind, I asked myself the question, "Is it worth seeking revenge which would destroy another human-being and their family or is it better just to let it go?" Guess it depends on the person and the wrong that has been committed. One classic novel that I would highly recommend filled with mystery, intrigue, romance, murder, and history. Not to be missed!!

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 8. The Day the Falls Stood Still written by Cathy Marie Buchanan - finished 2/15/11 - 5/5 stars - EXCELLENT READ!

A mesmerizingly beautiful love story told by Cathy Marie Buchanan...her first novel written to date. Bess Heath is a 17-year-old young woman who is a student at the elite Loretto Academy. As she is journeying home for the summer, unknown to her are the facts that her father has lost his job at the Niagara Power Company, her mother has taken on the task of working as a seamstress to her wealthy friends, and her sister has lost that scintillating beauty and free-spirit that she has always possessed. While being accompanied home never to return to the academy again by her mother, a young man asks if he can carry her extremely heavy trunk while waiting on the platform of a trolley. Bess is totally capitivated with the handsome green-eyed young man, Tom Cole, who carries himself with confidence and masculine energy. Regrettably, the Heath family has a certain social class that they belong to, which Tom is not a part of. He is a riverman that rescues "floaters" and daredevils from the river...which Mrs. Heath does not approve of. Eventually the pair fall in love and marry, whereby Bess disappoints her family. In the end, Mrs. Heath accepts Tom...even saying that he is a "good man". Their relationship through the years grows into a love so powerful and courageous while dealing with WWI, suicide, women working during the war, and having a family of their own. The story also undertakes the task of delivering the voices of opposition towards the power companies using the falls for hydroelectric power and in return destroying the environment. As the end of the novel neared, I was anticipating a happy ending, which unfortunately had me tearfully saddened with an unexpected death.The beautifully written words just flowed like the rippling of water cascading over the effervescent falls pooling into the infinite core of the Niagara River. The best read for me so far this year with thoughts still lingering hours after I have read the final word. A terrific first novel, which will have me on the lookout for the next undertaking of Ms. Buchanan. A novel not to be missed that would make for a outstanding movie!!

The Day the Falls Stood Still by Cathy Marie Buchanan

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 9. Crescendo (Hush, Hush #2) written by Becca Fitzpatrick (YA) - finished 2/20/11 - 4/5 stars

The second installment to Becca Fitzpatrick's "Hush Hush" series does not disappoint. Nora Grey is back with her guardian angel, Patch, for another adventurous and mysterious mystery concerning the half-blood nephilim. Things are not going as planned for the romantic duo. Patch starts hanging out with Nora's childhood enemy, Marcie Millar, which eventually leads to a break-up between the pair. Nora does not know who to trust since her judgment in character towards other people comes into question. Nora keeps getting stuck in dangerous and threatening situations where Patch still has to come rescue her, which she is not at happy about. She wants to see Patch, but he broke her heart, so how can she ever trust him again. There are many secrets revealed that explain answers to questions that Nora had...who killed her father and why, where she really comes from, and will she and Patch be together as a couple or not. Ms. Fitzpatrick delivers another excellent young adult novel filled with thrills and chills among a group of dark and magically spirited characters. Looking forward to the last book in the series, Silence, out in October, 2011.

Crescendo (Hush, Hush, #2) by Becca Fitzpatrick

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 10. The Winter Sea written by Susanna Kearsley - finished 2/25/11 - 4/5 stars

Ms. Kearsley writes a novel filled with romance and a tremendous amount of historical facts that doesn't stop to keep the reader deeply enthralled in high intensity drama during the Jacobite uprising in 1708. Carrie McClelland decides to travel to Scotland to write her next book against the backdrop of the historical Slains Castle, which instinctively has genetic ties to her family. While finally arriving in Scotland and renting a small cottage from a local countryman, Jimmy Keith, she meets his two sons and is immmediately attracted to the older, Graham. As the progress of Carrie's book takes shape, she feels that she has had these thoughts before...whereby reliving the memories of her lead character, Sophia. Sophia comes to live at the castle before the uprising and meets John Moray, a loyal soldier to King James, who has a price on his head in his native country. It is very dangerous for Moray and Sophia to associate with each other, therefore, they meet in secret. These memories seem so real to she has actually lived these herself. The author ties the two storylines together effortlessly while keeping the reader entranced in the grand scenery of Scotland that surrounds the gray "winter sea". A book filled with extensively researched historical facts that will keep the reader entertained and turning pages quickly just to see what the author has in store for these intriguing and brave characters. A historical novel not to be missed!

The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 11. Unbroken - A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption written by Laura Hillenbrand (Non-Fiction) - finished 2/27/11 - 5/5+ stars - AMAZING STORY!

WOW, is all I can say about a story overflowing with so much courage, tragedy, and hope! Louis Zamperini was a celebrated Olympic runner that found himself enlisted as an airman aboard the "Green Hornet" aircraft when it crashed near Japan into the Pacific Ocean. Only three men survived the crash, and Zamperini was one of them. From trying to survive on two inflatable rafts for days on end with no food and no water along with the blistering sun overhead and the often stormy ocean amongst killer sharks, the men didn't relinquish their longing to be rescued. Eventually as POWs, the hardships that were faced among the men by abusive Japanese officials, was just heartwrenching and barbaric. One never knew if they would survive from day-to-day from either punishment or starvation. This is a book filled with hope and survival that is powerful beyond words. A book that will make you read long into the night with tears in your eyes and cheering for the men who would not bow down the enemy who was trying to break their spirit. Not to be missed!

Unbroken A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption  by Laura Hillenbrand

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 12. Labor Day written by Joyce Maynard - finished 3/2/11 - 3/5 stars

This is the second book that I have read written by Joyce Maynard, who writes books about real-life situations. This book was narrated by a young boy of 11 who lives with his mother, Adele, a divorced woman, who at one time, loved to dance, and because of a painful past, now really nevers leaves their house. While shopping in a department store for pants to go back to school after summer vacation, young Henry is approached by an older man that appears to work in the store. Henry thinks that there is something not right since his nametag says "Vinnie" but he introduces himself as "Frank". Frank asks Henry for his help, and the pair meet up with Henry's mom. Soon the trio are on their way to Henry's house. Frank is a patient and compassionate man who eventually tells his sad story to Henry and Adele during the six days that he spends with them on "Labor Day" weekend. Adele has a sorrowful story of her own that is shared by Henry throughout the novel. And, Henry describes how he is coming into his own as a pre-teen...trying to discover how is body is changing and why he constantly thinks of girls. A book full of painful tragedy that is full of hope for the future and timeless love for three, so to speak, misfits.

Labor Day by Joyce Maynard

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Rose (obsessedreader9) | 215 comments You're right--Unbroken is OUTSTANDING!


