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Heather (heatherjoy) Do you feel as though these two characters were a similar as Andi and Alex? Why so/not? Do you think Truman's heart was lost, much like Louis Charles?

Lisa Vegan (lisavegan) I didn't make quite the same connection linking the two boys as the two young women. Just the fact that they were loved by Andi & Alex worked for me. As people it's hard to say. We don't learn as much about Truman as a person as we learn about Louis Charles.

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Heather (heatherjoy) This question stems for me about about the loss each boy felt prior to their death, Truman's loss of his father, Louis Charles from his brother. They both seemed to be sad little boys. And when you account for the tragedy surrounding both of their deaths, strong sisterly figures whom they adored, etc. they seemed to be much the same person, imo.

Kritika (spidersilksnowflakes) You don't know very much about Truman, so I couldn't really come up with a connection between them other than the fact that their losses affected Alex/Andi. Truman may have physically resembled Louis Charles, but I just saw that as a way for Andi to connect more with Alex rather than a link between Truman and Louis Charles.
On Truman's heart being lost, he wasn't really tortured the way Louis Charles was. He was loved and remembered, and preserved in his mother's paintings and Andi's key. Andi and Alex both tried to save their respective little boys, and neither were forgotten. I would say that the only way Louis Charles really lost his heart was literally, so obviously I don't think the same happened to Truman.

Christie | 37 comments I agree with Kririka, I felt there was not enough of a background on Truman to relate him to Truman except that they looked similar and they died around the same age.

Grace (gdaminato) | 520 comments I think that Andi's connection to Truman, her love for him and her guilt over his death, opened the door for her to connect to Louis-Charles' story.

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I guess that their stories are both tragic. Truman and Louis were taken from the world too soon for terrible selfish reasons.

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