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message 1: by Christina (new)

Christina | 9 comments Okay, so I just finished reading The Fiery Cross this weekend and I need you all to convince me I'm not crazy!! : ). Do you remember the scene where Jamie is laying in Claire's surgery recovering from the snake bite and the Bison is on their property and Claire slashes the beasts's throat? "Jamie was on his hands and knees on the stoop - mouth open, stark naked". OMG, I can't stop laughing picturing this scene. Don't get me wrong I feel terrible for our Jamie!! The Poor Guy is in a great deal of pain but he is trying to get to the door to see what's going on (knowing he wants to see and help with what all the commotion on his property is about even in his almost incapacitated state). I think it is the stark naked mouth open part and his state of shock at what he is seeing that has got me to where I can't stop laughing!!! What do you think? Gosh, I hope I'm not alone with this! :D

message 2: by Wendy F, biblioholic (new)

Wendy F (blessedwannab) | 3151 comments I felt more awful for him that such a horrendous thing was happening. Claire or Jemmy could have been killed and he was pretty much unable to do anything to help.

Still yes, looking back on it now I can see the humor.

message 3: by Leslie (new)

Leslie (les2car) | 131 comments I am with you Christina! I found the image of him on all fours, stark naked, gaping out the door at what must have been a totally bizarre scene.

message 4: by Sharonh (new)

Sharonh | 472 comments I thought he was probably horrified that his family was in danger and he was doing his dead level best to go to their aid...even though he was totally incapacitated.

message 5: by Pinda (new)

Pinda | 144 comments That's good one, I forgot about it!

message 6: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen (weishaark) | 33 comments The whole snake bite arc is one of my ABSOLUTE favorites of the entire series. From Jamie's excrutiating vulnerability to the love and devotion exhibited by his family and friends to Claire's rabid determination to preserve his leg (and thus his self-identity) - it all adds up to some of the most poignant reading I've ever experienced - what a gift!

message 7: by Christina (new)

Christina | 9 comments Thanks everyone for the feedback; maybe I'm not 'completely' off my knocker lol! Kathleen-you are so right about the devotion everyone had for him. I keep thinking about how Mr. and Mrs. Bug even went as far as collecting all the 'moldy stuff' for Claire's penicillin; I thought that was really sweet that they thought to do that and put forth the effort.

message 8: by Sharonh (new)

Sharonh | 472 comments I know Christina! I thought that was so sweet of Arch and Murdina Bug! But so strange...the way things turned out with them. They were devoted to Jamie and Claire but in a really bad way!

message 9: by Christina (new)

Christina | 9 comments I have just started ABOSAA so I don't know what happens to the Bugs just yet....Oh I hope they don't turn out to really be bad people and mess over Jamie and Claire.....

message 10: by Sharonh (new)

Sharonh | 472 comments Oops sorry!

message 11: by Christina (new)

Christina | 9 comments That's okay Sharonh! You didn't 'spoil' anything! But I am curious - how far into the book until I will find out what happens with them? I just started ABOSAA. Thanks!

message 12: by Lotte (new)

Lotte | 330 comments Oh, yes! I loved that scene too. It was the first time, I think, that Jamie regarded Roger as an equal (the night they spent together and Roger for once had to take matters in his hands). And then Claire, acting as a doctor, did her best to safe his life and his leg. But doing so she also had to hurt him. Jamie finally told Claire that all the others had come to touch him in sympathy, everyone but her, and could she not do so without hurting him. That was a really heart wrenching thing!

Christina, just go on reading! At the end of ABOSAA you'll find out more about the Bugs, everything about their fate will be revealed in Echo, though.

message 13: by Wendy F, biblioholic (new)

Wendy F (blessedwannab) | 3151 comments Especially when she reached out to hold him.

message 14: by Sharonh (new)

Sharonh | 472 comments Yep, at the end of ABOSAA...you will find out about the Bugs!

message 15: by Mgray (new)

Mgray | 2 comments I am reading FC for a second time. I could not wait for the snake bite. I just finished reading the scene described above and loved it. I found a discrepancy please help me explain it away. Bree is trying to find maggots for Claire to use on Jamie's leg. That's why Bree has an axe in her hand when the buffalo appears. The reason she struggles to find the maggots is because it is cold and many of the flies have died. it is almost winter and cold. Why is there a snake around for Jamie to step on? Don't snakes hibernate once it gets cold?

message 16: by Carren (new)

Carren Kay | 953 comments They do normally. Perhaps the weather was still warm enough for the snake to be around when Jamie was hunting. I don't think Bree went hunting for snakes with the axe. I'm pretty sure she grabbed the axe when the buffalo appeared in the yard. Instinct, I suppose. But wasn't it the Buggs that found the maggots for Claire? If I remember, they went searching, house to house, to find the squirmy things.

message 17: by Mgray (new)

Mgray | 2 comments I think you must be right about the snakes. Bree had the axe in her hand because she was about to chop into a rotten log in the hopes of finding maggots. Mrs. Bug did go house to house for the moldy food to make penicillin. Again that scene brought a tear to my eye just as it did Clare.

message 18: by Wendy F, biblioholic (new)

Wendy F (blessedwannab) | 3151 comments I hope everyone's read Echo... okay I'm going to put this in spoiler tags.