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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 13. The Dangerous Protector (Puffin Harbor #2) written by Janet Chapman - finished 3/7/11 - 3/5 stars

A quick little adventurous romance concerning a workaholic state's assistant attorneys general who cannot seem to get her mind off of an extremely handsome Scottish bar owner in a small hometown seaport. Willow Foster will just not give into the feelings that she is having towards the attractive Duncan Ross...especially now that the whole town has bet whether or not she will marry the gorgeous charming hunk. In addition to dealing with Duncan, Willow is investigating the reason why so many lobsters are sick and dying off the Maine coast where the residents of Puffin Harbor drop their traps daily. What has been causing these lobsters to become so sickly? That is what Willow, Duncan and their friends are trying to find out. I did like the romance between Willow and Duncan...the rebellious and insecure female versus the protective and passionate male. The mystery with the lobsters seemed a little silly and outlandish. It was just an "okay" read to me.

The Dangerous Protector (Puffin Harbor, #2) by Janet Chapman

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 14. The Name of the Wind (The Name of the Wind #1) written by Patrick Rothfuss - finished 3/15/11 - 5+/5 stars - OUTSTANDING NOVEL!

I haven't read too many fantasy/science fiction books, other than the occasional vampire/romance, Twilight series, and Harry Potter series. However, this book (which is the first part of a trilogy), does not disappoint. Full of unstoppable action and fascinating magic along with very likable and, at times, comical characters, The Name of the Wind offers the reader exceptional glimpses of what it's like in the lead character's, Kvothe, world (which is told to the reader in a series of flashbacks). Kvothe is an extremely smart young man, whose parents were murdered, and now he is left to live on the streets and survive on his own, whereby eventually he turns to a life of stealing just to stay alive. Eventually he makes his way to The University, which has always been his dream, and meets some highly memorable characters that will keep you extremely entertained and wondering what's going to happen next. Even though the book was 600+ pages, the action was non-stop, and I just kept reading rapidly page after page to see what more Mr. Rothfuss had in store for the young Kvothe who was so intense and wise for his young age.

The novel was overflowing with meaningful quotations. Here are just a few that I felt I just had to write down because they were so true. Page 146, "May all your stores be glad ones, and your roads be smooth and short." Page 290, "There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man." Page 304, "That's why stories appeal to us. They give us the clarity and simplicity our real lives lack." Page 123 (ways to deal with pain), " Perhaps the greatest faculty our minds possess is the ability to cope with pain. Classic thinking teaches us of the four doors of the mind, which everyone moves through according to their need. First is the door of sleep. Sleep offers us a retreat from the world and all its pain. Sleep marks passing time, giving us distance from the things that have hurt us. When a person is wounded they will often fall unconscious. Similarly, someone who hears traumatic news will often swoon or faint. This is the mind's way of protecting itself from pain by stepping through the first door. Second is the door of forgetting. Some wounds are too deep to heal, or too deep to heal quickly. In addition, many memories are simply painful, and there is no healing to be done. The saying "time heals all wounds" is false. Time heals most wounds. The rest are hidden behind this door. Third is the door of madness. There are times when the mind is dealt such a blow it hides itself in insanity. While this may not seem beneficial, it is. There are times when reality is nothing but pain, and to escape that pain the mind must leave reality behind. Last is the door of death. The final resort. Nothing can hurt us after we are dead, or so we have been told. That is just a few of the quotations from this book that had me really thinking that the author was serious about creating a novel that would be forever etched in our minds.

Looking forward to getting started on the second part of the trilogy, The Wise Man's Fear, which just was released in hardcover the beginning of this month!

The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicle, #1) by Patrick Rothfuss

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Chris (chrismd) | 408 comments Nance wrote: "14. The Name of the Wind written by Patrick Rothfuss - finished 3/15/11 - *****stars

I haven't read too many fantasy/science fiction books, other than the occasional vampire/romance, Twilight se..."

I really enjoyed this book, too, and it's been a long wait for the sequel. I bought it last week and am trying to get to some other things before I fall into. Thanks for the wonderful quotes!

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 15. Mistress of Rome written by Kate Quinn - finished 3/28/11 - 4/5 stars

Thea is a slave girl from Judea whose mistress from Rome is the young heiress Lepida Pollia. Thea does everything for the young Lepida, but she does not like her very much. Lepida takes advantage of Thea, and when Thea attracts the attention of the brutal gladiator, Arius the Barbarian, she destroys Thea's love. Thea eventually makes something of her life as a singer whereby she makes herself known among the Roman aristocrats...especially the fascinating Emperor of Rome, Domitian, who eventually turns dark and sinister. Eventually Thea gets the life she has always wanted, but with some sad and heartfelt consequences in the end. Loved the characters of Arius, who had a very caring and soft side to his barbaric gladiator personality, and also Lepida, the spoiled selfish bitch that always had to have her way no matter what. Would definitely read another of Ms. Quinn's books in a heartbeat!!!

Mistress of Rome by Kate Quinn

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 16. Jane Eyre (Classics) written by Charlotte Bronte - finished 4/4/11 - 5+/5 stars - LOVED THIS BOOK!!!

What can I say about a classic that has been read by millions...other than this book was fabulous! It kept my attention the whole time, and I couldn't wait to read the final pages of the romance between small and meek orphaned Jane Eyre and her wealthy romantic love, Mr. Rochester. What a great book! Charlotte Bronte's words were just fairytale-like and had me entranced from the very first page. I was pretty leary about reading the English classics with their old-English vocabulary and somewhat stuffy demeanor, but I was pleasantly surprised, and I intend on giving another classic it's fair shot of alluring me into another romantic up Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I like this novel just as much:) LOL!

Jane Eyre  by Charlotte Brontë

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 17. City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments, #2) written by Cassandra Clare (YA) - finished 4/10/11 - 4/5 stars

The second young adult novel in the Mortal Instruments series is one of constant adventure with a little romance thrown in. Clary's mother is still in a coma and she is trying to find a way to release her from this eternal sleep. She and her brother, Jace, are still dealing with that the fact that their father, Valentine, is trying to destroy the Downworlders by acquiring the Mortal Instruments and blood from Downworlder children...and also, with their attraction to each other, which is forbidden since they are brother and sister. There are a few new characters introduced...Maryse Lightwood (Jace's adoptive mother), Maia (a teen member of the wolfpack), Imogen Herondale (the Inquisitor), and the Seelie Queen (queen of the faeries). A lot more information is revealed to Clary about her and Jace's Shadowhunter abilities that are vital to destroying Valentine. Simon (Clary's childhood friend) is also to have acquired a new ability which is unheard of while living the life of a vampire. A novel that will not disappoint!!!

City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments, #2) by Cassandra Clare

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 18. City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments, #3) written by Cassandra Clare (YA) - finished 4/17/11 - 5/5 stars - BEST BOOK OF THE SERIES SO FAR!!!

The third installment of the Mortal Instruments series written by Cassandra Clare was definitely my favorite so far. There were some shocking, but long-awaited, secrets revealed. It was full of adventure, action, and a little romance up until the final pages were turned. The author does not disappoint the reader with her memorable characters...Clary, Jace, Simon, Alec, Mangus, Isabelle, Maia, Jocelyn, and Luke...that work together to destroy the cunning and evil Valentine. On to the next book...City of Fallen Angels.

City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments, #3) by Cassandra Clare

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 19. Chasing Fire written by Nora Roberts - finished 4/23/11 - 3/5 stars

The new novel written by author Nora Roberts does not disappoint. Filled with suspense, mystery, and romance between a confident strong female smokejumper, Rowan Tripp, and a hot-shot new rookie, Gulliver Curry. The dedicated and ruthless pair work the most intense and dangerous fires while romantically tossing together amongst the sheets. Ms. Roberts keeps the reader highly entertained with her likeable and compassionate characters along with her accurate researched facts about the skillful profession of smokejumping. The only complaint that I have about this book and most of Ms. Roberts books, is that fact that each of her woman characters always seems to have the most incredible body with such a strong survivor personality. How about writing a book with a woman character that has facial or bodily imperfections or flawed character traits? Something headed in a little different direction...not just your typical "handsome man meets beautiful woman scenario". Might be a nice change. Just my opinion, though.

Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 20. Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #9) written by J.R. Ward - finished 4/30/11 - 4/5 stars

The ninth book written by J.R. Ward in the Black Dagger Brotherhood was not one of my favorite books in the series. It fell a little flat for me. I did, however, like the characters of Payne...the Chosen damsel in distress and Manny...her save-the-day sexy "healer", but sadly, there were other current characters that were not even present in this John Matthew, whose book just came out last March, and Zadist, a popular "brother". Not quite as much action and fighting between the "Brothers" and the "lessers"...some, but not much. A few unexpected secrets were revealed...which stays true to vintage J.R. Ward's original form, and, of course, the erotic sexual releases were just as hot as usual. We also do get an added glimpse of the Qhinn-Blaylock storyline, which does not disappoint. Vishous and Butch's friendship is, of course, put to the test as is Vishous and Jane's marital relationship. A few new characters are introduced...Xcor, and Throe, along with detective DelVecchio now working with De la Cruz, Butch's former police partner. I just thought that the story lacked that extra explosive climax that we're so used to. The underlying storyline that opens the beginning of the novel, just fell flat for me and I was like, "that's it?" No huge confrontation from The Brotherhood? Not the usual result that I was accustomed to with the other books. Well, onto the next book, which I can guess probably comes out next year around March/April.

Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #9) by J.R. Ward

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 21. Night Road written by Kristin Hannah - finished 5/3/11 - 5/5 stars - SUPERB FAMILY DRAMA!

Kristin Hannah does it again with her sensitivity to emotional detail by taking a loving supportive family and a young orphan who is striving to fit in and be loved unconditionally. Two high-school twins, Zach and Mia, along with Mia's newfound friend, Lexi, create a bond between the three so strong, which unknowingly sets up the stage for a family tragedy that descends upon them. Mia and Lexi are friends first, but Lexi is attracted to Zach the first day that she meets him as a freshman in high school. Given the fact that Mia is shy and not a very confident teenage girl, Lexi does not act on her feelings because her friendship with Mia comes first before her romantic feelings for Zach. Eventually, after three years go by, Lexi and Zach do become romantically involved, and Mia accepts their relationship. Along with the teenagers relationship, the story also builds on the twins' mother's relationship with her own mother. Jude lost her father at age seven and has never really had a loving relationship with her mother...whereby she vows always to have open and honest communication with her own children. Jude also has a completely loving and committed relationship with her doctor husband, Miles, the children's father. As the end of the school year approaches and graduation from high school is at hand, an emotionally charged tragedy takes place that will change the entire lives of everyone in the novel. A grippingly sorrowful and understandably heartbreaking story not to be missed! I read the book in two days, and absolutely loved the strong and authentic characters. Given the fact that I have four teenagers myself right now, I can definitely relate to this story. It is one of the hardest and most nerve-wracking experiences that a parent has to go through when their kids go out at night driving a car with a bunch of friends. Be careful, use your brain, and come home safe is what I say constantly. Definitely a whole-box kleenex read!!

Night Road by Kristin Hannah

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 22. Vows by LaVyrle Spencer - finished 5/10/11 - 3/5 stars

A little ditty of a historical romance that takes place in a small western town in Wyoming. Emily Wolcott is a fiery tomboy that has dreams of becoming a veterinarian because of her love for animals. Tom Jeffcoat is a handsome dastardly specimen that moves to Wyoming to open his own livery and become a blacksmith because he hears to it's a great place for the opportunity to make something of himself after being gilted by his former fiancee' for another suitor. Together these two characters overcome obstacles to be together including the fact that Emily has already promised to wed her long-time beau and childhood friend, Charles. A side storyline which is also taking place throughout the book, is Emily taking care of her mother because she is dying. Unbeknownst to Emily though, is the fact that her parents really never were in love and another woman had once held her father's, Edwin, heart...Fannie, who is her mother, Josephine's, cousin. Fannie comes to stay with them to take care of Josephine over Edwin's objections, and the two follow their hearts once again. The scenes between Emily and Tom were just laugh-out-loud funny because of Emily's feisty attitude, whereby Tom could not resist the urge to tease her just to get her sassy blood boiling. Hearts are broken and friendships are tested, but the final outcome is a novel worth checking out!

Vows by LaVyrle Spencer

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 23. When One Night Isn't Enough written by Wendy S. Marcus - finished 5/13/11 - 5/5 stars - HIGHLY ENTERTAINING DEBUT!

Well what can I say about a hot and steamy erotically charged medical romance that was author, Wendy Marcus', first work? It was simply "smashing" as the British would say, whereby in Great Britain is the destination that this engaging new novel was recently first published. Allison Forshay is a confident and independent ER nurse working at Madrin Memorial Hospital where she meets handsome exciting Dr. Jared Padget. The two are instantly attracted to each other, but Ali sees in Jared those same non-committal love-em'-and-leave-em' traits that she associates with her mostly-absent father. She, however, feels herself falling for the gorgeous doctor, and doesn't know to stop it from happening. Unfortunately, an unexpected life-changing circumstance occurs, which will tie the couple together forever. Within the 185 pgs of the novel, the author illustrates friendships and family ties that are lovingly supportive amongst the characters while also capturing emotions that are witty and compassionately enthralling. Looking forward to reading the next book in the series, which features another nurse, Victoria, who also works at the fictional Madrin Memorial Hospital. A highly entertaining novel not to be missed by an impressive first-time author!

Flirting with the Society Doctor/When One Night Isn't Enough (Mills & Boon Medical) by Janice Lynn

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 24. The Winter Rose (The Tea Rose #2) by Jennifer Donnelly - finished 5/17/11 - 5+/5 stars - SUPERB ROMANTIC DRAMA!!