Thinking of that moment, with Mrs Bug and Bree makes me even more (view spoiler).

message 19: by Jen (at last!) (last edited Aug 21, 2011 08:22PM) (new)

Jen (at last!) (jenkeith) | 1052 comments Wendy, I know! (view spoiler)

I'm watching The Patriot and can't help but think of Jamie and Claire et al...

message 20: by Wendy F, biblioholic (new)

Wendy F (blessedwannab) | 3151 comments I love that movie! I cried so hard when I watched it.

message 21: by Jen (at last!) (new)

Jen (at last!) (jenkeith) | 1052 comments Wendy F wrote: "I love that movie! I cried so hard when I watched it."

I know, me, too! From the moment I first watched it on the big screen I fell in love with it! I think it helped to also see some of Jamie and Claire's colonial "world" come to life albeit in a different colony. ;) Still think Jason Isaacs would have been an awesome Frank/BJR.

message 22: by Wendy F, biblioholic (new)

Wendy F (blessedwannab) | 3151 comments He absolutely would have. I agree. It's unfortunate that they waited too long to make the movie.

Just like Sandra Bullock would have been a great Stephanie Plum, but they waited too long for that movie too, and now we're stuck with Heigl...

That's what makes me so afraid for Outlander. They're waiting too long and the actors will be too old and then they'll get someone completely LAME.

message 23: by Carren (new)

Carren Kay | 953 comments I read where Discovery of Witches has been picked up by a movie studio. I think it was published not too long ago. What gives with that?

message 24: by Wendy F, biblioholic (new)

Wendy F (blessedwannab) | 3151 comments So was Warm Bodies! How are these two books that JUST came out already being made into movies, and there's nothing about Outlander!

message 25: by Jen (at last!) (new)

Jen (at last!) (jenkeith) | 1052 comments They are taking way too long. All the perfect actors/actresses will be too old. I'm so afraid they are going to cast for looks rather than looking the part and acting talent.

I think that they are probably scared of the Outlander fanbase! They KNOW they have to get this one RIGHT! Any deviation would be met with the worst of reactions such as tar and feathers and maybe even pitchforks.

message 26: by Wendy F, biblioholic (new)

Wendy F (blessedwannab) | 3151 comments We have been known as 'rabid fans'!

message 27: by Carren (new)

Carren Kay | 953 comments Wendy: You took the words right out of my mouth. I don't think I've seen more rabid than us.

message 28: by Deena (new)

Deena | 175 comments Part of me thinks they just shouldn't make a movie for Outlander at all, because most of the time the movie does not get it right, and how can a series like Outlander be converted to movies with all its complexities? Then again they were able to make all the Harry Potter books into movies and they did a great job at that...maybe there is a chance after all.

message 29: by Jen (at last!) (new)

Jen (at last!) (jenkeith) | 1052 comments Rabid fan checking in! ;) Twilighters have NOTHING on us!

I, too, don't think they should make the movies unless they can do an bang up job a la The Lord of The Rings or Harry Potter. Even those movies, while excellent, left may important parts out and even changed some things. Personally, I think a tv series would have to be done to do them justice.

message 30: by Deena (new)

Deena | 175 comments Yea they would need tv series or really really long movies, and of course they would need to cast great actors/actresses, better off leaving the story to the imaginations of the readers.

message 31: by Wendy F, biblioholic (new)

Wendy F (blessedwannab) | 3151 comments I'm preparing myself for things to be missing. It's just the way it is. Even tv shows will occasionally leave things out. It's if they can do the editing in a way that doesn't feel like they left the story crippled.

That's the magic of Harry Potter, LotR, and HBO's Game of Thrones had. They left parts out, but kept the integrity of the story.

message 32: by Jen (at last!) (last edited Aug 24, 2011 08:34PM) (new)

Jen (at last!) (jenkeith) | 1052 comments 'at's what I'm saying! They have to do such a phenomenal job (like LOTR or HP)as to not have us notice nor care about what's missing or changed.

I'm prepared for discrepancies. I just want the integrity there. Oh, and a phenomenal cast of ACTORS. Not just pretty faces. Is that too much to ask?

message 33: by Wendy F, biblioholic (new)

Wendy F (blessedwannab) | 3151 comments Not to me, it sounds pretty fair and exactly what I'm wanting too!

message 34: by Jen (at last!) (new)

Jen (at last!) (jenkeith) | 1052 comments Wendy, I think it's pretty fair, too! lol They've proven they can work magic with cast and crew with LOTR and HP so I know it can be done with Outlander! They just HAVE to do it that way. Or else.

message 35: by Deena (new)

Deena | 175 comments Haha yea Jen OR ELSE they will face the wrath of the Outlander fans!

message 36: by Jen (at last!) (new)

Jen (at last!) (jenkeith) | 1052 comments Man, I wouldna want to face that kind of wrath. We rabid fans would tear that movie to shreds!

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