What can I say about Jennifer Donnelly’s second installment to the Fineggan family drama that takes place just before World War I in England? The word is simply TERRIFIC! With intensely gripping details expertly researched, I thought that it was even better than the first book. I found myself turning the pages long into the night wanting to see what happens to the infamous gangster, Sid Malone and his new-found love, India Selwyn Jones, a young just graduated doctor from the London School of Medicine for Woman. India is from a wealthy aristocratic family that feels that her being a doctor is ridiculous because it is only proper that she be married and baring children. Her mother has disinherited her until India somehow comes to her senses.Unbeknowst to her, a dispicable money-hungry childhood friend, Freddie Lytton, decides that it is his destiny to acquire her money along with political prestige from the Selwyn Jones family name. So behind India’s back, he is working with her mother to marry her and drop this ludicrous notion of being a doctor. While working in the poverty-striken East End of London, however, India saves Sid Malone’s life and he is indebted to her forever. Sid is hiding a past full of anguish and heartache, which he rather not talk about with India because it is too painful, but she is drawn to the handsome compassionate thug and, eventually, they fall in love and he knows that he can trust her. Coming from two different family backgrounds, the two know that their love affair is doomed from the start. Lies and betrayals are encountered between family members, friends, and lovers while also experiencing honesty, support, and encouragement from unexpected outsiders. Murder, greed, and deceit are experienced throughout the book with untrustworthy characters. Will these two young lovers end up together in the end given the fact that they come from two totally different walks of life? Well, you will just have to read the novel’s 707 pages to find!!! A novel that will not disappoint!! Looking forward to reading the last and final book in the trilogy, The Wild Rose, which I think comes out sometime in August! Can’t Wait!!!! This "Tea Rose" trilogy of books would make for a great television or motion picture movie:)

The Winter Rose (The Tea Rose, #2) by Jennifer Donnelly

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 25. The Midwife's Confession written by Diane Chamberlain - finished 5/27/11 - 5/5 stars - EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY DRAMA OF BETRAYAL AND DECEPTION!

My second novel read from author Diane Chamberlain included a single middle-aged woman named Noelle who followed in her adoptive mother's footsteps by becoming a mid-wife and, while in college years ago, had developed a long-term wonderful relationship with two kind-hearted friends, Emerson and Tara. While it was a novel that I read well into the night that focused on a deep friendship between the three women consumed with ultimate betrayals and heartbreaking mystery, I couldn't stop feeling how the lead character could just take her own life when she had two supporting and loving friends who would, in time, have understood her secret life and the complex situation surrounding it. I thought that I had figured out the ultimate mystery that Noelle was hiding, but then I found myself so blown away by the final secret, that I didn't see it coming til the ending pages of the novel. A novel not to be missed by the riveting and mesmerizing author, Diane Chamberlain!

The Midwife's Confession by Diane Chamberlain

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments BOOKS READ SO FAR IN 2011! 26-50 (con't)

26. Island of the Swans by Ciji Ware (565 pgs) - finished 6/7/11 - 5 stars
27. Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks (340 pgs) - finished 6/10/11 - 3 stars
28. Alice Bliss by Laura Harrington (320 pgs) - finished 6/16/11 - 5 stars (e-Reader)
29. Best Kept Secret by Amy Hatvany (328 pgs) - finished 6/19/11 - 5+ stars
30. Somewhere I'll Find You by Lisa Kleypas (Capital Theatre #1) (377 pgs) - finished 6/28/11 - 4 stars
31. Because You're Mine by Lisa Kleypas (Capital Theatre #2) (376 pgs) - finished 6/29/11 - 5 stars
32. Then Came You by Lisa Kleypas (Gamblers #1) (371 pgs) - finished 6/29/11 - 4 stars
33. Secrets of a Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas (Wallflowers #1) (274 pgs) - finished 6/30/11 - 4 stars
34. Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas (Wallflowers #3) (254 pgs) - finished 7/3/11 - 5 stars (e-Reader)
35. Prince of Dreams by Lisa Kleypas (Stokehurst #2) (262 pgs) - finished 7/6/11 - 3 stars
36. Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens (407 pgs) - finished 7/9/11 - 4 stars
37. Persuasion (Classics) by Jane Austen (238 pgs) - finished 7/13/11 - 4 stars
38. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (#7) (YA) by J.K. Rowling (759 pgs) - finished 7/23/11 - 5+ stars (RE-READ)
39. Hook, Line and Sink Him by Jackie Pilossoph (293 pgs) - finished 7/30/11 - 4 stars
40. A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan (213 pgs) - finished 8/1/11 - 4 stars (e-Reader)
41. How to Talk to a Widower by Jonathan Tropper (341 pgs) - finished 8/5/11 - 5 stars
42. Everything Changes by Jonathan Tropper (334 pgs) - finished 8/9/11 - 4 stars
43. What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty (356 pgs) - finished 8/20/11 - 4 stars (e-Reader)
44. Exposure by Therese Fowler (361 pgs) - finished 8/26/11 - 4 stars
45. The Violets of March by Sarah Jio (293 pgs) - finished 8/28/11 - 4 stars
46. The Restorer (Graveyard Queen #1) by Amanda Stevens (376 pgs) - finished 8/29/11 - 5 stars
47. Looking for Alaska (YA) - by John Green (221 pgs) - finished 9/5/11 - 4 stars
48. In Bed with the Devil (Scoundrels of St. James #1) - by Lorraine Heath (241 pgs) - finished 9/18/11 - 5 stars
49. Surrender to the Devil (Scoundrels of St. James #3) - by Lorraine Heath (221 pgs) - finished 9/21/11 - 4 stars
50. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien (Classics) (272 pgs) - finished 10/1/11 - 4 stars


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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 26. Island of the Swans written by Ciji Ware - finished 6/7/11 - 5/5 stars - OUTSTANDING HISTORICAL FICTION DRAMA!

Author Ciji Ware’s fascinating dipiction of Jane Maxwell, the fourth Duchess of Gordon was simply breathtaking. The young passionately beautiful rebellious second daughter of the mostly absent drunken baronet Sir William Maxwell of Monreith and his overbearingly strict wife Lady Magdalene Maxwell of Blair, never ceased to amaze people with her free-thinking ideas and dreams involving her family, friends, and lovers. Jane was a young girl of ten that was inseparable from her good friend, 14-year-old, Thomas Fraser. As time goes on Thomas’ godfather, Simon, and Jane’s mother, Magdalene, think that the couple is an unworthy match and should not marry in the future. As they get older, Jane and Thomas fall in love, and Thomas is then sent to America to fight with England against the colonists and is presumed dead. As Jane mourns and eventually moves on with her to life to marry the Fourth Duke of Gordon, Alexander, we later learn that Thomas was never killed and is very much alive. Later coming back to claim his past love, Jane, Thomas learns that the woman who nursed him back to health in America, Arabella, never mailed his letter to Jane claiming to be alive, which lead to her marrying Alexander. Every time these poor souls thought that they would reunite and resume their life together, something else would happen to keep them apart. A masterpiece of betrayals and jealousys that was always threatening to come in between loves lost and gained. A novel of true love and sacrifice not to be missed!!

Island of the Swans by Ciji Ware

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 27. Safe Haven written by Nicholas Sparks - finished 6/10/11 - 3/5 stars

I read this book in one day, and was turning the pages with excitement and enthusiasm until I hit the last five pages. I was not only disappointed with the ending, but I asked myself “why”? It just didn’t make any sense to me at all...unless I totally missed something within the pages of the novel. Other than the failed ending, I thought that the rest of the novel was somewhat suspenseful, a little romantically enchanting, and dealt with death in an abstract but effective way. Katie just recently moved to Southport and mostly keeps to herself. She works in a restaurant as a waitress and does not socialize with the other employees that she works with, maintaining a quiet and apprehensive persona. Alex is a widower with two young children, Josh and Kristen, who owns the town general store. He lost his wife about a year ago to a malignant brain tumor, and has since, not had a relationship with any woman until he sees in Katie a woman who is running from something and needs his help and trust. Katie eventually lets Alex into her life, that includes Kevin, her husband, and trusts him with her dark and disturbing secret that will, in time, ultimately threaten her happiness with him and his two children. She also forms a wonderful friendship with the woman who lives next door, Jo, that will lead to Katie’s realization that she’s the one that is meant to forever be with Alex and his two kids. I was pleasantly surprised that the character of Kevin was portrayed in such a realistic and accurate way. I’ve never known someone personally who was a victim of domestic abuse, but Kevin, as the abuser, seemed to fit the profile completely with his excessive drinking, his verbal condescending attitude, and his spontaneous physical battery. Like I said for most of the novel I was intrigued and curious to see what the climax would have in store for the reader...however, I was not “wowed” by the unexpected, yet seemingly slighted ending. Give the novel your full attention, though, who knows it might be just what you’re looking for:) I wouldn’t be surprised if another Nicholas Sparks movie comes from this novel!

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 28. Alice Bliss written by Laura Harrington - finished 6/16/11 - 5/5 stars - SIMPLY OUTSTANDING!!

What can I say about this book that I simply devoured in the last 24 hours. I cried, I laughed, and I was deeply touched from this novel that destroyed a family's happiness and closeness. Matt Bliss is a father and a husband that feels that it is his duty to serve his country in Iraq via the National Guard. He was always one to get the most out of life and serving his country, would allow this. His family, wife Angie and daughters Alice and Ellie, don't understand why he has to go to Iraq. While he is away, the family misses him terribly...Angie immerses herself in work, Alice wears one of his shirts daily to be surrounded by her father so she doesn't forget him, and Ellie tries to improve herself...changing her hair and learning definitions of long words. The family tries to go on with their life while waiting for letters and phone calls from Matt whenever it’s possible. Alice, the oldest daughter, seems very close to her father so she decides not to change anything that her father has done every year on schedule like planting his garden after the first home baseball game. She still works in his workshop often to make it feel that he is with her. She joins the track team to run free and forget her troubles, while relying on her childhood best friend, Henry, to get her through this most difficult time. The family is plugging along until the day when two soldiers arrive on their doorstep...Matt is “Missing in Action”. As the family lies in wait for the military to contact them saying that they found Matt, each main character, along with Uncle Eddie and Gram, realizes that they must turn to each other for support in case the news regarding Matt is bad. Eventually the information that they receive is not good. It’s a story that will tug at your heart and give meaning and respect to all the men and women who serve in our military and have sacrificed their lives for our freedom...not just in the most recent wars going on today, but wars that have occurred many years ago beginning with the Revolutionary War which proclaimed America’s freedom from Great Britain. A tribute to lives lost and rebirth found. Please read this novel, you will not be disappointed!

Here are just a few ideas of everyday life that parents have tried to instill in their children that Laura Harrington wrote in the novel, which I found gratifying and true to one’s spirit:

Cultivate gratitude.
Think for yourself.
Treat all people equally.
Respect your body.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
Ask for help when you need it.
Be your own best friend.
Don’t be afraid to fail.
Do one thing at a time.
Learn to dance.
Good manners never go out of style.
Treat your family and your friends like gold.
Give more than you receive.
Aim high.

Alice Bliss by Laura Harrington

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 29. Best Kept Secret written by Amy Hatvany - finished 6/19/11 - 5+/5 stars - JUST AN AMAZING STORY OF HEALING AND TRIUMPH!

Best Kept Secret: A Novel, written by Amy Hatvany, is a hugely powerful novel that focuses on a mother's demise into alcoholism while being divorced from her husband and clinging to custody of her young son. Cadence Sutter is a journalist that is married to Martin and mother to her five-year-old son, Charlie. The couple end up getting divorced because Martin is constantly working an extremely excessive amount of hours with his job at Microsoft, and Cadence realizes that he is no longer around for her or her son. His job means everything to him. As a result of their divorce, her constant lack of self-worth and stressful job of being a freelance reporter along with being a full-time mom, Cadence's drinking, which was at one time social, turns into a way to wake up and survive each and every day. This novel is loosely based on author Amy Hatvany's dark and equally dismal days of alcholism. Ms. Hatvany projects Cadence's character as a somewhat pathetic but sorrowful alcoholic who will not admit that she has a destructive addiction that is hurting her family, herself, and especially her son. Charlie is the reason that she awakens every day and searches for a way to persevere through this most grim and hopeless time. Her ex-husband, Martin, eventually removes her son from her care, and the ultimate finale of the novel answers the question as to who Charlie will live with. Cadence also has an unsettled relationship with her mother whereby she always fears that she is not good enough and that she is deemed "crazy" just like her grandmother. It was very touching as her mother, Sharon, ended up telling her daughter the real reason why she was always so reserved and not very loving towards her oldest daughter. It brought them to a very pivotal understanding, which would now allow them to heal emotionally towards each other. With the closely supportive help from her sister, Jessica, her group of friends from AA, and her newly appointed sponsor, Nadine, Cadence overcomes her damaging self-destructive behavior and begins her road to recovery...a work that is always in progress. The author tells the story that leads to the decisive climax in a series of flashbacks that will in turn come to Cadence's admittal that "Yes, I am an Alcoholic"...a triumph in its own. A moving and sometimes tearful account of an addiction that probably claims notice in an exorbitant amount of families. Read the novel that might help someone admit that they or someone they know, has this deeply debilitating disease. A novel not to be missed!

Best Kept Secret A Novel by Amy Hatvany (Yurk)

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 30. Somewhere I'll Find You (Capitol Theatre, #1) written by Lisa Kleypas - finished 6/28/11 - 4/5 stars

One of my favorite all-time historical romance authors is Lisa Kelypas, and with this story of the Capitol Theatre in London with actress Julia Wentworth and the dashing Marquess Damon Savage, the author does not disappoint. A marriage that was performed between the two main characters' families when they were just children to seal the two families together with aristocratic benefits, the two, now adults, find themselves finally encountering each other. Julia thinking that Damon won't even acknowledge his marriage, and Damon not realizing that Mrs. Jessica Wentworth (Julia's stage name) is, in fact, Julia Hargate, his wife. A novel filled with erotically heated scenes and compassionately tender feelings between the two main characters, leads for a magnificiently jubilant conclusion. Entertainingly light-hearted!

Somewhere I'll Find You (Capital Theatre, #1) by Lisa Kleypas

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 31. Because You're Mine (Capitol Theatre, #2) written by Lisa Kleypas - finished 6/29/11 - 5/5 stars - ROMANTICALLY ALLURING AND SCINTILLATINGLY STEAMY!!

I loved this book, the second in the Capitol Theatre series! In order for Lady Madeline Matthews to avoid marrying an older horribly loathsome gentlemen that her parents have chosen for her, she decides to run away from school and "ruin" herself by seducing the famous London actor, Logan Scott, so she will be damaged and unable to marry. Finally arriving in London, she finds herself asking for a job to do anything at the theatre from the actress and part owner, Julia Savage, and as a result finally meets the infamous, Logan Scott. Logan, an extremely private person, was betrayed from a previous relationship in the past and finds it difficult to trust anyone except, eventually, Maddie, who takes care of him during a harrowing illness affecting much of the theatre cast. This is probably one of my favorite books of Ms. Kleypas' because the characters are so respectable and true, and I just love Logan's brusque honorable tough-guy image that eventually breaks from the fearless and honest petite firecracker, Maddy. A novel full of compassionate and tender lovescenes, which leads to heartfelt love and understanding between Logan and Maddy.

Because You're Mine (Capital Theatre, #2) by Lisa Kleypas

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 32. Then Came You (Gamblers, #1) written by Lisa Kleypas - finished 6/29/11 - 4/5 stars

Lily Lawson is her own person...she doesn't like anyone telling her what she can and cannot do. She's not a lady and never will be. Alex Raiford is engaged to Lily's shy and quiet sister, Penelope, and he is marrying her for convenience's sake and not for love. He found the love of his life once, and she perished in a horse hunting accident, and he vows to never give away his heart again. Lily hears of the up-coming nuptials and travels to undo the farce-of-an-engagement and reunite Penny with her one-time love, Zach. The two, Lily and Alex, finally meet and it is constant fighting and disagreeing from the first moment they lay eyes on each other. The passion and attraction between the two build throughout the book until Alex has to just kiss her from shear frustration and sexual madness. The eventual result after timeless encounters...Lily concludes that Alex is the one that she has been looking for her whole life. The character of Lily was so progessively instrumental in setting up the path for Alex to realize that the past is the past, which you cannot undo, and Lily is his future, which could be full of love and admiration. A sizzling romance that only gets hotter as the two characters fall deeper in love with each other!

Then Came You (Gamblers, #1) by Lisa Kleypas

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 33. Secrets of a Summer Night (Wallflowers, #1) by Lisa Kleypas - finished 6/30/11 - 4/5 stars

The first book in the Wallflower series introduces Annabelle Peyton, a beautiful young woman who vows to find a rich husband to her other "Wallflower" friends Evie, Lillian, and Daisy while they sit waiting to be asked to dance during a ball "outing". The four make a pact to find husbands while being the best of friends. Entering into the equation is wealthy business entrepreneur, Simon Hunt, who has been smitten with the young Ms. Peyton for years. Annabelle does not deem Simon worthy of her company because he is treated as an outcast due to his business profession. Although Annabelle has no dowry and her family has been struggling financially for years, Simon still falls head-over-heels for Annabelle even though she has rejected him time and time again. Simon's character was very tender and endearing...always showering Annabelle with little trinkets and gifts. Annabelle was sort of snobby and uptight, and I think, a little afraid of Simon, until she gave him a chance and realized that he was the ultimate husband for her. An outstanding introduction into the seemingly enticing romantic London ton fictionally created by author, Lisa Kleypas.

Secrets of a Summer Night (Wallflowers, #1) by Lisa Kleypas

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 34. Devil in Winter (Wallflowers, #3) written by Lisa Kleypas - finished 7/3/11 - 5/5 stars - LORD ST. VINCENT THE DEVILISH LONDON RAKE VS. EVIE THE MILD AND MEEK GAMER'S CLUB DAUGHTER...ROMANTICALLY CAPTIVATING!

Lord St. Vincent is the ultimate diabolical London rake...a woman chaser, always with a different one all the time, but, oh no, that doesn't stop Evangeline Jenner from propositioning him to marry her to curtail her money-hungry relatives from stealing her inheritance of a gaming club from her dying father. Evie speaks with a slight stutter that comes from her shy and withdrawn personality. Sebastian, love that name, is confident and honest, and the longer he knows Evie, the more protective he is of her. He impresses her with his care of her dying father and renewing his friendship with Lord Westcliff along with taking over the gaming club instead of just sitting around doing nothing. The sexual scenes were tantilizing and steamy, with Evie taking the reins in a few of them, while surprising Sebastian wholly. The other "Wallflowers" would have been proud. LOL! Another great mesmerizing novel by the author of historical romance, Lisa Kleypas!

Devil in Winter (Wallflowers #3) by Lisa Kleypas

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 35. Prince of Dreams (Stokehurst, #2) written by Lisa Kleypas - finished 7/6/11 - 3/5 stars

I can't really say that this was one of my favorite Lisa Kleypas books because the middle of the story was a little boring, and a little bizarre. The story starts off with an exiled arrogant Russian, Nikolas Angelovsky, who has set his sights on marrying Emma Stokehurst since the age of 13. Emma, however, thinks she's in love with Adam Milbank, a scheming fortune hunter. Nicholas conveniently gets rid of Adam, therefore, breaking Emma's heart. Emma is crushed because of Adam's desertion, and turns to "Nikki" to get her through this extremely devastating time. As a result, the two eventually marry, but as time goes by, Emma realizes that Nikki is holding something back and will never really give her his heart. The book is divided into four parts, whereby the first two parts moved along quite nicely, and I was deeply entertained, but then the third part, which involved some time-travel, just did not seem necessary to me and was a little foolish. However, the fourth part picked up the pace again and then was just as indulging as the first two parts. I guess I understand why the time-travel was used, but I think it would have made more sense if both characters was transported back in time, not just one. I did, however, like the character of Nikolas because he was highly vulnerable and guarded his heart so cautiously due to the fact that he had been hurt numerous times in the past not just physically, but emotionally as well. He was the tough-guy "tiger" (which he was compared to many times in the novel) that tried to come off like he didn't need anyone, except in reality he was drowning in his own crippling loneliness. It was kind of a sad book, but in the end all the characters triumph...except, however, for the poor jilted ex-campanion of Emma's, Adam.

Prince of Dreams (Stokehurst, #2) by Lisa Kleypas

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 36. Never Knowing written by Chevy Stevens - finished 7/9/11 - 4 stars

From the first few pages of the second novel written by author Chevy Stevens, "Never Knowing" is full of high-stakes drama and thrilling excitement. Sara Gallagher, a young woman who restores antique furniture for a living, knows that she is adopted. After all these years, she tries to find her birth parents. While doing research on the computer to finally know who her real parents are, she comes across a woman's name that just happens to coincide with the time period and place that she was born. Finally after working up enough courage to introduce herself to her biological mother, Sara tracks her down working in a college as a professor. They finally meet, and it is sure terror for the sought out birth mom, Julia...Sara is a product of a pregnancy that was not consensual between her newly discovered birth mom and the "Campsite Killer" that has raped and murdered several people during the last three decades. Julia, so far, has been the only survivor to escape his clutches. Sara, with a fiance' and young daughter of her own, is terrified of being discovered by the killer, and re-treats into hiding...staying home with police protection around the clock. This novel has twists and turns that I never saw coming...just when I thought I had it all figured out, Ms. Stevens spiraled the novel towards a different angle, with me stumped and pondering what the next possible spellbinding diversion could be. The author delivers her climax with a powerful and ensuing chase amongst the cliffs and rivers of British Columbia with deadly results. A novel full of chances taken and having faith in who can trust in the moment of paramount desperation. Don't miss this enthralling and riveting thriller!!

Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 37.Persuasion (Classics) written by Jane Austen - finished 7/13/11 - 4/5 stars

My first Jane Austen book read to date. Basically the story revolves around Anne Eliott, a twenty-seven-year-old young woman who realizes that she let the man, Frederick Wentworth, she loved get away eight years ago, while listening to her friend Lady Russell announce to her that Captain Wentworth was not worthy of her because he was penniless and not of good stature. As the years go by, Captain Wentworth becomes wealthy and an established officer in the navy, and now is more than worthy of her because the Elliot family is on the brink of financial bankruptcy. The two individuals are still in love with each other, but neither thinks that the other cares because of the meddling of other people in their lives. Anne has regreted for the past eight years ending their engagement, but believes that there might be a glimmer of hope to re-connect their once strong passionate feelings. Will they end up together when the final page of the novel is turned? The reading was a little difficult to get into with all the proper English terminology, but once I was past the first thirty pages or so, I found myself intrigued with the beautiful strong-willed and caring Anne who would do anything for anyone, while not complaining at all. Captain Wentworth was a handsome, patient, and well-mannered man with a little bit of a jealous streak when it came to Anne and the idea of anyone trying to court her (Mr. Elliot, a distant cousin, especially). It was plain to see, towards the final pages of the book, that he still was in love with her. My favorite part of the novel was when Captain Wentworth is off to the side in a parlor room in Bath writing a letter, and Anne had no idea that it was for her, whereby he leaves the room, rendering Anne to think that she would see him later that evening, and within a few moments time returns to retrieve his gloves, and then hands her the envelope. She was immensely pleasantly surprised...which, was just breathtaking to the oh, so romantic reader. Swoon...swoon:)

Here is the letter's contents:

"I can listen no longer in silence. I must speak to you by such means as are within my reach. You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope. Tell me not that I am too late, that such precious feelings are gone for ever. I offer myself to you again with a heart even more your own than when you almost broke it, eight years and a half ago. Dare not say that man forgets sooner than woman, that his love has an earlier death. I have loved none but you. Unjust I may have been, weak and resentful I have been, but never inconstant. You alone have brought me to Bath. For you alone, I think and plan. Have you not seen this? Can you fail to have understood my wishes? I had not waited even these ten days, could I have read your feelings, as I think you must have penetrated mine. I can hardly write. I am every instant hearing something which overpowers me. You sink your voice, but I can distinguish the tones of that voice when they would be lost on others. Too good, too excellent creature! You do us justice, indeed. You do believe that there is true attachment and constancy among men. Believe it to be most fervent, most undeviating, in F. W.

I must go, uncertain of my fate; but I shall return hither, or follow your party, as soon as possible. A word, a look, will be enough to decide whether I enter your father's house this evening or never."

I will definitely be inclined to read another Jane Austen novel with pleasure!

Persuasion by Jane Austen

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 38. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (#7) written by J.K. Rowling - finished 7/23/11 - 5+/5 stars - SIMPLY AMAZING AND BETTER THE SECOND TIME AROUND!! RE-READ

After seeing the concluding movie of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows early last Friday morning at 12:01am, I had to just re-live the magical and mystically-charged words among the pages of J.K. Rowlings conclusion to the infamous Harry Potter series. The book is even better the second time around, especially after seeing the movie version with Harry, Ron, and Hermione along with all their witch and wizard friends and enemies. The movie was absolutely perfect for the Harry Potter fan to once again be entranced with the young boy wizard “who lived” during his first encounter with the Dark Lord, Voldemort, when he was just a meer infant. Don’t miss the exciting and heartstopping adventurous conclusion to the mystical world of Harry Potter created by none other than the extremely talented author, J.K. Rowling!!!!

THREE DEATHLY HALLOWS (created by Death):

The Elder Wand – more powerful than any in existance; always would win duels for its owner; and, a wand worthy of a wizard that had conquered Death

The Resurrection Stone – would have the power to bring back the dead

The Cloak of Invisibility – something that would enable someone to go forth from that place without being followed by Death

THE SEVEN HORCRUXES (created by Lord Voldemort to obtain immortality): only to be destroyed by Godric Gryffindor’s Sword or by the venomous fang of a Basilisk

1. Tom Riddle’s Diary – created by Tom after killing Moaning Myrtle by using the Basilisk; the “Chamber of Secrets” was re-opened by a possessed Ginny Weasley - was destroyed by the fang of a Basilisk by Harry

2. Marvolo Gaunt’s Ring – created by Tom by using a ring owned by his maternal grandfather and casts the spell by murdering his muggle-born father - was destroyed by Dumbledore using the Gryffindor’s Sword

3. Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup – the spell was cast after Tom murdered Hepzibah Smith, who was a distant relative of Helga’s, by poisoning her - was destroyed by Hermione using a Basilisk fang

4. Salazar Slytherin’s Locket – the locket, once owned by Salazar Slytherin, was passed down generation to generation and landed in the hands of none other than Tom Riddle’s mother, Merope Gaunt; she eventually sold it to a store owner because she had been abandoned by her husband, who, in turn, sold it to Hepzibah Smith, and that’s where Tom Riddle came upon it; the spell was cast after Tom murdered a Muggle tramp - was destroyed by Ron using the Gryffindor Sword

5. Rowena Ravenclaw’s Diadem - the diadem was actually stolen by Rowena’s daughter Helena so she could become more intelligent than her mother, she hid the diadem in the hollow of a tree and was eventually murdered by the Bloody Baron from which she became the Ravenclaw house ghost; Tom charmed Helena into revealing where she hid the diadem and Riddle travelled to Albania where the diadem was hidden to cast his spell upon it and bring it back to Hogwart’s Room of Requirement - was destroyed unintentionally by a fiendfyre spell cast by Vincent Crabbe

6. Harry Potter – Voldemort unknowingly sealed a fragment of his soul within Harry while attempting to murder him when he was a year old, however, he was not a proper “Dark object” since the Horcrux spell was not cast – Voldemort, though, would remain alive as long as his fragment soul would remain within Harry - was destroyed by Voldemort himself when attempting to cast the “Killing Curse” on Harry, thus, unknowingly destroying a part of himself

7. Nagini (snake) – the only living horcrux besides Harry, created by Voldemort when he was hiding in the forests of Albania; the victim of murder who led to its creation was Bertha Jenkins – was destroyed by Neville Longbottom using the Gryffindor Sword.

Meaningful Quotes

"Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?" said by Dumbledore

"Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love." said by Dumbledore

"We're all human, aren't we? Every human life is worth the same, and worth saving." said by Kingsley Shacklebolt

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter #7) by J.K. Rowling

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Figen | 25 comments I also re-read it before I watched the 1st part in November 2010.

Nowadays I have been reading Lord of the Rings. It is also magnificent. I am reading the 3rd book. Both series have common aspects such as sorcery, heroism. Gandalf and Dumbledore, Lord Voldemort and Sauron are so much alike.

After that I want to read some book on Celtic Mythology.

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments Figen wrote: "I also re-read it before I watched the 1st part in November 2010.

Nowadays I have been reading Lord of the Rings. It is also magnificent. I am reading the 3rd book. Both series have common aspects..."

I'll have to give the Lord of the Rings a shot too. I have The Hobbit, and the first 2 books of the "Rings" trilogy...I just haven't had a chance to read them yet.

I've also wanted to start reading A Game of Thrones and the rest of the books in that series by George R.R. Martin...have you read those yet? They sound really good!

You should also try to read the "Kingkiller Chronicles" by Patrick Rothfuss. I read the first book in the trilogy The Name of the Wind (the third book hasn't come out yet)'s really awesome, but, unlike Harry Potter, strictly for adults:)

The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicle #1) by Patrick Rothfuss The Wise Man's Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicle #2) by Patrick Rothfuss
A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1) by George R.R. Martin A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire, #2) by George R.R. Martin A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, #3) by George R.R. Martin A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, #4) by George R.R. Martin A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5) by George R.R. Martin

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 39. Hook, Line and Sink Him written by Jackie Pilossoph - finished 7/30/11 - 4/5 stars

A very comical and endearing novel concerning the final act of commitment (spending your entire life with that special someone) that is written from the guy's point-of-view, which is a nice change from the woman's side. Jeff and Dave are two young guys who come upon a couple, Chris and Anna, who are arguing about Anna wanting to become Chris' wife and his fear of commitment. Anna is more than ready to take the plunge, but Chris is adament about waiting until he is 100% certain that he is ready. Jeff and Dave decide to help Anna get what she engagement ring with a full lifetime commited marriage from Chris. While trying to accomplish this, however, Jeff finds himself falling for Anna while the two bachelors establish a business for women to ensnare their husband-to-be behind his back. A funny and engaging novel that has you applauding the two men responsible for the unlikely task of matchmaking. Laugh-out-loud funny!

Hook Line and Sink Him by Jackie Pilossoph

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 40. A Visit from the Goon Squad written by Jennifer Egan - finished 8/1/11 - 4/5 stars (e-Reader)

A Visit from the Goon Squad is a collection of little stories where people inter-mingle and come in contact with each other while being connected to an aging music producer, Bennie. The stories alternate between the past and the present with Bennie's assistant, and other individuals that are on the path to self-destruction. It's a sad story of individuals aging while not accomplishing what they set out to do early on in their lives. While the story is a little depressing, it is also a story of hope and courage to finally be something and accomplish the final reward of believing in and liking yourself. Ms. Egan refers to "time" as being a "goon"...meaning that "time" steals everyone's youth, innocence and success. And, when you look at it, it's so true...time goes by whether you are beautiful or ugly, rich or poor, happy or sad, and you do not have a choice...and, most of the time, you wonder where all the years have gone. Did you accomplish what you set out to do sometime during your life? Are you happy with your life? Are there things that you wish you could have done differently? These are the questions that most people ask themselves later in life. Do you love your life and the individual who you have become? That is the $1000 question! A novel full of promise and bravery to experience what life throws at you. A novel not to be missed!

A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 41. How to Talk to a Widower written by Jonathan Tropper - finished 8/5/11 - 5/5 stars

The second novel that I have read by author Jonathan Tropper, which I thought was profoundly entertaining and heartfelt, tackles the subject of death of a spouse while leaving behind her husband and his having to deal with her deeply troubled teenaged son...along with various family members and neighbors who want to help him recover in different ways. Doug Parker loses his wife to a planecrash and has to deal with the ramifications of being a young widower trying to move on and find solace in his everyday life while missing his wife terribly. Not wanting to wake up everyday and admit that his dead wife, Hailey, would have wanted him to move on and live his life, he drinks too much, decides to stay home from work, and just sleeps his life away until his teenage stepson wants to move in with him after a falling out with his father. Doug realizes that his stepson needs him, so he decides to live and re-start his life. During the somewhat comical and engaging novel we meet his twin sister, Claire, who curses constantly while she decides if she loves her husband and wants to stay married to him, Doug's father who has suffered a stroke and has trouble recalling what has happened in the past and present, and Russ' high school guidance counselor who Doug becomes attracted to. The novel reminds us that no matter how annoying and wacky our family members can be, their help in the most dire of circumstances could be beneficial while along the way life can be unpredictable, and we could be thrown some unsuspecting curveballs. Just loved this Jonathan Tropper novel!

How to Talk to a Widower by Jonathan Tropper

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Nance (nabpurple12) | 279 comments 42. Everything Changes written by Jonathan Tropper - finished 8/9/11 - 4/5 stars

Zack King has it all...a well paying job, an extravagant apartment that he shares with his best friend, Jed, and a beautiful fiancee', Hope, that anyone would die for. But...Zack is not happy. He hates his job whereby he is the middleman in a supply chain corporation and longs for his dead friend's wife, Tamara. Also, after years of being abandoned by his father, he re-surfaces telling Zack that he has changed and wants to be in his kids' lives, which also includes brothers Matt and Peter. The brothers, Zack and Matt, don't want their dead-beat dad, Norm, around because he hurt their mom with his multiple affairs until they find out that he has fathered a young boy, their young stepbrother. Whereby Zack's brother, Peter, who is mentally challenged, does not understand why they don't want their father around because he has missed him terribly. As Zack deals with his newly returned father, he also revels in the consequences of losing his best friend, Rael to an automobile accident a few years ago, and now the question is, should he dump his fiancee' or tell Rael's wife, Tamara, how he feels about her? A novel full of laughs and heartache that involves the emotional sentiments of forgiveness and acceptance.

Everything Changes by Jonathan Tropper

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